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  1. Ok does this add weight to my case? I started looking back through paperwork (cos I've years of it) and came across a letter from Halifax stating that all they can provide is a copy of the application form and current t's & c's. Does this give me a stronger position in terms of them not having an original signed properly executed agreement?
  2. Just an update. Ok so I decided to send a CPUTR 2008 letter by recorded delivery to Drydensfairfax, and low and behold on Monday we got a letter from them confirming they had closed the account with them and passed it back to Halifax!!!!!
  3. Another question sorry - if they were to try to enforce in Court would they need to produce the original agreement because its pre-2007. Sorry have been trying to read up about CCA's and came across this remark in another thread. Why does being a pre-2007 agreement make a difference? or am I totally barking up the wrong tree?
  4. Ok, but could I request that they send me the original and only the original under an s78 CCA request or is there an official letter that you know of that I could perhaps use instead?
  5. Hi again theoldrouge and thank you for your reply, but if I send this letter all I will receive is the same copy of the cut & pasted together application form in post #14 as this is what Crapquest provided me with (and other DCA's as Im guessing its all that Halifax have) and that will fulfil their obligations under an s78 CCA request, they will then be able to pursue me & I'll be back to square one wont I?
  6. Hi the oldrouge, Drydens first letter I received from them said "We refer to the above matter and note we have been unable to reach an arrangement with you. We have now received instructions to issue a claim against you in the county court to recover the sum outstanding. it is not too late to stop the claim being issued. Please call us on -------- or if you prefer write to us at the address below & we'll discuss an arrangement with you. if you do not contact us by 22nd Sept our instructions are to issue a claim. Information about our Claim Under the practice direction - Pre A
  7. Thanks bazooka boo but tried the 'cca received does not satisfy request & will not enter into any further correspondence " letter with cap quest & dry dens but I am worried that if I don't reply again they will initiate court action.
  8. http://i392.photobucket.com/albums/pp8/julieh2/HalaifaxreconstitutedCCAfrontsid-2.jpg http://i392.photobucket.com/albums/pp8/julieh2/ReconstitutedCCA.jpg Also got a set of current terms & conditions. The first page says page 4 of 8 and the second states page 3 of 8, so pasted back to front to make page 4 look like that came first. have never recieved the missing 6 pages?
  9. Sorry guys been offline for a while. Thanks for your replies. Crapquest are who drydens are acting on behalf of. Apparently I exhausted capquests complaints procedure after 18 months and then they passed it onto Drydens. I wrote to drydens on the 13/9/14 basically saying acc is in dispute, should not have been passed on and that a reconstituted copy of a application form with missing prescribed terms and missing pages was not acceptable. I asked that I be allowed to view the original at their offices, I also at the same time made a formal request under CPUTR 2008 that they put in
  10. It's been on the dca roundabout for years, been with cap quest for 18 months & after going through their complaints procedure & them saying they had satisfied my request , they passed it to fairfax.
  11. Have also noticed a few more things, the first page of the re constructed application form says page 4 of 8, the reverse of this says page 3 of 8 so obviously cut & pasted together back to front, should I be demanding to see the missing 6 pages?
  12. Ok so have started to draft a letter with a little help from another thread. Would this suffice? " Thank you for your letter dated 8th September 2014. This account is in dispute and has been for many years. Capquest nor halifax have been unable to supply me with true copies of the properly executed Regulated consumer credit Card Agreement in relation to the alleged Account. Unfortunately neither responses have produced any evidence that the Agreement is Enforceable. The alleged Agreement appears to be unenforceable for the following reasons: 1. The document is an Appl
  13. Thanks for your reply CitizenB. Its been disputed since 2009 when payments also stopped. Tried to negotiate a reduced payment plan as financial situation was dire but they piled interest on which was higher than the payments being made and when I requested a CCA they then sent me to their debt collectors and been on the DCA merry go round ever since. t was sold to Capquest but also now owned by LLoyds???? Not sure if Halifax and Lloyds merged. Yes there are interest and charges on there but no PPI. Im not sure what you mean by a credit card Proper? Do I then reply to Dr
  14. Hi this has been backwards and forwards to Capquest for about 18 months, its for a Halifax cc from 2006, my main dispute is that when I requested a CCA I was sent a copy of the application form which had only one of the prescribed terms on it. It did not show the amount of credit, credit limit or repayments, the only thing it has on it is the name and address, rate of interest and signature. They also sent the terms & conditions stapled to it on 8 separate A4 sheets. They say this is enough and have complied with my request - is this the case? Where do I stand with the fact ne
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