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  1. Help. I am totally despondent. 1. How much does it cost to go to court? 2. Would I be able to get any help in how to go about it/complete any forms After fighting with Acenden re arrears they said I had I am now at a loss. Really annoyed. I had a suspended possession order for a secured loan, from 1990 which was paid. Then last year Acenden said I had arrears of £1496.10. All payments have been made each month, maybe not on the first but always paid that month since suspended possession order that was granted in 1090. I asked Acenden to give me a break down of missed payments in writing, which they failed to produce. Earlier this year they took us to court for possession. when it was brought to the judges attention he asked them to reply and set another date. In April they asked for an extension. I had claimed a PPI payment from them which I eventually asked them to apply to our arrears, (wished I hadn't & continued with the court) at the end of July Acenden's solicitors wrote saying they had applied for the application to be withdrawn. (There was no arrears on the account now) and their client had confirmed no legal fees in connection to the application would be applied to our mortgage, Today I find not only has £487.60 legal fees been applied in March but a further £1369.50 has been applied in August.
  2. Well they got the extension, but one good thing came out of it. They had added legal costs to my account when the judge had said costs reserved. I asked the judge if I was going to get more legal costs added as I had already had one lot and he ordered that they be removed and to immediately change their procedure that the legal costs are not automatically added. Which is what they said happens.
  3. I am in dispute with Acenden as to the arrears they claim we owe, they filed for an extension of the repossession order given in 2009 which the amount the court ordered has been paid. We have already been to court & the judge adjourned for Acenden to provide the information I have been asking for and then for me to respond. We received the required info and I responded to the information, which was signed for by their solicitor on the 19th March 2019. Today we have received a letter asking for us to agree & sign an agreement to an adjournment on the the first available date after 28 days. My question is am 1. Being unreasonable to decline, my view is they have had sufficient time to investigate. 2. Would it go against me if I declined.
  4. Thanks will do. The letter is from Lowell not Lloyds
  5. I have a letter dated Sept 2015 from Lowell stating that Lloyds have advised that a credit agreement is no longer available due to the length of time since the account was opened, so do I still need to request again and pay again?
  6. Well after over a year and Lowell's been very quiet I have now received a Letter of Claim from their solicitors. (Sent in accordance with the Practice Direction on Pre-Action Conduct & Protocol) I have 30 days to respond. I still have not received the CCA just a list of payments made between Dec 2010 & Sept 2012 Any advise would be greatly appreciated as to what I need to do now.
  7. Thanks for your help but I am still having trouble getting a breakdown of their fees the reply I have received from the them is as follows "Whist we note your request for a breakdown of our Collection/Arrears Administration Fees we must advise you that we will be unable to provide these details as it is considered commercially sensitive information. Furthermore we are not obliged to release this information" Does anyone no if they can refuse?
  8. No paid I have paid off my arrears what they are adding are charges. I asked them for a breakdown of the charges which they ignored, so right or wrong I ignored them. I am continuing to pay my contractual amount. I had a suspended possession order from 2009, but paid that back. I asked for a change of date from the 1st to the 25th but they refused. I am not refusing to communicate with them just want them to communicate in writing with me.
  9. Good Morning can someone please advice me as to whether the following still applies. Armstrong v Sheppard & Short Ltd [1959] 2 QB 384. per Lord Evershed M.R.). [/i] I am arguing with Acenden about there charges & they are now threatening to send a field agent
  10. Oh well after nearly a year I have received a reconstituted agreement, which I am not convinced about. I am thinking about writing to Lloyds to request the CC. I would be very grateful if anybody has any feed back for me.
  11. I wrote to Lowell asking this question, the reply is: " we are still awaiting a copy of the agreement & the account will remain on hold until this is sent. We have copies of the statements which will be forwarded to you when the agreement is received" In regauard to the default being recorded on your credit file we can advise that upon opening and signing the agreement you agreed to the default being applied. As we have now bought the account we have taken over ownership of the default recorded by Lloyds. They also go on to say they also hold another account in my name & advise that there is no payment plan in place and have stopped collection to allow for me to contact them with my intentions towards the outstanding balance. , they issued a SD in 2013 which I fought & won with costs awarded that account is now well over 6yrs old since the dispute was first raised. Advise would be greatly appreciated.
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