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  1. Hi again, this was my appeal. To whom it may concern, with regards to the above P.C.N. As the registered keeper named on your P.C.N. I am not liable for this charge. The images sent in your photo,s are self evident. Did you expect me to just crash through the barrier after reaching it, without stopping. My car was halted by the actions of your employees or agents. Furthermore, this is not relevant land for P.O.F.A. 2012. No loss has occurred to the land owner by the vehicle using the airport. As far as i am concerned, that is the end of the matter. I expect you to cancel your ridiculous claim forthwith or provide a P.O.P.L.A. code. In response to your automated email asking for my full name and address, you already have that information as it was on the P.C.N. you sent to me, courtesy of your friends at the D.V.L.A. Below is V.C.S,s cancellation response. Dear Mr +++++++, We acknowledge receipt of your correspondence received on ££ ££££ ££££ in relation to the above Parking Charge Notice (PCN). After due consideration we have decided to accept your representations and the Notice has now been cancelled. We must advise that it is not our intention to pursue drivers with genuine mitigating circumstances, and for this reason the Notice will be cancelled. We kindly ask however, that on future visits to site you do fully comply with the Terms and Conditions at the car park to avoid further Notices being issued. We trust you find this outcome satisfactory and thank you for your future co-operation.
  2. Hello again, Having e-mailed V.C.S., refusing to accept their ridiculous claim. they have now replied and cancelled the notice. I would like to say thanks to Armadillo71 and ericsbrother for the advice offered to me.
  3. I was wondering if the deceit that has been practiced by Wonga with regards to letters from fake solicitors and debt collectors is also the norm for these parking companies. has anybody challenged this? I think it is obvious they are all coming from the same operation.
  4. Hi everyone, Thanks for the advice, but if i appeal, will that just encourage them to hound me? What can happen if i just ignore the parasites.
  5. Thanks for your reply armadillo71, by NTK i assume you mean the PCN, am i correct ?. I received the PCN 10 days after the alleged incident, but what proof do they have of that ?. On the notice it says, if you are the vehicle keeper and have you not received this notice by the 14th day of the contravention date stated above, our rights under POFA 2012 no longer apply. This notice will be deemed to have been served on the second working day after posting unless the contrary is proved.
  6. Hi everyone, i would be grateful for any up-to-date advice on private P.C.N,s. I have just received one from VCS for allegedly, STOPPING on a ROADWAY WHERE STOPPING is PROHIBITED. They are demanding £60 now, and £100 if not paid within 2 weeks. I recently went to Liverpool Airport. On my arrival i was looking for CAR PARK 2, at the roundabout at the airport i could not see which way to go, so i drove carefully/slowly up the approach road. I noticed in my rear mirror a white van come RACING off the roundabout like a spider on it,s web when a fly is caught. It pulled up on the other side of the road behind me as i approached a barrier with an intercom to ask for help. This was at approx 10:30pm. On the intercom i was directed to reverse a little bit, then to go into CAR PARK 1 and come straight back out again and back to the roundabout and that it was ok. I followed his instructions, at the exit barrier of CAR PARK 1 there were two men assisting with any problems at the barriers. because new parking measures were being implemented that very day. I told them what had happened and they let me out and directed me to CAR PARK 2. Then i received the PCN with a photo of my car at the barrier. I hope this is not to long winded. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi Bevvie38, keep on ignoring, i,ve had three letters from their so called debt collectors. ( LRC).the last one offering me a discount price if i pay up. that was 9 weeks ago.
  8. Hi Bevvie38, Just keep on ignoring anything they post to you and wait for your next letter, and you can ignore that as well. Remember they can,t prove who was driving with their rubbish photo,s. Never admit anything to them or even reply to them no matter how tempting it might be to let off a bit of steam. By the way their letters have a habit of arriving on a saturday morning, trying to spoil your weekend.
  9. Hi Bevvie 38, it is a good idea to share your story with everyone. Each time these people try to contact you just keep ignoring them no matter how hard it seems. I have no intention of ever paying anything to this lot, no matter what they do. if your not sure about anything, don,t worry, people on here will help.
  10. hi guys, thanks for your replies, but i have never replied to any of their letters or automated phone messages. i dont know where they got my phone number from. maybe from the dvlc.
  11. Hi all, here,s an update as to what is happening with ATHENA . I,ve had a couple more automated calls from LRC debt collectors which i have ignored. Now i,ve recieved another letter from LRC telling me that ATHENA have given them the authority to agree an exceptional one off discount with me. new amount £69:00 down from £115:00. by a certain date or else. ANY ADVICE PEOPLE ?
  12. Hi to all, they,re back!! Since my last post iv,e had another automated phone message from LRC debt collectors and now a final demand and deadline from them, threatening me with the issue of a County Court Claim Form. And if i fail to respond or fail to discharge the monies, judgment could be awarded against me and i would be registered with the register of Judgements, Orders & Fines. remaining ther for 6 years and making it difficult for me to obtain credit for such things as a mortgage or property rental, loan, mobile telephone contract or other credit facilities. How on earth are these bullies allowed to get away with this ? Oh and should any judgement remain unsatisfied our client could be at liberty to enforce judgement which will increase my debt.
  13. Hi everyone, just to let you know, they haven,t gone away. The deadline for me to pay up has passed, but now there,s a new twist. I have just received an automated phone call from LRC. It says this is a message for (xxxxx xxxxxx) if you are this person press button 1 if not press button 2. I just put the phone down so i don,t know what the rest of the message was, any ideas ?
  14. Thanks crocdoc, nice one, and bog roll is,nt cheap anymore. does anyone know who the people or should i say thieves behind Athen are.
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