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Found 8 results

  1. I have just joined the forum today and hope its OK to ask for help with an alleged debt issue. I was with a dental practice this year as a private patient. The service was poor and there were a lot of delays. At one point I saw 3 seperate dentists about a single issue and received 3 seperate diagnosis'. At this point I refused to pay £31 to have a dental implant fitted for a third time in a matter of monthes and told the practice I would look for a new dentist if I wasn't satisfied. The dental implant came out for a third time a few weeks later. With all the delays my dental health
  2. Hi all please forgive me if this has already been answered. I have looked around the web and this website but still I cannot find the best way to deal with this issue I have. I was shocked couple of weeks 02/07/2012 by a letter sent by a debt collector acting on behalf of kingston council for a pcn issued on the 22/06/2011. ( yea that is 1 year ) they are asking me to pay £397 for a ticket of £110 initially. the so called offence is stopped / parked to a bus stop. I have contacted kingston council for more details ( I have moved from the address they have been sending the PCN on th
  3. hi guys just now ive just received a letter from wescot.Reguarding an 2 year old BT phone bill. I refused to pay my bt phone bill and broadband with them has the phoneline and broadband wasnt working properly.people could ring me and the phone wouldnt ring at my end.broadband was cutting out all the time upto 8 times aday.I phone Bt reguarding the matter loads of times.and there just reported the fault and said it will be fixed in 72 hours by sending some kind of signals down through my phone line. but no change the fault just kept contueing so i didnt pay the bill and let them disconnec
  4. I received a postcard through the post today from this company asking me to contact them about an outstanding debt of over £1000 from 2008 on behalf of Thames Water, in the name of someone who has never lived at the property. I rent the house and my landlord picks up the post sometimes. He said he received a few letter from Thames Water about an outstanding debt in the name of someone who's never lived at the property so he's just ignored them (my landlord is in his 60s and was born in the house). I gave them a call and told them that I wasn't the person on the card, gave them my lan
  5. I posted on a thread a couple of days ago, and it struck me that the OP was most of all paralysed because he didn't KNOW that the DCA was in fact powerless, and the forum is so big now that it takes a lot of searching to find the gold so to speak. So.... I want to create a guide to DCAs, and make sure that when people Google any of those names, the thread is at the top of the search, so that first of all, they can be reassured. If they're not afraid, they can start thinking logically and then fight back, but first they need not to be scared anymore. So, I want to name them all, s
  6. I am writing this on behalf of my father and would appreciate any feedback and answers to my queries. Here is a detailed history of the correspondance, please bear with me: He recieved a letter in Oct 2008 from Turnbull Rutherford Solicitors claiming to be acting on behalf of HFO Services (I have since found out these companies are linked) with an outstanding account of over £1,000. He ignored this letter having never had a debt with HFO. HFO contacted him by phone and told him they were collecting on behalf of Monument for a credit card he had. At no point has either Monument
  7. Hi there I had a lovely phone call from Brian Carter Solicitors yesterday morning telling me that they are working on behalf of Eon for an outstanding Gas bill amounting to £982.22. The worse thing about all this is the debt belongs to a house I once joint owned with an unfaithful ex girlfriend who already cost me a whole lot of money (house contents and the cost it took to remove me off the mortgage and transferring deeds etc)... you get the idea. The bill is for dates: 24th Sept 2006 - 14th Sept 2009 I UNOFFICIALLY moved out (ie. wasn't taken off the mortgage yet etc.) in: Jun
  8. Hi guys, Just a quick question really. I had a t-mobile contract a few years ago and asked them to cancell it at the next renewal. However i keeping getting bills from them at about £35 a month and its now at the debt collectors for a few hundred. I've spoken with them and they say i said no such thing to them and i must pay it. Naturally i tell them where to go. I just need to know... If i didn't sign a contract to renew it, are they legally allowed to continue charging me? Could i just ask the debt collector for the contract (which doesn't exist) to shut them up? any help
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