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  1. Hi, after some advice regarding the above company, I have read some of the threads already regarding them but some specific advice would be nice. last month I received a letter from HFO regarding a debt with Barclaycard many years ago they were asking for £462 if I remember correctly the original debt was for about £100, I then received another letter about 2 weeks ago asking for me to contact them regarding the debt, I then looked into the company via this forum and followed some advice given on one of the threads and contacted Barclaycard asking them when the las
  2. hi guys just now ive just received a letter from wescot.Reguarding an 2 year old BT phone bill. I refused to pay my bt phone bill and broadband with them has the phoneline and broadband wasnt working properly.people could ring me and the phone wouldnt ring at my end.broadband was cutting out all the time upto 8 times aday.I phone Bt reguarding the matter loads of times.and there just reported the fault and said it will be fixed in 72 hours by sending some kind of signals down through my phone line. but no change the fault just kept contueing so i didnt pay the bill and let them disconnec
  3. EDIT: please note the dates of the posts, as I've bumped my own thread which was active over a year ago! This is my first post, although I've searched the forums and read up a lot on HFO Services so far but wanted to start my own post instead of hijacking someone else's. Basically, I had a Barclaycard years ago which I ended up missing payments for. I had actually moved house and sent them TWO change of address forms and simply heard nothing back from them, and just kept forgetting to call them... A little later I lost my job at the time and was obviously concerned with my imme
  4. Be interested to hear of any HFO cases that have been dealt with in this court.
  5. Hi everyone, Im new here but have been following the HFO threads since I got my first letter from them about a month ago. To put you in the picture I had a Barclaycard debt of about £800-900. HFO are asking for in excess of £2k. The debt itself is well over 6 years old, in fact it is no longer on my credit file as 6 years have passed. No payments made in over 6 years so its definately statute barred. The letter I got today from HFO is the "schedule of litigation" one. To date, I have had no communication with HFO. I have sent no letters and they do not have my number so have n
  6. Hi, I've read a lot on this forum about HFO and their brilliant practices. I too am having some good fun with them?!?! Out of the blue in Oct (2011) I received a letter from HFO requesting payment for an old Barclay card debt. I stupidly rung them as I've been trying really hard to get my credit rating back into order for the past few years so now they have my number.. NICE!! What steps do I need to take as a first off? I'm a bit unsure as to what letter I need to send them? (I keep finding posts but none that start from scratch) All I've done so far is speak to
  7. Hi all, I'm new to the forum and no expert by any means on computers but I've read similar stories to my own on here. A couple of weeks ago I received a REMINDER NOTICE OF ASSIGNMENT from HFO Services for an old Barclaycard debt sold to HFO Capital Ltd, stating I owed just under £5000. The number stated by them as the original account number on their letter was incorrect. I therefore wrote to them, recorded delivery, stating I had not received a Notice of Assignment and had no record of the account number stated. I have since received a second letter saying they have attempted to contact me
  8. Made an initial complaint to the SRA. they phoned me and asked for further details and gave me the correct e-mail addy to reply to : report@sra.org.uk If you have a valid complaint and can document it, then everyone who can complain should do so without delay. I have told the SRA that they will, in due course be receiving daily complaints about our friends fairly soon. I therefore urge anyone who has a problem with TR, get your complaint off now to the SRA. At very least we need to create enough noise to enable the SRA to suspend TR's right to use the solicitors umbrella OF
  9. Hello all, I was directed here by a few different websites saying this was the place to help with HFO trying to recover a debt I wasn't aware of from Barclaycard. I received the letter yesterday and it was dated the 3rd October 2011. I have never received any other notice from HFO or Barclaycard about this debt. As far as I am aware I never defaulted on a Barclaycard and I do not have one now, although I did have one many moons ago. I have looked at my credit report on Experian, Equafax and CreditCall, the only reference to the debt is on Equafax which states it is a Credit Card
  10. Hi I have today received a letter from HFO services saying that I owe them for a 4879.00 Barclaycard bill. I have spoken to Barclaycard who confirmed that they sold the debt to HFO Capital in 2006. Why has it taken them 4 years to contact me and also why have they added on 1400 costs? Now I will pay the debt, but I want proof first that it is all legitimate. I have sent them a letter saying I want a copy of the CCA and also did a SAR to Barclaycard. I have also spoken to HFO and demanded that they get the CCA. From what I remember, I applied for the Barclaycard online and it
  11. This site is truly amazing, I've learned a lot all ready. Full Respect to you all - including Coledog Broken Arrow and all the others in the HFO Fan Club! I have read the HFO Barclaycard thread posted yesterday and think mine is very much the same and just wanted to talk through what I think I should do, from what i've read here. 1. This week My father receives Phone call from HFO asking for me - I haven't lived at home for over 10 yrs. Dad doesn't give any details. 2. Whilst at work on Weds (I teach), Reception takes a message for me to 'Ring Ahmed - it's personal - He's not
  12. Hi all, Hope someone can help, HFO services have been chasing me for an account they suggest i owe money for since around 2007/8. I wroite to them asking for a copy of the agreement(s) to which they referred (CCA request). They failed to provide anything and all went quiet. Recently they have started writing again, usual 72 hour notice of legal action, followed by 48hrs notice follwed by another 72 hr notice and so on. As they are very much in default of my valid CCA request of Nov 2008 i wrote and told them so. They ignored this and continued to write, so i ignored them. I now
  13. Like me, Have you been HFO-vered ?? Ive had dealings with this mob for over 4 years now on and off. It wasn't until recently when they started using other tactics. that they have really antagonised me big time. Ive had some dealings with DCA's in my time, but nothing along the lines and extremes as to what this lot will stoop to. Having researched them in considerable depth, I now have my own ideas why they operate as they do and the possible constraints placed upon thier workforce to produce results. These views are unfortunately too sensitive to state here. As is evident from
  14. Hi, I have an old Barclaycard debt that I think is over the 6-year mark but am not sure. I have moved around a lot over the last few years and have not thought anything about it for a long time. Out of the blue I got a letter from HFO Services, which was sent to my parents house where my bank account and other credit cards are registered. I am not listed on the electoral roll as living at this address or any mobile phone bills, utilities etc, so I don't know how they traced me to my parent’s house. The Barclaycard was never registered at this address. The original Barclaycard bill was for
  15. Hello, i am in desperate need of help. I got home the other day to find a notice of assignment of debt from HFO for a barclaycard i apparently took out in 2002. ( i have never even had a barclaycard) I phoned HFO immediately asking about this debt, they say that i took out a card in 2002 spent £500 and now the debt has been purchased by them and i owe nearly £900 with charges. i asked for the original credit agreement to be sent out. i then got a credit report and it shows HFO have put a default against my acc in 2007 for the debt. this is really worrying me as i have been
  16. I will try to keep it short as an sure you have heard it all I recieved a letter from HFO on 12/9/2010 saying they were sold my debt by barclaycard etc, gave me the date it was sold to them, how much it was and now is. Lets say it is nearly a mortgage! in the Tens of thousands. I called them spoke to them, asked for more info and denied all over the phone. A week later i get a letter saying the last payment was made on the account to barclaycard on 24/9/2010. I knew it was nearing satute barred period. I wrote them asking for credit agreement clearly stating i do not admit
  17. Need some general input regarding the legality of Consent orders when claimant did not have right to enter into it
  18. Spoke to an uneducated muppet at BC this morning on a unlisted private telephone number (available upon request) in Kirby (Liverpool) which was thier IT & Data department, regarding the release of statement data and other sensitive info to HFO Services Limited. He did not ask me who I was nor attempt to carry out any ID verification process. He asked me what it was regarding, so I told him it was relating to release of data to a DCA for an impending court case. After I told him the names, (you all know who Im talking about) he said, "Oh well thats OK 'cos they are the same company". I said
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