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  1. Just a general piece of advice - do not install Windows updates straight away - refer to http://www.askwoody.com/ for advice as to what to install and when.
  2. It is hardly surprising given the medieval restrictions imposed by their religion - they are exposed to Western liberal values and then have to try to square that with their rather daft religious dogmas - it would make my head explode if I were brainwashed with that rubbish...
  3. If you paid something in the last 6 months it is likely not statute barred - unless there was a clear period of 6 years in which you made no payments and did not acknowledge the debt - sorry.
  4. If they had a quorate AGM and there were no other nominations then most likely - Yes - they are duly elected (subject to their particular Union's rule book). Is their Union recognised by management under a recognition agreement? Just a thought...
  5. Anyone remember the £12 penalty charge farce on CCs? I bet that the interest rate cap is set just a wee bit above what they already charge - so it sounds like they are doing something - they are actually doing SFA.
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9wTfUNk1Sp0&feature=share
  7. Dr Strangelove - very funny but scary too - it could have happened.
  8. Sorry - urban myth I'm afraid. http://www.snopes.com/quotes/mrgorsky.asp
  9. Define more: louder; smellier; more frequent; travel further; linger longer. There are many 'quality' factors to a fart...
  10. Here is a chance to enjoy yourself. You could think about drafting a letter including the following thoughts. Health and safety risk assessments 1) Has your doorstep collector done a 'Heavy Lifting Course'? - some of these doorsteps can be quite weighty. 2) How quickly can the doorstep collector run? - the family dog can do the front path in x seconds - can the collector do it in x-1 seconds? I'm sure you can think of other angles as well. The short answer is that doorstep collectors are a rare as rocking horse poo - it is extremely unlikely you will see one.
  11. Note - may visit your property. I have been tempted to compose a letter to the effect of: "for the purposes of your Health and Safety duties to your employees and agents I would suggest that your risk assessment includes a timed run carrying a doorstep (having first carried out the requisite training for lifting heavy weights). I must advise you that my dog can cover the ground in 5 seconds so I would suggest that your doorstep collector can do it in 4."
  12. Muck Hall are just about the lowest of the low in a very low industry. If any of the lowlifes were going to take you to court it would have happened by now. File the letter under I for idiots (or A for a**holes if you want to find it more easily) and get on with your life.
  13. Also Peoples Bank CC accounts - they seem to have a major documentary FUBAR with them as well.
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