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Found 9 results

  1. Dear all, I came here recently with help regarding a parking fine and bailiff issue with Southwark. Everyone here was so helpful and it was a great success. Thanks a lot everyone! This time I have another problem with Lambeth. Similar in duration (Original PCN was from 22/05/14). The original NTO I appealed last year and then never heard back from them until recently (09/15) when I received an OFR out of the blue demanding £202 (£130 for the original NTO + £95 for the CC + £7 Court registration fee). I filed a witness statement stating that I appealed the original NTO, but never received a reply. The WS was accepted and the NTO and CC were ordered to be revoked. The original PCN was obviously not cancelled so I waited for Lambeth to send a new NTO, which they did on the 09/10/15. The new NTO gives the wrong time of contravention. Instead of 12:34 (controlled times between 12:00-14:00) it says 00:34. I then sent the same appeal I sent them last year PLUS the additional comment about the wrong time (ie 00:34 is outside controlled hours etc.) via recorded mail and received a rejection notice on the 20/11/15 (pretty speedy response- only 5 days after my appeal). The rejection notice is just the usual patronising, generic letter, not addressing any of my points (see my appeal below and their rejection attached). The rejection notice had an appeal form enclosed to give me the opportunity to appeal their decision to an adjudicator within 28 days after receipt of their RN. It's only been 21 days so far and today I received a new Charge Certificate from the LA dated 08/12/15, so they ignored my statutory right of 28 days to appeal their decision to the adjudicator and drafted and posted their new CC only 18 days(!!) after their rejection notice. Apart from my original appeal, which had only a weak (but reason enough?) argument of me having a grace period of 20min loading/unloading, which I didn't exceed, am I right in assuming that their mistakes from this year (wrong time on NTO, sending of CC after 18days instead of 28) is enough material to present to the adjudicator and getting approval? As always, any help would be really appreciated.
  2. My issue I received by post two Notice to Owner letters dated 11/11/2014 in different envelopes. These letter refer to the same office '27 Parked in a special enforcement area adjacent to footway, cycle track or verge lowered to meet the level of the carriage way. Both have a unique PCN number on them for a notice I have never seen or been aware of, nor handed to me in person nor left on my vehicle for me to find. Both refer to a contravention date and time, one 8/10/2014 at 10.52 PN11112536 and the other 8/10/2014 at 12.26 PN110-9538A for the same location, a local authority local road. Both request a payment within 28 days of £130. I can also make representation by post on a number of grounds should I think they apply. In addition on the same date 8/10/2014 I found my vehicle was missing from the roadside outside my home address where I can usually see it from my kitchen window and that it apparently had been impounded by the council. After I made some enquiries I found out where my vehicle was, that I had a dropped kerb offence which I had not noticed before, so I complied and paid £200 (removal fee)+£65 (parking fine) =total of £265 on the following day 9/10/2014 (within 24 hours) to the car compound in order I could get my vehicle back and park again outside my home address. At the time of paying this 3rd PCN and towing fine I was given a photocopy of another (3rd) PCN PN11095390 again that I had not previously seen, again dating the same offence, same date as two above two PCNs but time 8/10/2014 12.28. Apparently then removed by the council on 8/10/2014 at 12.33 to their car compound. My questions are 1 Do I have any grounds to see representation for all three PCNs for this same offence, on the same date, on the same location, by the same council, where my vehicle had not been moved, until the council removed it at 8/10/2014 at 12.33. Note I have already filled in a representation form to Warrington in Cheshire for PN 11095390 that I was made aware of on 8/10/2014 at the car compound. 2 Is it normal for a council to issue Notice to Owners letters to car owners without serving a PCN to them, and is this legal in the case of the ' 27' offence, in my case in question, parked near to dropped kerb but some 1 1/2 feet away from it on the carriageway. 3 Should I seek representation on the grounds that 'The penalty charge exceeded the amount applicable in the circumstances. In this case I have already paid £65 for the PN11095390 for time 8/10/2014 12.28, so should I be also need to pay two more fines as well for PN11112526 for a time 8/10/2014 10.52 and PN1109538A for a time 8/10/2014 12.26.? On balance these fines seem very excessive and costly and I think all 3 PCNs, (none that were ever handed to me or ever left on my vehicle), belong to the same single incident and span only 34 minutes apart. Note I have already raised a formal complaint to the council 'Major' as an email titled ' excessive parking fines' with reference to -over eager traffic wardens, -a lack of parking spaces due to daily commuters taking up all the parking spaces so that residents can not park correctly, -the fact my car was in need of attention due to engine / starting problems, -the fact I was engaged at the time in a household 'leaking gas' national grid emergency repair and could not be called away immediately from my home, -a lack of residents only parking zone unlike adjacent areas nearby, -a question about the 3 minute rule being ignored judging by when my car was removed (12.33) on PN 10095390 (12.28) -No opportunity to pay at a reduced cost. - a question whether these computer generated NTO letters were not an error. (when I go into council site no photo graphs are available at all for the PN in question, so I wonder if there was every any evidence taken at the time by the traffic warden wandering my council estate?) The recipient being the Major for the area then notified me that the council were looking into my complaint. I also noticed the other day out of my kitchen window a owned council truck parked directly across the same dropped kerb outside my home. So I took two photos of it and sent them to the council worker who had replied to me, making the point How come Council worker can park across the same dropped kerb,- a sort of hypocrisy going on. Can I ask for some degree of leniency in this case, or do I simply have to pay up for the other two at a cost of £260? Any advice would be most welcome on where I legally stand and whether I have any ground for representation at all?.
  3. Hi All, First post here, although I have browsed for advice in the past. I received a PCN on a bank holiday when car park had temporary signs up stating that parking was free due to it being a bank holiday. My appeal was brief, pointing this out & asking for it be cancelled. This was rejected as the state the vehicle was in a time restricted bay. I have replied the same day with a much more in depth appeal with a number of points (most of which I found on these forums). The question is will they review this second appeal or will they ignore it? I feel very strongly that the PCN is unfair & that my second appeal has several valid points, however I'm getting nervous that if it's rejected I'll no longer be able to pay the reduced fee. My response included the following: Requested evidence the vehicle was parked in a time restricted bay Requested evidence that signs clearly stated that such bays were not included on the free bank holiday parking. Noted that authorities are recommended to use discretion. That the PCN doesn't comply with regulations That the PCN refers to policy and appears at an out of date web address. Thanks
  4. Hi Don't know if there is anything I can do about this but basically I attempted to pay the Penalty Charge after I got issued with a PCN recently. I was surprised to receive a NtO from the LA as I thought I had paid it. When I checked back through my computer's history I could see that I had visited the LA website and gone to the payment portal and tried to process the payment but it must have failed. I realise that I should have checked to see if the payment went through but I was hoping that if I could demonstrate that there was a genuine error on my part, someone might be minded to allow me to pay at the discounted rate instead of having to pay the full amount now due since the NtO has been issued. I tried emailing the LA parking appeals department, with a screenshot of my history page but I haven't received a reply...am I barking up the wrong tree, or should I just hold my hands up and pay the full amount? Any ideas? Thanks in advance H
  5. Apologies if this should be elsewhere or anything, I'm new here. Hoping someone can help me. The other day I recieved a letter through the post from a company called excel saying I owed 157 pound for an unpaid parking fine for Swansea Council. I knew nothing about this, haven't had the ticket or a Notice to Owner letter. I understand I can fill in a TE7 form but wanted some advice on what would happen and if it's worth doing as I understand most get turned down and I don't want to incur the cost of a court action to lose that too. If I do the TE7 and it's not successful, will it go back to the original cost or so the £80 baliff charge still count? And can they add anymore in the meantime that it's being considered. Thanks.
  6. I parked in a residents permit bay on an sunday in Islington when it was free and went to work. Unfortunately I rarely drive to work and forgot I'd brought the car and headed straight for the tube after work! Duh! It wasn't until Saturday that I realised my mistake and went back to retrieve the car. I had three PCN's on the windshield which I paid within a week at the discount rate. However I have just recieved 2 NTO's for tickets that weren't there! How am I supposed to pay them if they aren't even there? Just to be clear: there were 5 days of fineable parking, but there were only 3 tickets present that were dated for the last 3 days. The NTO's are for tickets supposedly issued on the first 2 days but seem to have been removed. Also is there a maximum number of tickets that can be received in this situation? Any advise would be most welcome.
  7. Hi folks, Wondering if anyone can help... I've just received an NTO from Croydon Council in respect of a PCN issued on 16/11 at 20:27 re "01-Parked in a restricted street during prescribed hours. Band A". This is the first I have heard about it, the PCN was not served and as such I am going to challenge the fine. However, the reason for posting here is confusion relating to the controlled zone sign. The road in question is Heathfield Road in Croydon. When I parked up, I checked the sign which said Mon-Sat 8am-8pm. On receiving the NTO this morning, I did a google map search and it seems the reverse of the sign has a different restriction on it, being Mon-Sun 8am-Midnight. I crossed the oncoming lane to park and at no time did I see the varied restriction on the back. Perhaps foolishly, I took the sign at face value and didn't think to double check when I got out of my car either. I've had a look at The Traffic Signs Regulations and can't seem to pick anything out about this. Does anyone know if these kind of signs are permitted to have different restrictions printed on each side? It seems to be incredibly misleading. I have attached photos of both sides for reference, apologies for the quality, screen grabs from googlemaps is all I could manage. Finally, I don't have access to a scanner at the mo so am unable to post a copy of the NTO but will do so as soon as I can. Many thanks, Laura [ATTACH=CONFIG]40170[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]40171[/ATTACH]
  8. Help! I got a ticket somewhere in Worthing and clearly someone pulled it off the windscreen (or the wind got it, I've no idea) this was a while ago and I've since moved and changed my car, the first I knew about this was a bailiffs letter appearing at my new address! no NTO beforehand, nothing. . so I appealed using the directions on the government site with an out of time witness statement and declaration explaining clearly what happened and apologising for causing a problem, I thought this would be pretty straightforward and I had no problems with paying the original ticket amount, just not the £450 the bailiffs were now asking for!! sadly today I recieved a letter from the HM court and tribunals service telling me my application has been refused! so, now I HAVE to pay the bailiffs £450 for a ticket I didn't even know I had up till now it all seems a bit unfair.. and the bailiffs are giving me the old 'well sunshine, them's the rules' line. . I haven't actually had any contact since recieving the rejection from the court but I know its coming.. so I was wondering what my best option was! I could appeal but that's £45 before you even start and I'd probably still have to pay the bloody £450 even after all that! any help would be appreciated!
  9. Hi Everyone A couple of months ago I received a Nto. This was the first I new about this so I appealed to the council asking for copies of the PCN, photographs & copies of the CEO notes. I have received copies of the CEO notes, NO COPY OF PCN, 3 photo's 1. showing a vehicle parked but no registration showing, 2.a photo of a vehicle driving away, but hard to make out & 3. the area where the vehicle is suppose to be parked but no vehicle there. If the council can not supply me with a copy of the PCN, or any photographic evidence, then all I can assume is that one wasn't given. Any thoughts please?
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