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  1. I'm clarifying that they have to submit their statements 7 days before the hearing ? resaon being that in my case, they sent a set aside offer 3 days before the hearing, but in their statement they submitted to the court they stated "I had unreasonably turned down a set aside offer" now the problem is, if they had to submit their statement 7 days before the hearing, I can prove they had made no offer at this time, and hence they had made a false declaration to the court.
  2. Hi I just found this on another website "In a small claims hearing (only), you do not have to attend the hearing, provided you submit written evidence to the court and a notice of non-attendance (stating that you wish the court to deal with the case in your absence) at least seven days beforehand." is this correct ?
  3. I'll try with the court next week. just to clarify these papers are what Aktiv/IND submitted at the 11th hour before the judge granted my set aside. at the current time the current there is no legal action going on, we are planning to launch it soon. Regarding why I'm doing this rather than my sols, is that after 8 years of being harassed by olympia/thamescredit/aktiv/IND I have built up a substantial collection of documents and wrongs exacting against me by my pursuers. In fact I've just finished the list tonight and it took 3 days to compile! I have over 100 breaches of rules,regulation
  4. Thanks citizen, I have a feeling that the documents they supplied in my set aside, they wont be relying on again as it's clear evidence that they are forging documents and supplying them to the court. However that is precisely why I want them. Can I CPR the court/judge to get them ?
  5. Hi All, time for an update. My sols is going to start court proceedings against aktiv in the new year. The good news he's thinks it's such a cast iron case he willing to do it no win no fee, the downside though is he's only willing to do it on the fast track. I've been thinking about my set aside hearing,where the other side gave last minute submissions which nearly cost me the case (i.e. submitting proof that they had supplied the correct address to the court and that i had unreasonably turned down an out of court settlement offer). As I never seen that evidence as the judge read i
  6. Time for an update, sorry for the lack of these but obviously as I am fighting this privately and these boards are monitored so I need to take care. However the latest development I can't keep to myself, I am now in possession of a valid working Barclaycard for said "defaulted" account.
  7. Ok Guys I'm back, fresh after another legal success, I have agreed an £130K out of court settlement in an unrelated matter I have been fighting. I am so grateful for this site teaching me to fight back against these parasites. Anyway armed with a fighting fund, I have instructed the solictor who won me the above sum of money to fight this case for me. FAO Julie from IND, as promised darling, I'll see you in the high court xx
  8. Ok time to move on, How do I move to gain compensation over this issue ? I've alluded to this earlier on the thread I want to pursue High Court action over this. This CCJ cost me my job, I earn £105k a year I now have a another job again, earning a similiar amount. But why should have gone through this and had this cost me so much ? Especially as I now have categorical proof that this was NEVER my debt! Not only that, but I have had 8 years of hareassment over this! Where do I start ?
  9. DoH, I've went the CCA route in the past and they failed to comply. However just before the court case they came up with the CCA, and admitedly it was my CCA. Although they did supply with the CCA request, a communications log with Barclays were they admitted it was the wrong account number but could Barclays find any paperwork for my name, which barclays complied with. Unfortunately for them they have the problem, that despite the account being "assigned" to them in 2001, I have the records showing not only was the account being used 2003, it was not actually closed till a few
  10. Weighed in! Costs recieved today, no offsetting against balance, didn't even send a letter chasign money despite one being ready!
  11. Can I Clarify that? the Judge didn't put in the order for either me to submit a defence or for the other side to resubmit the claim form. I asked her to order to the claimant resubmit the claim, reason I gave to the court is that they are monitoring my credit file and I know they will attempt this trick next time move and after 8 years I want this settled once and for all. However she refused to order it, stating "it is not my best interests", has the claim been reinstated ? or am I legally back to position before the claim was submitted ?
  12. No court seal, not sure if its a photocopy or a computer printout. Not able to post a copy at the moment as there's to much to block out as it's a very compact document. What's a CM log? why am I not meant to have it ? Why did she hit the roof ?
  13. The document I have is titled "case details", top half is a copy of the N1 and bottom half is the Judgement details (Which is why I thought it was the judgement document)
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