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Found 7 results

  1. hi, many thanks in advance, i have found this website and was hoping everyone here will be able to help me get out of this terrible trap of payday lenders. i have currently got 7 payday loans with the following companies. payday uk £250 payday express £320 1 month loan £377 safe loans £300 wage day advance £425 mr lender £230 lending streem £312 payday uk i didnt make any payment last month. total debt with pay day lenders is 2214 as well as these debts i have a capital one credit card more 650 balance 150 over my credit limit. and another one that is within my credit limit. totalling debt over 3000. the main reason i have come on here is to hopefully get day to day guidance on the communication I need to have with the lenders that i am involved with. letter templates ect. i am currently trying to move up the ranks at work and looking at a really good job in the future and dont want this getting in the way. do they call your work? can i stop it? interest payments? please guys help me to get out of this. income is 1000 every 4 weeks, expenditure i can push to 400 pound as per that 4 week pay period. i will be very grateful to whomever can assist. payday is today btw 05/08/11.
  2. I am a little confused on what to do here. I took out a loan with Payday Express over a year ago now for £500, Since then it has been passed on to a debt collector working on their behalf called CCM, I've been making monthly repayments to them of £75. I have paid off the original 500 and now just owe £175 for the interest. In November I missed a payment of £75, I was waiting until they contact me to put it back in place. However... I am still waiting, it's been 3 months and I've not had one letter or call for them asking for the outstanding balance. What should I do here? I've paid the original loan back and they don't seem interested in reclaiming the interest? Do I sit and wait and hope it's for some reason been written off or do you think soon I will be receiving a letter stating some kind of legal action in the near future? I have so many more creidtors who are my priority right now so I don't see why I should contact CCM/PaydayExpress if they haven't asked me too. Is this a little silly of me to try and ignore?
  3. Hi Guys, I know i've been stupid but I started this mess when I started my new job after losing my previous one and continued to roll them over. Just so you are aware I have no family (i'm 25) and my friends cannot loan me money so it is truly me against the world. What I need help with is I have e-mailed Uncle Buck since the 21st Feb (the day my rollover was collected to let them know that I required a repayment plan. They stated they can only offer in exceptional circumstances for example a bereavement or loss of job, I thought I would try my luck and state that I had lot my job. They stated they required proof but I did not want to make something up as I was worried his could make things worse so I have been back and forth trying to convince them to allow me to pay in installments (25 emails in 3 weeks!!!) until a few days ago, I have now forwarded them a new template so hopefully that will work. My current predicament is:- Liquid Advance - 459 Uncle Buck - 325 txtloan - 320 247 moneybox - 251.32 early payday loan - 240 mr lender - 260 1 month loan - 325 cash genie - 260 payday uk - 312 payday express - 500 Wonga - 775 I must admit I originally sent the same email to all of them and after a bit of back and forth managed to convince 9/10 to repayment plans. EPDL want interest of £60 included in there payment plan and mr lender require £60 also, but as they have agreed to the plan I am happy with that, what I am not happy with is UNCLE F*CK not allowing me enter a repayment arrangement. I do not know what to do and if someone would like me to forward all correspondence I can. Also, I have copied both financial ombudsman and oft into the e-mails but they do not seem to care (Uncle Buck). They were also the final loan I took out. Also I have a wonga loan......although there thieves I must admit they are easy to come to a payment arrangement with also and I will begin to start paying this in April.... So this is my predicament, it feels good to share and having looked through this forum for quite a while now I believe it truly is the best so thanks in advance for all the feedback. Thanks :@)
  4. Hello, To cut a long story short i was forced to leave my job on medical grounds last year, at which time i had an o/s loan of £250 with payday express which i had been rollling over for months paying £50 a time. In November i emailed advising of my situation and asked them to consider a repayment plan. I received a message advising they needed proof of illness, benefits, bank statements etc. I sent these but my countless emails got ignored, plus my letter sent by recorded delivery. I just kept getting the same automated message asking for the info again, so was going round in circles. In December they went and swiped £50 out of my bank account, which is a weeks worth of benefit for me - so they left me with nothing to live on despite being fully aware of my situation and state of health. I emailed them to complain and advised that i now consider the £50 to be part payment of the balance of £250 to bring it down to £200 as they were WELL AWARE of my situation but chose to ignore me. I then cancelled my debit card with the bank so they didn't have the opportunity to do this again. I have emailed them twice more, the last email saying i can offer £10 monthly to the balance of £200, this is my final offer and if they do not want to accept then feel free to talke me to court. I am sure any court would see £10 is excessive in my situation. They have finally emailed me today with this: ___________We would like to inform you that we are willing to accept your proposal for a repayment plan arrangement for the amount of £10 per month. This would confirm that you will be making monthly payments of £10 per month to clear your loan of £315. It would be greatly appreciated if you could inform us of the date each month that you would like to make your payments, as well as the payment method in order for us to set this up for you. Once we have confirmed this information we will send you confirmation of your repayment plan. We will stop any further action on your account until 06.03.2012 to allow you the opportunity to reply to this email.______________________________ So finally after 2 months they have responded.. but i am not happy with paying the £315.. as by ignoring me they have simply added charges on. the last thing i want is for more charges to be added but would just like to know where i stand on this and whats the best way to go about it. My options are: 1. Pay £10 monthly until i have paid £200 then send a letter advising i now consider the debt to be settled and to take me to court if they are unhappy with this where i will provide evidence of having contacted them etc, and expose their unfair practices and high APR'S. 2. Advise them now that this is my intention and then risk going roung in circles again and more charges being added. 3. Send a recorded delivery letter with a cheque for the first payment, outlining my above proposal and advising if they cash the cheque they are bound by the terms of the letter (is this legally binding??) and then if i get any further harassment after i've paid the £200 i'll be contacting a solicitor. Am i within my rights to dispute the amount? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, i have a long term illness and this is really not doing me any favours chasing after them all the time. Hayley x
  5. Hi I have 7 payday loans with Wageday Advance Text Loans CountryWide MiniCredit Wonga Payday UK Payday Express I have been rolling over loans for months and am not able to keep up any more. I bank with Santander and went to them yesterday to close my bank account and open a new one with them. After reading some of the forums I wonder can these companies raid my new account? Also, I have account details for all of them apart from MiniCredit and Countrywide. Does anyone know the details of either of these? I should have known Countrywide would be slippery after I applied with them and they wanted to know my telephone banking passwords for Santander! I just told them to call me later as I did not want to give these out and then they processed my loan anyway! Is there a template e mail to contact these companies to default? They are all due to be repaid on 27th July and now I am panicking if I am doing the right thing
  6. Hey, I’m new to this forum so please bare with me! I’ve been reading the forums for about a week now and have gathered a lot of useful information, but thought that it was about time I bit the bullet and posted about my own problems. I, like many others on the site have fallen into the payday trap. Looking around the forum it’s good to know that I’m not the only one out there that’s gotten into this mess and that alone has made me feel a little better and spurred me to take control of my finances. I first used a payday loan company last year to pay some unexpected bills, and paid it back with no problem. I then took out another loan in December with the same company, as I found myself short of cash for Christmas. Then I had my gas/electric bill through in January, which lead to me taking another loan with a different company. After paying these back I had no money to live off, so took out a third loan… Long story short I now have four payday loans, all of which are due on 31st of this month. I cannot afford to keep rolling over all of these anymore. I know my situation may not seem as bad as some others, but it’s very quickly spiralled out of control, and it’s really starting to upset, panic and frustrate me. The loans/amounts are : WONGA : Original loan of £600, £819 after 1 months interest QUICK QUID: Original loan of £250, £312 after 1 months interest PAY DAY EXPRESS: £250 PAYDAY UK: £188 I’m just not sure where to begin. I know I need to cancel my debit card and I can do that no problem. I currently bank with Lloyds TSB, but I do have an old account with HSBC. My wages fall on odd days, it’s not a set day, but the loans are always due on the last working day of the month. For example, I’ve been paid today, and next month I get paid on 27th. Is it enough to cancel my Lloyds card and request a new one, and transfer my wages to my HSBC account, transferring it back for rent etc, or do I need to close the Lloyds account completely? I’ve seen sample letters on the site so have a rough idea of what to write when I first contact the companies for a repayment plan. I’m not sure what to offer each of them when I approach them. Wonga is the real issue as that alone after interest is more than I earn! I can afford to pay them about £100 a month- is this a reasonable offer, too much, not enough? From reading the forums I know that Quick Quid tend to only offer 3 month payment plans, and I can afford that if they accept as that again works out around £100 a month. As for the other two, I could just about afford to pay off PDUK in full this month, along with the £200 (£100 each) I’d be sending to Wonga and QQ if they accept my offer, or should I just contact PDUK for a repayment plan too? And what should I do regarding PayDay Express? I’ve read that they’re pretty tough to deal with I just need some help on where to begin, and what to follow up with when they respond, as it’s all a bit overwhelming. Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated
  7. I am so far doing okay on sorting out these paydays but still having a couple of problems: Txtloan and PUK - they have agreed to my repayment of £50 mthly QuickQuid - have agreed to pay it off in 4 installments which isnt ideal but cant be arsed with the hassle so i am paying Wonga - are not budging on my repayment offer and have sent me letters from Barker & Lowe threatening legal action Payday Express - have still not agreed but now asking for income/expenditure Lending Stream - ive paid them £50 allready but still have not confirmed repayment Can someone tell me how to deal with P Express, L Stream and Wonga. Also, QQ have agreed 4 month repayment and still have my card details - can i trust them to take this repayment only and no more (they have confirmed via email)? I appreciate the help - its been long and hard but i feel i am making progress
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