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  1. Hi All, Does anyone have a Woolwich or Barclays Flexible Mortgage that is portable. If so could you look at your Key facts document or Mortgage Offer and let me know the wording of the condition. Many thanks DB
  2. Hi All, Has anyone got an old Woolwich Offset Mortgage with a Reserve Account and tried to transfer this to a new house? If so could you tell me how this went and if Barclays tried to make you pay back the Reserve Account or take out a more expensive loan to pay it off? Many Thanks Digga B
  3. Supposedly, I purchased the item at the end of their "sale" and the following day the item was over double the price! However the same item on other sites (although more expensive) is nowhere near the new price. I spoke to a legal helpline today associated with our insurance company, who told me that the company should only put me back into my original position and when I queried with them if this was correct as I had read otherwise on the internet, I was asked if I was a legal expert or had any legal knowledge as they had!
  4. Yes only a couple of hundred quid and the company has offered a small amount of compensation as well as my money back, my problem is that this compensation doesn't cover the cost of purchasing the item I should have received from elsewhere. Everyone has said I should accept the compensation as the company has offered to put me back into the position I was in prior to the contract taking place, hence my question...should I be put back to where I was or should I be put into the position I would have been had the contract been fulfilled?
  5. Hi Ric, many thanks for your quick reply. No it isn't a business contract and as the goods have not yet been sent to us, technically it isn't even a contract. I just want to get it right in my head which term is correct as I have read both terms on the internet and just want to get my facts correct before I start to argue my case with the company in question.
  6. Hi All, I'm a newbie on the forum and would like to ask the following question...Which is correct in law to remedy a breach of contract? To put the claimant in the position they were in before the contract was formed or To put the claimant in the position they would have been in had the contract been performed Many thanks for any replies
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