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Vinted/EVRI - £50 Nike trainers sold Via Vinted + their insurance - stolen while during delivery- court claim **settled in full**

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Thank you for this but you haven't answered the first question which is what Evri said when they rejected your claim

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Okay the particulars of claim looks fine. Technically speaking you aren't entitled to claim for the conversion because you were not the owner of the shoes. However I can imagine that the EVRi paralegals or whatever they want to call themselves are a bit too limited to understand the rules about the transfer of ownership when items are selected for sale so if you wanted you could put in a claim for £50 – although I wouldn't put any more.

However if it ended up it at trial, then a judge may well pick up on the fact that the item didn't belong to you and therefore you aren't entitled to claim for conversion.

If I were you I would simply leave it and just go for the simple reimbursement

Send the POC and keep us updated

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Just for your information

i went on to evri tracking website,  put in the tracking number and i get two delivered items from vinted which i never even purchased the ref number for the shoes i shipped back in august suddenly 'doesn't exist ' now.

Luckily i have screenshots from back then of who delivered it and all the other details,

i think its funny how they tried to delete their steps and how this can not be a error in the system.

Any thoughts on this ?

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Just wait and see what their defence is. That will help you make head or tail of what is going on.

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Quick update on what's going on with my case.

They filed an acknowledge of service and just over 2 weeks after that, they then filed a defence stating

''I intend to defend all of this claim''

meanwhile I've been reading threads on here and getting my evidence together i now select request judgment right?

Asking as the guidance for judgment does meet the defendants response.

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Acknowledgment of Service

Claim number
Mr Martijn De Lange
Address to which documents about this claim should be sent
Evri-EVRi Parcelnet Limited
Capitol House
1 Capitol Close
West Yorkshire
LS27 0WH


I intend to defend all of this claim


I am the Defendant
Evri Legal Department
Legal Department
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Mr Martijn De Lange filed an acknowledgment of service on 03/11/2023 at 08:05:36

A bar was put in place for Mr Martijn De Lange on 21/11/2023

Mr Martijn De Lange filed a defence on 21/11/2023 at 16:05:10

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they've filed a defence but what you've sent isn't the defence.

Likely the defence isnt upload to MCOL yet so you'll need to wait some time for it to be uploaded


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Do I gather that you have sued the CEO of EVRi in his own name?


Please could you post up and original copy of your claim form in pdf format

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Thank you. I'm afraid that you have made a serious mistake here. You have sued the CEO personally and not the company.

Of course it is the CEO who benefits from all the extra profit they make on fake insurance et cetera – but I'm afraid that they have good grounds now to object to the claim and you may find that this is what will happen.

If there had simply been a very slight error in the name of EVRi then it would have been just a technicality but this might be more serious and we will have to see.

I'm afraid that there is a very good chance that you are going to have to stop the claim again. I see that you pay £35 which means that you start the claim on paper rather than online would only have cost you £25.

Let's see what their responses that it may well be that you will simply get a short defence simply saying that you have sued the wrong person.

Normally you advise you to ignore this and simply continue and say that it was a technicality – but here it may be more serious.

Let's wait and see

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I have just checked a on the County Court website and blow me, it has gone up to £35.

It used to be £35 on paper and £25 online. I don't know if the paper fee has gone up as well


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Yes, I'm afraid it might find it amusing that the children in the legal department don't seem to have realised that they have claimed that they were the defendant even though it was their CEO whose name personally.

We will have to see if they wake up in time for the defence

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