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  1. currently i am paying 1 month loan 20gbp, mr lender 35gbp, payday uk 50gbp, safeloans 82gbp, payday express is causing me a lot of trouble and wage day advance are too. any advis on these guys would be appreciated. i currently feel really stressed over all this and would just like to say to all of you out there fight it and look foward to the end result. all the best.
  2. hi thanks for everyone help here this place is a blessing. feel a little relaxed after getting it all out. hi j1mb0b thanks for your detailed post really been a good step in the right direction. first thing i now need help with they have been calling my work telephone number and it really making me feel down is there a way i can stop them from calling that number because i am sure they are supposed to only use that number in the case of verifying my workplace and employment. also they called 5 times before i arrived at work and it terrifies me thinking that my employers get suspensions about me due to the fact that i trying to work my way up the ladder, i do not want to put this in jeopardy. would u be able to find and act of parliament or code of conduct that i can use to block them from calling these numbers. also just a quick one which of the 4 lenders did u manage to create an agreement with and how did u go about setting up these agreements with those lenders? you are a super star my friend thanks for the arm to lean on ;-) AND IF YOU HAVE BUMPED INTO THIS FORUM AND SEE THIS MESSAGE WHATEVER YOU NEED OR WHATEVER YOU NEED TO PAY FOR ADVISE IS THAT YOU WAIT UNTIL YOU CAN AFFORD IT, EVEN IF IT IS A BILL PAYMENT RENT ECT. YOU TAKE OUT ONE OF THESE LOANS YOU MAKE THE TROUBLE YOU HAD COME BACK TWICE AS BAD. YOU WILL RUN INTO A SPIRAL AND HAVE THE STRESSES AND STRAINS THAT WE HAVE IN THE FORUM. MAY GOD BLESS YOU
  3. will the lenders ever visit my house, call my work, take legal action i want to be able to sort this issue out asap im very scared right now.
  4. hi, many thanks in advance, i have found this website and was hoping everyone here will be able to help me get out of this terrible trap of payday lenders. i have currently got 7 payday loans with the following companies. payday uk £250 payday express £320 1 month loan £377 safe loans £300 wage day advance £425 mr lender £230 lending streem £312 payday uk i didnt make any payment last month. total debt with pay day lenders is 2214 as well as these debts i have a capital one credit card more 650 balance 150 over my credit limit. and another one that is within my credit limit. totalling debt over 3000. the main reason i have come on here is to hopefully get day to day guidance on the communication I need to have with the lenders that i am involved with. letter templates ect. i am currently trying to move up the ranks at work and looking at a really good job in the future and dont want this getting in the way. do they call your work? can i stop it? interest payments? please guys help me to get out of this. income is 1000 every 4 weeks, expenditure i can push to 400 pound as per that 4 week pay period. i will be very grateful to whomever can assist. payday is today btw 05/08/11.
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