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  1. Hi Rupert, Not heard a thing since withdrawal at this end. If anything does happen I will let you know. Well done at least you fought them off regards
  2. Hi Dotty, They did send a threat-o-gram before I received the SD but I just filed it with the rest of the junk mail I've had. Basically until I received the SD I ignored them as I just thought they were empty threats. But they do go through with them. You can try to stop them at this stage but I don't know the kind of response you will receive. If you have a valid dispute with the OC then its very doubtful they will attend the set aside anyway. Until you actually receive the SD I would not loose too much sleep about it. Regards P.s In my opinion I would not say you do not acknowledge because you are stating the account has a valid dispute which needs to be dealt with and cannot be without proper t&c's. Ie You are not disputing you owe the money, you need to know what you had signed up for. If you can please post up a brief story about whats happened with the account so far
  3. Hi Dotty, Just dropping in to sub to your thread. Did you place the account in dispute with the O.C ? If you did then this should have been passed on when they sold the account to the DCA. More than likely they will not have been notified of the dispute. It may be worth a try with connaught and see what there reply is, but in my opinion they will try their luck hoping you cave in. This is an abuse of process so stick to your guns and they should back off eventually. But please do take their threats seriously as they do go through with them. If they scare 6 out of every 10 people with these tactics they are onto a winner. Stick with it and please ask if theres anything I can help with
  4. Unfortunately I could not claim costs as both parties signed to agree to withdraw the SD and costs. This was probably the reason they withdrew but at least it's got them off my back. Apparently the acc is back with O.C so will have to wait and see what or who appears next. Its a shame I know but what do you do when facing a S.D ?
  5. Hi Rupert, This is the same withdrawl as mine. I went to court with a photocopy and placed it on file just in case. I also turned up to court for the hearing just in case. The usher had a word with the judge and the hearing was vacated that morning. I received confirmation by post a few days later. Dont worry everythings above board and well done !!!
  6. Hi Dotty, I have just looked through my thread and The Moulds input has gone. Maybe you could ask a Mod what has happened as I have no idea. If you start a thread I will take a look over your situation and help in any way I can as all situations are different. If theres anyway I can be of help please feel free to ask. regards me
  7. Maybe you should ask 1st Credit why they have not sent Dn/Tn, Noa and statements of account with the SD, Which I think is what they are supposed to do
  8. Hi Rupert, Have you checked the account numbers on the application form to see if its the same as when you defaulted ?. If its different you may be able to argue that the application is for a different account. Not 100% sure if it will help but maybe could be added to your defence. Mine changed from a visa to a mastercard with a new acc number and without me signing an agreement for it. the only application form they sent me was for the old acc. Like I said, don't know if it will help just trying to think of arguments you may have.
  9. Hi, Just a quick update to this. Court date was set for today, rang the courts this morning and they said that the hearing was still listed so I decided to attend. I booked in with the lady at reception and I was not on her list. She went to ask the judge and the hearing was vacated. I will also receive confirmation in the post, so now I feel a lot better about it. Thanks to all and especially 42man and The Mould for all the helpful advice. If I can help anyone in any way please feel free to ask. Thanks again
  10. Just a little update, Had a letter from connaught wanting to withdraw Sd, been to county court with it today and they have stamped it and put a copy on file just in case of underhand business. As soon as things are finalised I will give a full update with all the details. A special thanks to 42Man and The Mould for all the help and advice
  11. Hi, Many thanks for the reply. For the bike one I only have the original agreement but it shows a one off gap payment of £114 and ppi payments of around £5 per month. From what I remember the agreement was paid for about 18 months, then I paid the remainder off. With the Mortgage, It ran for just over 3 years and on the letters I have it says monthly insurance premiuim of £17. I thought this may have been buildings insurance but I think that was added to the mortgage on a yearly basis ( I have a yearly statement with it on ). But like I said, I dont know whether its worth upsetting the apple cart so to speak
  12. Hi, dug out some old agreements and found a motorbike I bought in 2001 with a credit company called close consumer finance ltd has ppi insurance and also GAP insurance added that I was unaware I had or needed. How would I go about trying to claim these back ? Also looking at my old mortgage with the halifax, it states monthly insurance premium. Would this possibly PPI ? Is it worth ringing the halifax to see as I also have had old loans with them too that I have no idea of acc numbers, I do have for mortgage. I also have a cc account in dispute with haliprats, do you think if I had any ppi they would put it on the disputed cc. I dont want this to happen as its been an ongoing thing since 2009 and I dont want it to restart my 6yr wait on credit file because they have made a payment towards it. Thanks in advance for any help received Regards
  13. Oh Dear, Another little thing i've noticed in the SAR. The application form they have sent me numerous times has a different account number on it too. It looks like account was changed at some point to another account number.
  14. Hi received a date from court for the beginning of march but it states " The hearing is for directions only if the matter is disputed ". What does this mean. Also looking through my Dsar I have a few things ive noted and wondered if they are beneficial. 1. The acc says charged off end of feb 2010 and passed to moorcroft. I have checked the letters they have sent and I seem to have an extra letter than whats stated on dsar. 2. Previous to this I have various letters from Albion from Nov 09, before charge off and no mention on dsar. Should it be in my dsar ? 3. Also there are payments on statements after termination not made by me, can I find out where these have come from ? checked on amount of interest Ive paid on acc, can't believe they have had 7.5k off me while account was open. If I had not paid all this money I could have paid them off and had a good holiday too !
  15. Well been to cc when I eventually found it, it's at the other side of town to the address on sd. Got there first time to find they wanted 3 copies of everything, so had to go copy another set. Returned to hand them in and they were very helpful. The lady went to check with the person that deals with sd's and returned and said everything was in order, I was within the time scale and I would receive a hearing date by first class post. Also they said that there is no need to swear the witness statement in anymore, as I've signed it that's fine. Next question is what happens next, do I have to prepare anything ? Kind regards Me
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