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  1. What happend I cant say on on form, however, anyone I know I will mail you the explicit details
  2. Yeah, well we know thats not going to happen, not as a result of this site anyway. Ive just had some severe experiences with them today.
  3. Yeah well people have to be pro-active and take the bull by the horns, whilst some are just full of hot air and great intentions but little or no "do".
  4. Well, further to the outcome of requests to site team, I shall not be wasting my time time and resources further via this site in the plight with these people. As you previously stated, only about 1% of thier victims will materialise here, so waste of time even looking here without the support of site team. So if thats the way it is - no problems. One thing is for sure though, I wont be caving in, and shall see it to the end.
  5. Well, in my opinion, sadly that is not going to happen as a result of the contributors to this site ! ?
  6. I assume that you do mean "Southern League" and not "Premier" !!
  7. Try Clearsmoke. I stopped smoking instantly and been on these for a week now. Definately the best stop smoking product Ive ever tried. After 3 days I felt nso much better after the CO and chemicals had left the body. OK, with these you are still nicotine dependant, but without the dangers. For 7.95 trial offer then 23.00 per month, until you stop, its much cheaper than fags. I now know that I will never touch another fag in my life, Im 100% sure of that.
  8. Ive ben smoking for the best patr of 40 years. Been to the docs on various occasions, had chest x rays etc and always been told that am a non smoker and had the lungs and respiratory system of someone of 30. A few quacks have all told me that. So whilst still receiving this good news at 53 years old, I was still intent on packing it in. I found this product called www.clearsmoke.co.uk which is an e-cigarette with a nicotine cartridge which is the same amount as 20 fags. Ive ben using this for 3 days, and just need a drag when the addition calls. Its just like a real fag but withount the 400 or so chemicals that we all have been drawing into our bodies. The end of the fag glows when you drag it, it produces an imitation smoke which is water vapour. Im convinced that I will not retrun to the fags. It is the perfect compromise between going cold turkey and still getting the nictine buzz. The cartrdiges come in three strengths high medium low, so you can "ween" yourself accordingly. I have one packet of real fags still in sellophane wrapper and I look at these everytime I get out my clearsmoke box and say to the fags "I dont need you" Believe me they do work, but without the danger of real fags. Im convinced that I can call myself a "non-smoker" of tobacco rpoducts, but I must confess that I will be on this for a while, but have vowed never to touch another fag again in my life. I hope that this short story can be an inspiration to other hard core somkers like me.
  9. You have private e-mail waiting. Not PM on here. LB
  10. DH The NoA is all that is required to be produced to the alleged debtor by either the assignor or the assignee, however, the deed is a different kettle of fish. BC are not too forthcoming with this, although I think that there are a few fragmented copies (first and last pages floating aout). EDIT --------------------------------------- In an ideal world with perfect unambiguous documentation, I would imagine that an original copy on proper letterheaded paper, would be acceptable as evidence of a credible transaction having taken place. --------------------------------------- If the OC alledges that THEY sent the NoA, then accordingly, that should be included in the SAR, as it is a document that originated from thier organisation. This is where they have screwed up big time with me, but the less said about that here the better. they told me that they are under no legal obligation to produce the deed as this is so called confidential.
  11. Its actually a legal closure. As they have sold the debt and have no further title to it they have to show it as satisfied beacuse it actually is despite whoever satisfied it, in these cases the purchaser. (assignee)
  12. Couldnt agree more DH, and it is in fact a very arguable point especially if an OC sells the debt and no CCA exists, so one could argue and say, well look Ive paid it, wheres your proof of ownership. Ive never been pursued for an account sold and marked as satisfied. If they do then tell them to do one. !!
  13. It means satisfied in the sense that the balance due to the OC has been paid in full at a lesser rate when charged off to the assignee. The new "owner", and I use the term loosely, then starts a new entry on CF with a default balance showing from day 1 of thier ownership at the full face value of what the debt was when sold.
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