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Found 12 results

  1. EDIT: please note the dates of the posts, as I've bumped my own thread which was active over a year ago! This is my first post, although I've searched the forums and read up a lot on HFO Services so far but wanted to start my own post instead of hijacking someone else's. Basically, I had a Barclaycard years ago which I ended up missing payments for. I had actually moved house and sent them TWO change of address forms and simply heard nothing back from them, and just kept forgetting to call them... A little later I lost my job at the time and was obviously concerned with my immediate situation, so my creditcard issues were put to one side for quite some time. (I've actually been made redundant from SIX different jobs and suffered a couple more redundancies during this period of time.) A couple of years or so later and I received mail saying I had been passed onto a DCA (although I cannot remember the name of them) and managed to actually pay some of my debt off. The DCA were meant to send me a payment plan in the post but I never received this. After moving house again I sent them a change of address form and still heard nothing back. At the end of last year my girlfriend and I began looking for a house. Our mortgage advisor ran an online credit check on us both (with our permission, of course) and I was surprised to see that the only defaults that came up were from Barclaycard 2 years ago -- no mention of the DCA. We successfully got a mortgage and bought our house, which we have lived in happily for 6 months now. A few weeks ago I received a call from someone saying they had purchased my Barclaycard Debt and wanted to confirm my address - which I gave them - in order to send me some details. I assume these were HFO Services but found the person on the phone very difficult to understand at the time. Last week I received a call from someone at HFO Services asking me for the balance in full of around £1600, which I said I was unable to pay. The caller then said the minimum they would accept as a monthly payment was £140 and asked me for my debit card details to take the first payment over the phone. I said that I had not received anything in writing from them and under no circumstances was I going to give my debit card details over the phone, as I had no guarantee of who they were. The caller took my email address and said she would email me the appropriate paperwork and asked if I could call back the following day -- I said that this was OK but it had to be mid-afternoon as I had an important client meeting in the morning. Sure enough, during my important meeting I faintly heard my phone vibrating in my jacket and checked the message to confirm it was from HFO -- ringing at precisely the time I had asked them NOT to call. I have not returned their call as I wanted to ask for advice before doing so. I have received an email from the caller, containing a poorly layed out and quite unprofessional looking Word document but have not replied. Firstly, (for once) I am in a much better situation financially and DO want to be free of my debt, however, £140 a month is way more than 10% of my disposable income (which I understand is what I would be ordered to pay if taken to court?). What options do I have -- can they really dictate how much I must pay monthly, or is this purely scare tactics? Last year I successfully reclaimed my bank charges from my bank account -- is this something I could potentially do with my Barclaycard also, even though it has now been passed onto a DCA? From my dealings so far, I do NOT like this company at all and if I were to pay back my debt I would much rather do it through some other debt consolidation service -- any recommendations as to where to look for this? I appreciate my questions have probably been asked millions of times before but frank and honest advice would be much appreciated!! Thank you in advance!
  2. The sky is starting to cave in for HFO. I have a feeling chicanery is afoot. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?334112-Changes-at-HFO-Turnbull-Rutherford-%96-Quarterdeck-Law-Ltd&p=3719901#post3719901
  3. Hi, I have recently been contacted by HFO Services regarding a debt they claim is owed by me. I have some doubt that the debt is mine, but it may possibly be. They have informed me that I last made a payment in April 2004, so I sent them a letter explaining it is stautute barred and asking them to not continue asking me for money. They replied to me that it isn't statute barred as although there had been no contact for 7.5 years a default notice was issued in 2006. (This has never shown on my experian credit report). I checked the literature from the OFT (and other sources) and replied again that the debt is in fact statute barred and not to persist. Today I have recieved a letter from Turnbull Rutherford Solicitors giving me 21 days to pay up or face litigation. I have informed the OFT but would like to know if I should reply to Turnbull Rutherford or just wait for a possible court summons. Cheers
  4. Hello, I would really appreciate some advice on what to do about a letter received yesterday from Turnbull Rutherford regarding a Barclaycard debt which goes back to 2005. A few months ago they started with the phonecalls hassling both me, my family and they even rang my boss and asked him for my current address! I had googled them and learnt of their unsavoury practices and so decided against giving them any information. I did not confirm that the debt was mine, nor did I give them my address. They had found my place of work somehow, and now they are writing to me at my new address. I am not on the electoral role that is available to the public, so in the first instance I am concerned about where and how they got my address? Can anyone advise me on this, and whether it is legal practise? The debt is showing as a default on 08/12/2005, therefore 6-years on 8th December. Their letter states that their date of assignment was in June 2006, so why have they waited until 2011 to make contact with me? They have increased the original debt of £3619 to £5972 and I have no idea what to do? I was ill at the time of the default and spending time in hospital, which I advised Barclays of at the time. At no time did Barclaycard chase me. Now I allegedly have until 23rd November to respond or they are threatening court action. They say if I respond in time, no further action will be taken. As this is only 16-days before my debt become 6-years old, I am confused about the legalities of this? Is this something I have to worry about? Is responding to them in my best interests at this time? Thank you in advance for any advice! Isla
  5. Made an initial complaint to the SRA. they phoned me and asked for further details and gave me the correct e-mail addy to reply to : [email protected] If you have a valid complaint and can document it, then everyone who can complain should do so without delay. I have told the SRA that they will, in due course be receiving daily complaints about our friends fairly soon. I therefore urge anyone who has a problem with TR, get your complaint off now to the SRA. At very least we need to create enough noise to enable the SRA to suspend TR's right to use the solicitors umbrella OFT licence. Without this they will not lawfully be able to carry out the regulated activity of debt collection. Reading between the lines whilst speaking to them, I get the feeling that they already have a significant number of complaints already. If you want action, then help yourself, get writing now !!!!!!!!!! Everything I come accross of significance Im sending them daily. they'll soon get the message. After reading the Silverpoint posts, I cannnot believe how stupid Alice can be for not smokescreening this activity. Is it stupidity or are they having a game with us all, or do they just not give a f*** ??? The net is closing on you Alice, faster than you may think, our secret weapon is about to be launched - aimed at you fella !!! My advice to you Alice - get yourself an Equity Card - you'll be needing it !!!!
  6. Well finally have got court papers off HFO services, and do not know what to do now.. Do I acknowledge some of the debt or defend myself.? Quick background... In 1999 I took on a loan with Capital bank, which when divorce reared up I could no longer pay, as my life and head went into a downward spiral. I really cannot remember much, but eventually the debt was past on to 'Intrum Justitia' and from 2005 I paid monthley payments, never mised one as I started to get myself together. This went on to the 22/1/2008 when I received a letter from said company ( I still have it) to state that account had been returned to clients at their request. I rang HSBOS and they said account was closed.. Which I didnt understand as I still owed £5000. The next thong I heard was in Oct 2008 when I had a letter from Turnbull Rutherford who stated I had a principal owing of £6159 plus interest of £4939 !! and tha they confirmed I was an homeowner and were looking to enforce payment by a charging order. Then the phone started. I did speak to them once, but denied owing THEM any money and not to ring me, but to send paperwork . I then got lots of threatng letters for a while then it all stopped. 2010 it started again, Litigation letters, and one ( which I cannot find...which showed a photo of my home etc etc, after finding this site, I sent them a CCA request which was delivered on 23/08/10 . On the 24th I recieved a letter which states in one line " Forward the file for escalation of colection activity, whether by legal action or otherwise" Stating that they will obtain a enforcing judgement by attachment of earning from my workplace...naming the workplace. I do ont know how they found out where I worked!!! I decided after this sod them, nasty S.O.B's, and that I would rather deal with court than them.!! I finally got a photocopy of my credit agreement on 17/9/10 I have about 48 hours to reply to court hearing. Any help and advise is sorely needed!
  7. HI EVERYONE I AM NEW TO THIS SITE, I am emailing you has i have received a letter yestaday from Hfo debt collection there are located in surrey,There sent me a letter reguarding an old debt from over 7 years ago which was from originally Barclaycard and there sent me a photograph of my street where i live and a copy of my credit file .This is the 1st letter i received reguarding this debt in years. Before realising how old the debt was i offered them a monthly payment and there refused the payment i offered them.And said there are going to take futher legal action against me and there are going to send me to court and said bailiffs could come to my home.And This Dispute is over a 7 year old debt which should be now expired. I did know the debt was old but, When i realised the debt was 7years old,I asked them for the credit agreement and the statements of the debt from the orginal creditor which was barclaycard and there told me it could take them up to 4 weeks before there get the paperwork from the orginal creditor.And my files are all ready with there legal department..... i would like some advise on what to do.Has i think this debt collection agency is been unfair and i think there are breaking the law by taking photographs of my street and sending them to me though the post. So far ive reported them to tradeing standards,consumer rights,office of fair trading,and the Ombudsman service, could ANYONE kindly reply with some advise for me please what to do Thank you
  8. Like me, Have you been HFO-vered ?? Ive had dealings with this mob for over 4 years now on and off. It wasn't until recently when they started using other tactics. that they have really antagonised me big time. Ive had some dealings with DCA's in my time, but nothing along the lines and extremes as to what this lot will stoop to. Having researched them in considerable depth, I now have my own ideas why they operate as they do and the possible constraints placed upon thier workforce to produce results. These views are unfortunately too sensitive to state here. As is evident from the results of the excellent work of these forums, the only way to hit these people is on thier docs. Remember, the damage has been done, every document now is a matter of record and cannot be undone. It is now up to us, the victims, to sensibly collate these individual case histories and use it against them. There is a very true phrase in life , "Someones strength is also thier weakness". Thier docs are certainly thier Achilles Heel - use it !! Well, fellow Caggers, the time has come for the "little man" to strike back. Im absolutely stunned by the amount of postings on here regarding the strokes that are being pulled by this lot. What is required is consolidation of data and cases. The posts on here are excellent and the lengths that the more experienced caggers have taken to help others is admirable and is clearly total dedication to the cause. We all get in debt in life from time to time, some more than others, and when we all take out those accounts initially, it is all in good faith at the time. Nobody knows what the future holds and how ones' circumstances can change for whatever reason. Whilst it is accepted that DCA's and other forms of civil enforcement are necessary and are part of life, what I cannot and will not accept is the underhand tactics and M.O's of some of these companies. Personally, I am not interested in the morality of whether a debt is or is not due, that is a case for your conscience to deal with. What I am concerened with is fair play and correctly administered legal process and exposing abuses of the system. In respect of this lot, I have already made my own noises to various government agencies, as Im sure many others have, howver, none of us know what is going on behind the scenes, but hopefully they take our complaints seriously. That is your right as a consumer if you feel hard done by. In view of the above, I consider that it is right and proper to use all legal and ethical means to expose the operations of these companies. Clearly there is quite sufficient evidence in the public domain to prove that it is more than a few minor "administrative errors". I am in the throws of launching a website, which will be privately hosted in respect of who-is databases etc as I dont want HFO & Co cyber snooping. The aims of the site will be : Clear concise information taken from statute books to assist members of the site who can only be HFO "Victims" regardless of who the OC is. A database of all cases together with uploaded documentation, case histories etc. All documentation to be "privatised" by the owner so confidentiality is maintained. All info, docs etc will be marked with a case reference number so only the site webmaster, and you, the victim will know these details. You will be able to log into your account at any time to add, delete, update etc. All we ask from you is your co-operation in allowing your details to ultimately be used should any LEA or other lawful interested party require access to these case histories. Access to this site will be by invitation only, and strict verifications procedures will be required. All data will be SSL 128bit encrypted and the site will also be an https "Green Address Bar". Your anonymous data is therefore 100% safe, and you cannot be identified unless you wish to. Part of the site is written, its sitting on a server ready to be launched and will be well optimised and is sure to be found using all major SE by anyone researching our "friends" activities. I will make it perfectly clear here, that any info on the site will be harvested from reputable, factual sources, including the public domain. No wild conspiracy theories or hearsay data will be entertained, nor anything closely resembling libelous nor derogatory remarks. You must keep to the facts based upon your experiences. I am seeking comments and input from other caggers. All input positive or otherwise will be welcomed. I have superb influential contacts in media, TV and government departments, and I will be calling upon these resources as and when the time comes. You would have noted the username. I'm also on CAG under another username but only a trusted few will know that. ************************* ************************* * COMMENTS PLEASE ************************* ************************* * If our "friends" are viewing this post, all I can say to them is, this is not defamation, libel or whatever you may alledge. These are the facts based upon 100's if not 1000's of personal experiences. I call it Justice and Retribution for the consumer, which is well past due. The website referred to above is only for HFO / TR problems, however, should any other DCA come to light who operates in a similar way, then they will also be suitably rewarded with a similar dedicated consumer action site !
  9. Need some general input regarding the legality of Consent orders when claimant did not have right to enter into it
  10. Spoke to an uneducated muppet at BC this morning on a unlisted private telephone number (available upon request) in Kirby (Liverpool) which was thier IT & Data department, regarding the release of statement data and other sensitive info to HFO Services Limited. He did not ask me who I was nor attempt to carry out any ID verification process. He asked me what it was regarding, so I told him it was relating to release of data to a DCA for an impending court case. After I told him the names, (you all know who Im talking about) he said, "Oh well thats OK 'cos they are the same company". I said, "how can they be the same company when they are quite clearly listed at Companies House as separate legal entities, have separate DPA Reg numbers and separate CCL licences." He said, "well I thought that they were the same company." He tried to defend them in every way even attempting to use the analagy that Barclaycard and Barclays "are the same company". I corrected him and informed him that Barclaycard is a registered trading name of Barclays Bank PLC, and that the only other company which closely resembles Barclays Bank PLC is Barclaycard Funding PLC, which as the name suggests does exactly that, provides money (or should I say make believe computer money) to presumably fund the Barclaycard operation. He then made no comment. He further stated that regardless of who 'phones up from DCA's and asks for data, we will supply it if appropriate. This is the intelligence level of some of the people working for these financial institutions. Clearly this idiot should seek admission into another type of institution, not the financial variant I may add !! Have taken the matter up with Barclays Legal, ICO, OFT, FSA. He also gave me the Directors office details to make a complaint to. They are located in Pavillion Drive, Northampton. He claimed that any correspondence received by this office has a turn around time of 48 hours !!. Can pigs fly ? I await thier comments.
  11. Does anyone have knowledge of them actually obtaining an FCO, and collecting upon / or enforcing it ? What does have very serious implications in the route to an FCO is the statements of truth etc, but in particular the warning statement on a Land Registry RX1 form made post Judgment / ICO Order application / granting thereof by the CCt. They must be setting up "fall guys" in thier offices to take the rap if it comes on top. Very dangerous - Very close to the wind. Comments please.
  12. I am writing this on behalf of my father and would appreciate any feedback and answers to my queries. Here is a detailed history of the correspondance, please bear with me: He recieved a letter in Oct 2008 from Turnbull Rutherford Solicitors claiming to be acting on behalf of HFO Services (I have since found out these companies are linked) with an outstanding account of over £1,000. He ignored this letter having never had a debt with HFO. HFO contacted him by phone and told him they were collecting on behalf of Monument for a credit card he had. At no point has either Monument, Barclays (monuments holding company at the time) or HFO informed him in writing that the debt from Monument was purchased by HFO. First question - Is that legal? should they have informed him of this or not? About a year later after phone harrassing he agreed to pay £50 a month DD (over the phone), they sent a letter in Oct 2009 detailing the direct debit with a direct debit agreement attached, he did not sign the agreement but the letter does state that he doesnt have to take any action and the DD will go ahead. What is strange is that in this DD agreement letter the debt has decreased from over £1000 to £662 before any payments have been made. Sensing this was a bit suspicious he spoke with the Citizens Advice Buereau who gave him a template letter asking for a copy of the creditor agreement under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 within 12 days. This was sent to HFO 10th November 2009. They responded over the 12 day period on 3rd December 2009, however they only provided copies of 5 statements of the credit card and not the CCA. The letter states: "Please find attached copy statements that we have recieved from Monument. As soon as we have recieved the rest of the documentation this will be sent to you." Again is this legal? I have read in many places regarding this 12 day rule for CCA requests but am unsure what it actually means. If they dont respond within 12 days does this make the claim unenforceable or does it only make any further interest charges on the debt unenforceable? He finally recieved a CCA dated 10th May 2010, however this does not appear to be complete. Firstly they have only sent the application for credit to Monument. This does not detail the full terms and conditions and the interest rate for the card. Secondly they have seriously breached the Data Protection Act by sending him the wrong application form from someone who applied to monument a year later than he did. To clarify they have sent two pages - one is an application for someone else detailing their address and bank details the second is a 'Rapid reply card' (not a full application) detailing his name and address and asking for him to complete the following details on employment, income, contact number and to sign a credit agreement declaration. The declaration states 'I am applying for a Visa credit card issued by Barclays Bank PLC, I have read and agreed to be bound by the Terms and Conditions...etc' There are no comprehensive terms and conditions attached. Does this make the CCA unenforceable? He then recieved a letter dated 8 days later (18th May 2010) from HFO claiming to be a final settlement and closure notice informing him his debt now owing £670 will be charged at %12 interest per annum, he ignored this. He has now recieved a letter in Aug 2010 claiming to be a 72 hour notice of litigation. He says he doesnt mind going to court as he can bring up the several failings in the debt collecting procedure - Firstly he wasnt informed of the debt being sold, he has since spoken to Monument and Barclays who have no record of him. Secondly the CCA wasn't provided in adequate time and containing the correct information. Thirdly HFO Services have breached DPA by sending out information on another applicant. I would appreciate any feedback on this matter as to whether we can expect to get this debt written off or not and how to approach the issue. Thanks for your time. Chris.
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