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Found 9 results

  1. Dear all, I came here recently with help regarding a parking fine and bailiff issue with Southwark. Everyone here was so helpful and it was a great success. Thanks a lot everyone! This time I have another problem with Lambeth. Similar in duration (Original PCN was from 22/05/14). The original NTO I appealed last year and then never heard back from them until recently (09/15) when I received an OFR out of the blue demanding £202 (£130 for the original NTO + £95 for the CC + £7 Court registration fee). I filed a witness statement stating that I appealed the original NTO, bu
  2. My issue I received by post two Notice to Owner letters dated 11/11/2014 in different envelopes. These letter refer to the same office '27 Parked in a special enforcement area adjacent to footway, cycle track or verge lowered to meet the level of the carriage way. Both have a unique PCN number on them for a notice I have never seen or been aware of, nor handed to me in person nor left on my vehicle for me to find. Both refer to a contravention date and time, one 8/10/2014 at 10.52 PN11112536 and the other 8/10/2014 at 12.26 PN110-9538A for the same location, a local authorit
  3. Hi All, First post here, although I have browsed for advice in the past. I received a PCN on a bank holiday when car park had temporary signs up stating that parking was free due to it being a bank holiday. My appeal was brief, pointing this out & asking for it be cancelled. This was rejected as the state the vehicle was in a time restricted bay. I have replied the same day with a much more in depth appeal with a number of points (most of which I found on these forums). The question is will they review this second appeal or will they ignore it? I feel very strong
  4. Hi Don't know if there is anything I can do about this but basically I attempted to pay the Penalty Charge after I got issued with a PCN recently. I was surprised to receive a NtO from the LA as I thought I had paid it. When I checked back through my computer's history I could see that I had visited the LA website and gone to the payment portal and tried to process the payment but it must have failed. I realise that I should have checked to see if the payment went through but I was hoping that if I could demonstrate that there was a genuine error on my part, someone might be minde
  5. Apologies if this should be elsewhere or anything, I'm new here. Hoping someone can help me. The other day I recieved a letter through the post from a company called excel saying I owed 157 pound for an unpaid parking fine for Swansea Council. I knew nothing about this, haven't had the ticket or a Notice to Owner letter. I understand I can fill in a TE7 form but wanted some advice on what would happen and if it's worth doing as I understand most get turned down and I don't want to incur the cost of a court action to lose that too. If I do the TE7 and it's not successful, will
  6. I parked in a residents permit bay on an sunday in Islington when it was free and went to work. Unfortunately I rarely drive to work and forgot I'd brought the car and headed straight for the tube after work! Duh! It wasn't until Saturday that I realised my mistake and went back to retrieve the car. I had three PCN's on the windshield which I paid within a week at the discount rate. However I have just recieved 2 NTO's for tickets that weren't there! How am I supposed to pay them if they aren't even there? Just to be clear: there were 5 days of fineable park
  7. Hi folks, Wondering if anyone can help... I've just received an NTO from Croydon Council in respect of a PCN issued on 16/11 at 20:27 re "01-Parked in a restricted street during prescribed hours. Band A". This is the first I have heard about it, the PCN was not served and as such I am going to challenge the fine. However, the reason for posting here is confusion relating to the controlled zone sign. The road in question is Heathfield Road in Croydon. When I parked up, I checked the sign which said Mon-Sat 8am-8pm. On receiving the NTO this morning, I did a googl
  8. Help! I got a ticket somewhere in Worthing and clearly someone pulled it off the windscreen (or the wind got it, I've no idea) this was a while ago and I've since moved and changed my car, the first I knew about this was a bailiffs letter appearing at my new address! no NTO beforehand, nothing. . so I appealed using the directions on the government site with an out of time witness statement and declaration explaining clearly what happened and apologising for causing a problem, I thought this would be pretty straightforward and I had no problems with paying the or
  9. Hi Everyone A couple of months ago I received a Nto. This was the first I new about this so I appealed to the council asking for copies of the PCN, photographs & copies of the CEO notes. I have received copies of the CEO notes, NO COPY OF PCN, 3 photo's 1. showing a vehicle parked but no registration showing, 2.a photo of a vehicle driving away, but hard to make out & 3. the area where the vehicle is suppose to be parked but no vehicle there. If the council can not supply me with a copy of the PCN, or any photographic evidence, then all I can assume is that one wasn't g
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