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  1. thanks jamie, have done just that - it hasnt updated online and still says the full amount is due and after speaking to them on 2 occassions they both wouldnt confirm outright that they will take only the pre-default payments - so i cancelled my card straight away - better safe than sorry
  2. Hi, just wondering before i either report my card stolen or not if anyone has successsfully entered into a repayment plan with QQ and it went as planned! I received the email confirmation below but scared incase they just empty my account at the first try. This is a confirmation that you have entered into a pre-default payment plan detailed below. £212.18__________due 15/12/2010 £212.18__________due 14/1/2011 £_212.18_________due 15/2/2011 £_212.21_________due 15/3/2011 Please be sure the funds are available. This arrangement cannot be cancelled. Not honou
  3. thanks robjam, still getting the letters from Wonga but as u said i am a bit worried whether QQ are going to try and take all my money out. They emailed me the below: Customer # 1480313 This is a confirmation that you have entered into a pre-default payment plan detailed below. £212.18__________due 15/12/2010 £212.18__________due 14/1/2011 £_212.18_________due 15/2/2011 £_212.21_________due 15/3/2011 Please be sure the funds are available. This arrangement cannot be cancelled. Not honouring this arrangement will trigger collection procedures.
  4. I am so far doing okay on sorting out these paydays but still having a couple of problems: Txtloan and PUK - they have agreed to my repayment of £50 mthly QuickQuid - have agreed to pay it off in 4 installments which isnt ideal but cant be arsed with the hassle so i am paying Wonga - are not budging on my repayment offer and have sent me letters from Barker & Lowe threatening legal action Payday Express - have still not agreed but now asking for income/expenditure Lending Stream - ive paid them £50 allready but still have not confirmed repayment Can someone tell me how to d
  5. Thanks Cab, yes it came to its contractual end
  6. Thanks, to be honest we had got HP on a 3 year agreement (approx £10000 for £4000 car) which we paid and probably missed about 2 payments during that period. We paid them the last amount when the agreement was due to end to which they made a good profit! They then claimed we still owed them a few thousand, god knows were they got it from and the interest they applied to charges. We just basically fobbed them off and they applied a default on my partners file for this so called money we owed them. Thats was last year and we really havent done anything with it. They also applied larg
  7. hi beyondhope, just looking through your welcome issue and me and my partner had the same sort of problem with them, car finance and loan which they ripped us off with! Save me going through the 88 threads i was wondering if you could tell me how you got on or are still getting on with them. Issue solved i hope Dele
  8. Thanks, I have a friend who has emailed QQ about paying £50 a month and they had sent him this email: Thank you for contacting us to inquire about how to pay off your loan balance. Your offer to pay 50.00 is an unacceptable payment arrangement. However, any payment received will not be refused. The acceptable payment methods used by QQ are: Bank Account, Debit Card, Paypal/Credit Card, Bankers Cheque or Cashiers Cheque. QQ does not accept standing orders or giro slips. PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS We cannot accept payment without all of these details. Post the ba
  9. It will be removed 6 years after the Default date, so yes Feb 2014. In March 2014 im guessing the debt will drop off your file but if not the default definately wont show and thats all that matters. The only thing companies look at when you apply for credit is the default date. My 2 defaults are due to drop off next November 11
  10. Thanks Rob, I guess I have to think about having money to get by instead of paying these sharks and leaving myself skint. Am going to offer Wonga £100 a month starting this month and see what they say. Any idea on what to say in an email to them would be great.
  11. QQ £900, WONGA £960, PUK £262, P EXPRESS £400, L STREAM £400 Im getting fed up of backing them every month. I was going to carry on with the other 3 and bring them down each month but QQ and WONGA are too much! I am due to pay WONGA tuesday, everyone else is backed to date. To be honest id rather get a loan and pay them all off but thats impossible with poor credit
  12. Hi, if you are removing an associate from your Equifax credit report you need to log on to equifax and go into the ask a question section - their should be a drop down for removing an association from your file
  13. Unfortunately when you miss a payment and it ends up going to a collections, DG Solicitors in this case, then yes it is classed as a default. This will remain on your file for the next 6 years and still will even if you settle it straight away. I have 2 defaults, both of which were settled in the same year, which are still on my file 5 years later and they affect my credit ever since. Hope this helps
  14. Hi, this might not be much of a problem question but i have gone into the payday loan trap and have 5 payday loans. I would rather get a loan to pay them all off if not most of them but my credit is poor. Can someone please let me know if there are any loan companies out their who give loans to people with poor credit. Thanks
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