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  1. I have complained to the oft, financial ombudsman and bcca. Are there any other email addresses for senior people as all I email is the collections email and they Sooooooooooo Rude!! Thanks
  2. I then told them I am no longer at threat of redundancy but still require a repayment plan as I find myself in severe financial difficulties
  3. Sent an email 5 days ago so chased up this morning and got this response:- Collections collections@uncle-buck.co.uk 12:38 PM (5 hours ago) to me Please see our response below sent on 01/03/12: ----------- xxxxxxxxxx As we have previously advised repayment plans can only be offered in exceptional circumstances, you informed us initially you was due to be made redundant. We request confirmation of this so repayment options could be explored. As you no longer have the threat of redundancy your options are as follows: 1. You can pay back
  4. I made that one up to see there response and then send the next email to see if they back down (I took it from here but lost the topic!!!). Thanks for the messages, I will persavere!! I have done 10/11 and considering I have only rolled this over once you can see why they don't want me to pay this off!! Also the OFT have the emails
  5. acrasherkid

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    still there a bunch of cowboys, there based in Reading and 95% would sell there grandmum for a fiver. Its all based on commission so I guess each caller will differ
  6. acrasherkid

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    Thats true........there system is set so that all notes are recorded, i.e. who answers, if not answered etc. I do remember them being very clear however in stating if someone states they do not who the receipient is and that they have recently gained the number then we are to delete it, which everyone did do (mainly me)
  7. No im paying what I would in interest charges, so say 65 in interest im paying 70 but it's better than not paying any capital. The way I see it is £700 a month PURE interest or £700 of the debt in real terms, its just a shame I have to pay an extra £60 for both mr lender and epdl as they have added the £60 to the total. I am concerned most about Uncle Buck as they won't allow me to come to a payment arrangement
  8. They are working batch files from MBNA if they get a response they are allowed to take monthly payments until the account is passed back they have no authority I used to work for them and ashamedly called people about the MBNA stuff. They also do the car finance stuff as well although I forget there name.
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    EXACTLY!! DO NOT REPLY - ALSO WHEN CALLING ALL YOU HAVE TO SAY IS SORRY I DO NOT KNOW WHO THIS IS PLEASE REMOVE MY NUMBER FROMY OUR DATABASE, THEY HAVE TO IF THEY DON'T THEY ARE BREAKING THE LAW WE WERE TOLD THIS SPECIFICALLY. THEY ALSO USE UNDERHAND TACTICS LIKE CALLING YOUR NEIGHBOURS TO SEE IF YOU ARE STILL AT THE PROPERTY......THE TRACE MANAGER WAS CALLED IAN I used to work for these cowboys when I needed a job and lost my previous one. They s*it themselves if you know your in the right. Sarah is the collections manager demand ot speak to her, also if they phone the same number mo
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