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  1. Hi All, I am not sure if it was simply acknowledging the case on Money Claim and stating I intend to defend, or the lets say firm pressure I have been applying to my management company who employed these clowns but I did this morning receive a notice of discontinuance for all of this claim. I believe this means they have withdrawn their case and I no longer have to worry! Thanks for all your advice up until this point, it's a joke that these companies get by simply by trying to scare people into paying!
  2. They have already got rid of them after I brought their many dubious activities (banned by DVLA etc) to their attention. I would love to counter claim against them to teach them a lesson but don't have the skills or inclination!
  3. Thanks all, Claim has been acknowledged as advised and ensure "defend All" is ticked! I have emails to and from the management company. One stating that they allow my bay to be exempt, as well as a number of previous tickets that have been cancelled. There will also be e-mails of them successfully cancelling other tickets.
  4. Checking my Lease in the second schedule: i) The exclusive right to park a private motor vehicle in the parking space shown shaded yellow and numbered 24 on Plan 1 annexed - The car was parking in this very space. I can't find anything about variations in my lease though, I don't really know what I am looking for though?!
  5. Name of the Claimant: UK Parking Control Ltd claimants Solicitors: SCS Law Date of issue – 06/09/2018 Date of issue 06/09/2018 + 19 days ( 5 day for service + 14 days to acknowledge) = 25/09/2018 + 14 days to submit defence = 09/10/2018 (33 days in total) - What is the claim for – the reason they have issued the claim? Please type out their particulars of claim (verbatim) less any identifiable data and round the amounts up/down. The Claimant claims from the defendant the sum of £800 in respect of unpaid parking noticed issued as a result of the defendants breach of terms an
  6. Hi all, Have utilised many a thread from these sites over the years with great success. Quick summary: Usual residential gated car park, management company bought in PPC - I actually from told the management company from the get go that I did not want my bay covered by the scheme because I knew the calibre of companies they would use and being a gated car park with fobs to get in, it doesn't happen that often and if someone was to park in my space although a tad inconvenient my world would not end. My management company actually agreed to this, not before however I had received a
  7. Hi All, Over the last year my car has twice been towed away by a 'Parking enforcement company' when it was parked in my own space. This was because the permit issued to me was the first time covered & the second time had fallen into the foot well of my car. To date if have paid almost up to £1000 to park in my own space! Obviously I argued at the time but they hold you to ransom by charging you on a daily basis if you do not collect your car. Also to the letter of the signs posted in my car park there was no permit so they towed me. I put it down to me being and idiot and not fastenin
  8. Hi The Slithy Tove, It has taken me a while to reply. Your PM has been strpped of any links for some reason? Could you possibly resend the link through somehow? If i get there quick enough they might not strip it? Cheers Dan
  9. OK, so the management company are not budging and are claiming that the 'freeholder' agreed to the parking scheme. But as previously mentioned in the lease agreement I have in my possession no mention of permits and the distinct term that I have the right to park in the exact space I was parked in. To make things a little more confusing I purchased a % of the flat under a shared ownership scheme, does this more than likely mean I don't then have that right or mean they can change it without my consent? I am for the sake of the cost mounting and because I need it collecting my car tonight to t
  10. Hi All, I am looking for some advice with regards to a predicament I have found myself in. Last night I went to use my car only to find it was not in my designated parking bay! I live in a block of flats, the management company of which have hired a typical ****** parking enforcement 'company'. I correctly guessed that my car had been removed by this company. They said there was no permit visible but to my knowledge the permit is in the car and I genuinely thought on the Windscreen. The company want £280 + £100 + £40 because they stored it over night due to the fact that they can’t release c
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