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  1. Thank you all for your advice. I am worried about Santander still letting the companies take the money from my account as I will have some paid in on the 27th and dont want these companies to raid my new account before I can do something about it. I will go and try and open one of the basic accounts somewhere else tomorrow. I am starting to get nervous but have put aside the money to repay MiniCredit as they seem very scary and not willing to accept any payment plans.
  2. Hi I have 7 payday loans with Wageday Advance Text Loans CountryWide MiniCredit Wonga Payday UK Payday Express I have been rolling over loans for months and am not able to keep up any more. I bank with Santander and went to them yesterday to close my bank account and open a new one with them. After reading some of the forums I wonder can these companies raid my new account? Also, I have account details for all of them apart from MiniCredit and Countrywide. Does anyone know the details of either of these? I should have known Countrywide would be slippery after I
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