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  1. I took a loan out with Minicredit on 2nd Novemeber which I have no way of paying with the ridiculous interest rates. I'm just waiting for it to be passed on to a debt collector. The letters do not scare me but I do worry how they don't put my initials on, any member of my family could open it thinking it's there post! Could anyone give me advice on when letters are sent out, so far it's been every 20 days but it's now been 25 days and I'm away with work until Sunday
  2. Riaessex1 - I am not 100% sure, however in my experience with them they couldn't even make a note of a late payment on my file, in fact they weren't even recognised as a creditor
  3. I originally owed Minicredit £575, that has risen to £1200. So far I've paid them £175, therefore I should only owe them £400. If I was to write a letter to them with a cheque for £400 do you think it will be accepted? Also has anyone gone into a debt- relief order and how do minicredit react to that (I hear they still try and take money at your account after)?
  4. I owe Iqor £140, they've been very rude to me so I just ignore them and tell them to speak to CCCS on my behalf
  5. I am a little confused on what to do here. I took out a loan with Payday Express over a year ago now for £500, Since then it has been passed on to a debt collector working on their behalf called CCM, I've been making monthly repayments to them of £75. I have paid off the original 500 and now just owe £175 for the interest. In November I missed a payment of £75, I was waiting until they contact me to put it back in place. However... I am still waiting, it's been 3 months and I've not had one letter or call for them asking for the outstanding balance. What should I do here? I've paid the origina
  6. With Wonga you can request something called Hardship. It puts your account on hold whilst you sort your money out. They left me alone for 38 days. It might be worth requesting so you have more time to focus on minicredit.
  7. I owe peachy too, they accepted £25 per month, WDA said they will hold my account if I pay them £7 a month. My other loans include Wonga, quick quid, pduk, payday express, the loan store, minicredit & toothfairy. the rest of the creditors are overdrafts and credit cards. Such a stupid position to get into! I'm really worried for my family
  8. Oh by the way, a group of people who were formerly in debt set up a website dedicated to payday loans and how to deal with them. You don't need to go into a dmp or anything and it won't affect your credit file. I'm not sure whether its worth using them though, they'd charge me around £10-20 however my friend did it and is saving quite a bit as he was informed things like what the minimum repayment plan is (he actually got toothfairy to do a repayment plan) and also that minicredit can settle for much less than they threaten. There called[edited] , I think they might be worth investing in the
  9. I have around 14 creditors, so hard keeping track of who I owe, I usually ring them but if you are not speaking to someone very high up you just get a poor response and they aren't very flexible. Minicredit though are the worst, incredibly rude, they don't worry me too much but there letters do worry me (they just have my second name on them, anyone in my family could open it!) I've started to look into my options, I'm considering a DMP (although minicredit don't accept these) or a debt relief-order. Does anybody know when mincredit pass the debt on to a debt collector?
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