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Found 7 results

  1. Hi CAG, I received an email this morning from Asset Collections & Investigations saying "Goodbye" and that i now needed to deal with TM Legal Services with regards to my outstanding CCJ. this is news to me, checked my credit file and no CCJ's are showing as of 5/1/17. Quick check with TrustOnline and low and behold i have a CCJ registered for over £1700 on 04/01/17! Now back in 2013 I had 3/4 recurring loans with Lending Stream (plus several with MiniCredit, Wonga, Mr Lender, Payday UK, 1st Stop and The Money Shop... i think thats it) which i was keeping up with payments, until it just became too much. I stopped paying and offered payment plans to a number of the providers. Mr Lender and Lending Stream were the only 2 to refuse my payment offer. Now at this point i just cut off contact and heard nothing. I've had a few emails from LS saying they sold my debt, then a few days later another email saying actually that was a mistake and they hadn't (last one i received was they sold it to 1st Stop Recoveries on 09/03/2016, then another email saying they hadn't on the 17/03/2016). Checking my emails i can see that Asset Collections emailed me back in October saying they intended to file for a court claim. I'm at a total loss here as to what to do. The debt in itself is £1700, looking at my credit file the 3 LS loans totalled £525 at time of closure. Do i have any leg to stand on with the court? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Hi, I have entered a dmp and sent initial contacts to all lenders. Most have responded holding account and interest bar the three above. lending stream are not playing ball at all and are refusing to stop charging daily interest still. They said they would if I sent letter of authority for Stepchange which I did but they haven't! payday UK are constantly calling me and the email address provided on their emails bounce back wageday advance are also hounding me refusing to deal with me via email and will apparently only deal with me over the phone. payday UK and Wageday haven't responded to letters I sent. Stepchange won't talk to any of my lenders until I get a 10 digit account no for another one of my debts with very however I'm only being provided with a 6 digit reference. Grrrr! So I'm in limbo, daily interest being charged by all three and cannot see a way forward.
  3. Good morning, I need some help and advice. I took out two loans before Christmas, one with Quick Quid for £300 and one with Lending Stream for £400. I have paid one payment back to Quick Quid of £44 and I have paid two payments to LS - £153 and £212 but there is still a balance of over £400 outstanding. I am currently signed off sick from work and awaiting an operation so I am on SSP. I cannot afford to repay at the rate they want - the next LS payment due is for over £200!! I contacted my bank yesterday and cancelled the CPA. They told me that if either company took any money from my account it would be refunded within 48 hours. What else do I need to do now? I have not contacted the companies yet. I know that realistically I need to offer them at least something but I am worried that they will not accept my offer. I have been advised that I can claim Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction to help me over the next few weeks but I still will only be able to afford a maximum of £10 per month to each company. I would be grateful for any help and advice on the proper way to deal with this as painlessly as possible. With many thanks.
  4. hi, many thanks in advance, i have found this website and was hoping everyone here will be able to help me get out of this terrible trap of payday lenders. i have currently got 7 payday loans with the following companies. payday uk £250 payday express £320 1 month loan £377 safe loans £300 wage day advance £425 mr lender £230 lending streem £312 payday uk i didnt make any payment last month. total debt with pay day lenders is 2214 as well as these debts i have a capital one credit card more 650 balance 150 over my credit limit. and another one that is within my credit limit. totalling debt over 3000. the main reason i have come on here is to hopefully get day to day guidance on the communication I need to have with the lenders that i am involved with. letter templates ect. i am currently trying to move up the ranks at work and looking at a really good job in the future and dont want this getting in the way. do they call your work? can i stop it? interest payments? please guys help me to get out of this. income is 1000 every 4 weeks, expenditure i can push to 400 pound as per that 4 week pay period. i will be very grateful to whomever can assist. payday is today btw 05/08/11.
  5. Hi to you all. Newbie here who would like a bit of advice regarding Lending Streams official postal address. The reason I ask is because I sent a cancellation of CPA to them back in February, this was sent by recorded delivery, this was also cancelled with my bank. Since then LS have taken 2 further payments, so I have had to cancel my debit card to stop further payments.I then sent LS a request for the CCA along with the £1 postal order, again sent by recorded delivery. Today I received a letter from then stating that the account is in default. I have just been online on the Post office tracking page and entered the tracking numbers for both letters sent to LS, and it is stating that "your mail is awaiting delivery".It says this for both letters. Surely a Letter posted in Feb should have been delivered long before now, as well as the other one posted at the beginning of May. The address on the letter that I have received from LS today is the same address that I have sent both letters to. The address being Lending Stream Wisteria Camrose House 2A Camrose Avenue Edgware Middlesex HA8 6EG. Have I got the right address for this type of correspondence?.Hope someone can help.
  6. My circumstances have changed and i can not afford to pay these and continue rolling them over. I really need quite a lot of help and advice please, any will be greatly appreciated. I owe lending stream £415, but seem to be paying them back about £600 a month. I owe quick quid about £400, but pay back £250-£300 a month in interest and fees. I owe cash genie £100, and pay back £30 a month, every month. My main worries are them contacting my work, even if i have already contacted them first. Is there a standard notice that i can send them that means they cannot contact my work place? I have cancelled my card, reported lost, and ordered a new one. Can they still access my account through this new one, do i need to close the account and try to open another with another bank? How, and when do i contact them. Are there any letter/emails that i can use and send them. How much do i offer them, as my hours have been cut and my outgoings have increased massively. And how much information do i have to give them re my ins and outs? I have already paid back more than i borrowed, and i am willing to pay back the capital that i still owe, but i simply cant afford to pay back £1000 a month. I can afford say £50 a month for each starting this month. Is that good enought do you think. Also who and where do i contact these people. Thanking you all in advance.
  7. Hi all! I am new here and more than a little embarrassed that I have got myself into such a mess. Anyway I have quite a bit of debt, around £8,000 or so and have recently set up a debt management plan with CCCS. I have spoken to most of my creditors and they have accepted the repayment offers. Now I have 2 agreements with lending stream for £164.00 and £383.00. CCCS say that out of my remaining monthly money I can repay £5.00 per month to one agreement and £7.30 to the other. I spoke to lending stream today to see if they had received the offer as I had heard nothing and I was told that they hadn't but even if they had they would not accept any offer for the £383.00 as I need to pay the first 2 months installments first and they will not accept £5.00 for the £164.00 as it is not enough for them to clear the debt within a year. I really don't know what to do here as CCCS can't up the payments but because I am on a DMP I can not pay them off seperately as it can affect my other creditors. Also I have a large loan out with wonga. The original amount was for £950 and this is now up to £1,386.99! They also say that they have not heard from CCCS although I have been emailing them for the past month (as well as a few letters and a token payment) informing them of what is going on. I was told that I would be called back today regarding this matter but this hasn't happened. CCCS has offered £19.88 per month and I am not sure if this will be suitable now with all of the interest being put on. I am really, really worried about everything and I am barely holding it togther. I know it is my fault completely and I have to deal with it but I also had a baby 10 weeks ago and feel like everything is just falling apart. Anyway any advice that anyone could offer would be fantastic and greatly appreciated. Also does anyone know if/who wonga and lending stream pass their debt on to and would I have more luck in a debt collection agency accepting offers of payment? Thanks in advance, Kat
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