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  1. Hi stu007, Thanks for your response. I am very sure that I had opened the correct British Gas website and joined the HomeCare 4 service through that on the day. As a result, I am still with them and paying my monthly premiums. All I want is them to keep their promise and send the due Amazon Vouchers to both of us. I will try to contact the Executive team as suggested. Many Thanks. Pro
  2. Dear Forum members, My family member had joined the British Gas Home Care service in October 2021 after being referred by a Friend who was an existing customer of British Gas. At the time (and probably still) British Gas was promoting an offer of £100 Amazon vouchers for new customers who joined their services on being referred by an exisitng customer. Both the referrer and the new customer would each get the voucher withn 90 days of joining. It has been almost 8 months and both of us have not received any voucher. We both started chasing up British Gas after 3 months of joining. In the beginning the Customer services teams were dealing with it over the phone and everytime promising action in next few days. But nothing happened. Then, the customer services started saying that they do not deal with the Voucher complaints anymore and we should email the Referrer-me team, which we did 3-4 times. We had email responses from the Refer-me team, firstly saying that you are not elligible because we they cannot see that the referral link was used correctly. After giving evidence of Referral and joining via the link they said that the matter has been escalated to higher up and wait for a response. It has now been 2 months and no response has been received and follow-up emails are not being answered now. What should we do to get the vouchers as promised by British gas? They are not responding anymore. Are there many others affected in the same way? Is this a marketting scam run by British Gas to lure new customers? Please suggest. Many Thanks. Pro.
  3. Thanks again everyone. Good points and messages. In response - that is what I have said that he Borough earns from that spot and should re-invest to put more normal small signs along the street on the lamp posts as in other places. Not big posters. I had been up to 100 meteres on both sides along the street and there are NO Signs at all. Not even the small 'Parking restriction timings' on the lamp posts or elsewhere nor around the corner. Yes I think it is Freedom of Information. Sorry for the confused term. I think it will only raise awareness and some eyebrows in the Borough when they have to tell how much money they earn as PCN fines from this spot and why so. Then may be pass it on to BBC. I will look at the cost : benefit ratio of the effort to see if it will be worth trying.
  4. Thanks again. Yes I agree that most fines are due to Drivers' ignorance. But at the same time there have been many evidences where it has been clear that the Boroughs and Councils deliberately make such blind spots to earn money. I strongly feel this street, Norman Street /Road in Greenwich, is one of them. Surely they can put up more prominent signs along the street to make people aware, specially when they see that so many Drivers are fined from that one street. It becomes their moral duty to come clean, display better and create awareness when citizens are making same mistakes. Rather than sit quietly and enjoy the fun and the money. There are no signs along the whole street / road, neither at the entrance. It will just cost them a very tiny percentage of the money they collect from fines to put up more sign boards along the road. Please can someone advise me how to submit a 'Right to Information' application to the Borough?
  5. Hi Everyone, I have been away for a while. Thank you all for your suggestions in my matter. I have paid the fine on time. Still I would like to raise the issue of the Borough Council using this spot as a money making corridor. Whenever I went round this street to see for evidence in my support, I used to see 2 - 3 vehicles parked there and stuck with the Parking Fine notice on the windscreen. So I feel that there is something that is not evident or clear to passengers in the area and they fall prey to the Fines. Some smart Parking Inspector and the Borough Council is making easy money and bonus for themselves from this street. Is there anything that can be done for this to be challenged? Something like a PIL from the Forum or a RTI as to how much fines are collected from this street and why? Just a thought .... Best Wishes to All.
  6. Thanks everyone. I have had a look and it appears that they sent me an NTO on 5.6.17 and I appealed again against it. They have sent a rejection letter dated 14.7.17 in response to the second Appeal. So iI guess, I better go ahead and pay rather than contest any further. They have accepted to pay only the initial PCN fine of £65.
  7. Thanks everyone for the information as above. Please excuse my ignorance but what is NTO? Yes, in their response dated 14.7.17 to my Appeal it has given me 14 days to pay or Re- challenge / Appeal to the independent body. Is this letter the NTO or is it different?
  8. Yes , Royal Greenwich Borough Council. Thanks for response.
  9. Hi Everyone, I had parked on a single yellow line on a Sunday afternoon in a street in Greenwich in Jan 2017. I was given a ticket for this. I had appealed / challenged the fine on 23.1.2017. I had no response from the Parking Fines office till 14.7.2017 rejecting my challenge and asking me to pay. I have two questions. 1. What is the time limit within which a Parking fine Challenge/ Appeal should be responded? In my case it was 5 months and 2 weeks. 2. What is the rule for displaying parking restriction sign posts in any restricted area? Within how many metres should a sign be put and be visible in the area? In my case there are no sign posts within 100 metres from where I parked. 3. Should I take photos/ videos of the street with no visible restriction sign posts for my next Appeal? Please can someone answer. I shall be grateful for your guidance. Many Thanks. probe
  10. Rebel11, Thanks for this advice. I am going to do this and see the outcome. Will let you know.
  11. Dear Friends, Please can someone advice and help on this issue. I went to a Pub with some friends in East London in October 2013. I ordered some drinks and snacks for myself. At the end of the night my bill was £25 and I paid by my credit card. When I returned home and looked at my credit card till receipt I realised that they had charged me £250 instead of 25 and I had entered my pin without seeing the amount. called them up the next day and discussed the mistake and they admitted and agreed to refund if I went down to them. went back to the Pub in evening but found them to be closed and there was a notice saying 'Closed for refurbishment'. called them on the phone a few times but no one was picking up. I went back again after a week or so and they were still closed. This cycle of events went on for few days. I complained to my Credit card company (Tesco), who said that at the first instance I should try and get the refund back from the retailer as that would be easier. After trying twice with the Pub which was still closed, called my Credit Card again and asked for a Reclaim from the merchant. I also put this in wrting on their specific form. After about a month they got back saying that Mastercard (the credit card company) is not allowing the refund of the Disputed transaction. So they cannot help anymore. The reason given by Mastercard was that I am not able to produce any paper proof or bill of only £25 and not 250. This is true. The pubs only give you a total amount due to be paid and you pay. They do not give itemised bill like restaurants. The payment slip I had is for the £250 that I paid by mistake instead of 25. The Pub has since closed down and there is another Pub opened at the same place in a different name. When I went there and spoke to the new people they say they do not know the previous owners and have nothing to do with them. However, i doubt that they are the same people doing business in a different name now. All the above facts are absolutely true. It was a genuine mistake on my part not to check the amount before confirming payment on credit card. I overpaid £225. Please advise as to what can be done now to get my £225 back. Whom and how do I approach? Is there any hope? Many Thanks and Best Wishes. Probe
  12. It was Vietnam Airline via eBookers. Please can anyone advise if IATA or ABTA can intervene in this matter. If so then what is their address. I have tried looking but hey don't seem to give an address for customers to complain. Also it is worth takin eBookers to small claims court for the refund? Probe
  13. Thanks for your helpful advice. It was Vietnam Airlines both ways booked through eBookers on line. Any further suggestions, please? Can IATA or ABTA in UK, interfere? Probe
  14. Dear Friends, I need help and advice to get back some refund of my canceled tickets from eBookers- UK. We had gone for a family wedding to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) in Dec 2012. After the wedding we decided to take a break and go to Hanoi (Vietnam) for 4 days. I booked 3 return tickets with eBookers (UK) on line from Kuala Lumpur to Hanoi for 3.12.12 and back on 7.12.12. E-Bookers charged us fare = 408 + Taxes and fees = 293, Total = 701. We paid this by credit card on line. On 3.12.12 we checked-in on the Web and got our Boarding passes. At the Airport check-in we were not allowed to check-in as we did not have Vietnam VISAs. It was our stupidity to think that we did not need VISAs for Vietnam with our British Passports. However we had to come back. We then tried for the VISAs next day but were told that it will take 3 - 5 days. So we dropped the idea and informed eBookers and requested them to cancel our return flights. They kept saying that they are trying to contact the Airline. Eventually I contacted the airline and asked them to cancel. I then asked the airline official in Kuala Lumpur for due refund. She told me that we were entitled for full refund minus 20 USD per ticket and should contact out ticket agents for this. I have got this on email. But eBookers are refusing to give us this refund saying that the airline have told them that we are not entitled as it was a 'no show' for the outgoing flight on 3.12.12. E-Bookers have calculated a refund of only 70 GBP (Total) for Taxes and are willing to refund this much. I do not know who to believe and what to do next. I was expecting a full refund of my return flights and Tax refund on the outgoing tickets which we were not allowed to Board. Please can some one advise us what can we do next to claim this back? Can IATA or ABTA interfere and help if we write to them? Or is there any other body who can deal with this issue? Many Thanks:-). Probe
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