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  1. Many thanks for the responses. Tallies with the advice I'd already given her which was to ask the police to attend and consult a lawyer.
  2. After a bit of advice. A friend of mine has recently split from her husband. She's moved out but he's being a [removed] and not allowing her back into the flat to get her possessions including clothes and jewellery. Does she have any recourse in law such as obtaining a court order to allow her to recover her possessions?
  3. Just a thought to back up whether he would be considered an employee. Check out the guidance on IR35. Unless the contract has specific terms then it could be for TAX and NI purposes that he is considered an employee. It's not a definitive thing but it would add credence to his argument that he is employed.
  4. You needn't be worried, but they obviously are. Quite apart from offenses under the RTA which themselves could have serious implications for a serving Police Officer, there is the matter of using their position as a serving police officer. If they use their position in anyway that is not relevant to their job, i.e. to give them more status or as an inherent threat that can be deemed as a misuse of their power and may be worth a complaint to the IPCC. In either case the DPS will then get involved. It seems to me they are seeking to be preemptive.
  5. Just to clarify. The bank in question is LTSB. I was informed by the court that the case would be stayed pending the outcome of my application to strike out based on non-compliance with CPR31.14. The expiry of 7 days from their receiving my request was the day before the defense was due to be filed. I only received a response to my CPR request at the end of last month. Thats more or less a year since the request was filed. I am going to suggest to the court that they have behaved unreasonably and request that the case be struckout. I have also claimed for costs against LT
  6. I need some advice on a strikeout application I made under CPR31.14 for a credit case that they are seeking to recover from me. As this is close to court I won't put anything down here that will allow them to identify me. I stopped paying them in the belief that they did not hold the original signed credit card agreement. They had previously sent me correspondence saying that they did not have to show the original to me only a re-constituted copy. They issued me with various threats etc and finally issued proceeding in March last year. The claim was made via MCOL
  7. You definitely have some grounds to challenge this towing away. If a car is clamped or towed then once an offer to pay is made then release should be in a reasonable amount of time - problem is the case law doesn't say what a reasonable time is but it does indicate that the means to obtain release should be available for 24X7. I definitely agree that you should not be penalised by the management company or their agents for using land which you own. Clamping/towing is essentially about permission to park and implied consent to allow your vehicle to be clamped/towed if you park without perm
  8. FWIW the EE CEO has changed recently. The new CEO is now Olaf Swantee. I would suggest that you ask them to substantiate their claims. Tell them in writing that you want proof (they should put up or shut up.)
  9. My understanding of contract law is that a court can order: 1) Specific performance - where the party is forced to complete their part of the contract 2) The award of damages to put you in the position you would have been in had the breach not occurred The usual position in torts is that their should be no enrichment from the damages. They've made an offer to refund and compensate, which you are at liberty to refuse. Specific performance is usually used in real estate but is a possible action. I would consult a lawyer and get their opinion.
  10. I use CDBurner XP (Free) or InfraRecorder. Both are dead easy to use and you don't have to use Microsofts garbage.
  11. Just continue to ignore. Hopefully they'll give up after this.
  12. Sorry BF you're a little out of date with this. As of July last year Orange UK and T-mobile UK were merged to form a joint venture company known as Everything Everywhere which now operate the Orange and T-mo brands. The JV company is 50% owned by France Telecom and 50% owned by Deutsche Telekom. Customer experience and Service is very high on the agenda for the new JV. I'm not suggesting that attitudes will change overnight but neither is it as bad you are suggesting.
  13. Good result!!! OPC give it up your business model is flawed.
  14. I guess that would satisfy case law but a judge might be pedantic and require it to be on the sign. With regard to the disclosure of the registered name of the company this might be of interest (see section 10: http://www.bis.gov.uk/policies/business-law/company-and-partnership-law/company-law/company-law-faqs/stationery-website-and-signs#6
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