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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I would really appreciate some advice on what to do about a letter received yesterday from Turnbull Rutherford regarding a Barclaycard debt which goes back to 2005. A few months ago they started with the phonecalls hassling both me, my family and they even rang my boss and asked him for my current address! I had googled them and learnt of their unsavoury practices and so decided against giving them any information. I did not confirm that the debt was mine, nor did I give them my address. They had found my place of work somehow, and now they are writing to me at my new address. I am not on the electoral role that is available to the public, so in the first instance I am concerned about where and how they got my address? Can anyone advise me on this, and whether it is legal practise? The debt is showing as a default on 08/12/2005, therefore 6-years on 8th December. Their letter states that their date of assignment was in June 2006, so why have they waited until 2011 to make contact with me? They have increased the original debt of £3619 to £5972 and I have no idea what to do? I was ill at the time of the default and spending time in hospital, which I advised Barclays of at the time. At no time did Barclaycard chase me. Now I allegedly have until 23rd November to respond or they are threatening court action. They say if I respond in time, no further action will be taken. As this is only 16-days before my debt become 6-years old, I am confused about the legalities of this? Is this something I have to worry about? Is responding to them in my best interests at this time? Thank you in advance for any advice! Isla
  2. Hi everyone, Im new here but have been following the HFO threads since I got my first letter from them about a month ago. To put you in the picture I had a Barclaycard debt of about £800-900. HFO are asking for in excess of £2k. The debt itself is well over 6 years old, in fact it is no longer on my credit file as 6 years have passed. No payments made in over 6 years so its definately statute barred. The letter I got today from HFO is the "schedule of litigation" one. To date, I have had no communication with HFO. I have sent no letters and they do not have my number so have not called. I understand that an option is to send a statute barred letter, however after reading these forums it appears that they can cause more problems than they solve with HFO claiming that the letter is admitting the debt etc. Im also concerned they will try this phantom payment thing and I can assure you I have made no payments in 6 years. A lot of the threads here seem ongoing or seem to end with no resolution... I guess I have a few questions: 1. Has anybody been taken to court by HFO for a statute barred debt? 2. If so, what was the outcome? 3. What action (if any) would you advise me to take? Thanks very much in advance for you help. I guess il get my HFO fanclub membership card soon! ;-)
  3. Hi all, I'm new to the forum and no expert by any means on computers but I've read similar stories to my own on here. A couple of weeks ago I received a REMINDER NOTICE OF ASSIGNMENT from HFO Services for an old Barclaycard debt sold to HFO Capital Ltd, stating I owed just under £5000. The number stated by them as the original account number on their letter was incorrect. I therefore wrote to them, recorded delivery, stating I had not received a Notice of Assignment and had no record of the account number stated. I have since received a second letter saying they have attempted to contact me several times, I never answer witheld numbers, though they have acknowledged receipt of my letter on my mobile answerphone. I have also noticed a number of missed calls on my home phone. In the second letter the amount has increased by around £15. I rent my bungalow from the local authority and have been unable to work for over 5 years due to illness, which is how my debts originally arose. I have noticed other threads adising tto ask for CCAs and SARs but in this case the account number is incorrect. I have suspected multiple sclerosis which makes matters like this hard to deal with so would appreciate any advise. thanks Badger
  4. Hi, I have received a letter from HFO Services with a Schedule of Litigation and attached is EX50 paperwork. The debt is from Barclaycard but i am sure this debt is over 6 years old or nearing it. I have read a little on this company and things i can do to deal with this like send a CCA request to HFO and a SAR to Barclaycard but am i missing anything else i should or should not be doing? I heard i should not sign anything that i send. Also can anyone recommend a truly FREE credit report as all i can find is ones i have to pay for? I have only recently moved back home after a long period away so have just got all this paperwork. I have never spoken nor written to barclaycard, HFO or any of the othe companies that seem to be dealing with this at one point or another, although i have been notified by my family that they have received phone calls regarding this. Please help as i have only been given 7 days to respond. Thank you in advance for any advice given....
  5. Hey, Would someone please put my mind at ease, i had a call from HFO saying that they had purchased a debt from barclaycard and that i had to pay £4869, i was in complete shock as they called me on a new mobile phone that was my dads and so was in his name. They said that they had all my details adress the lot, also confirmed them. Ithought this was fishy as the mobile was new and not in my name, they said the orginal debt was 2700 and if i set up payment instanly they can knock the extra charges off. They told me the last time i had made a payment was 2004, so i told them im not willing to setup a payment as i thought the debt was cleared years ago and until i recieve something in writing about the company and where they got my details which they were fine with, swearing that they recieved them, finishing the call trying to get my NI number. i soon found out that they had phoned my mothers address and she thought it was a job opportunity and gave them my details inc my home address and telephone numbers. when they called back last monday i told them in a very ill manor where to go and i have no debt. they have since sent me the following dear mr ---------------- your account with: BARCLAYCARD Your account no:------------------ HFO Case No:------------------- Amount Owing: £4869.52 i have attempted to contact you several times recently, with the offer that HFO has for you in connection with your account. the current balance outstanding is £4869.52. We can minimize the additional costsand interest charges and costs that you are currently incurring through non-payment, provided that you call me on 02030249628. I can assure you that we want to help! we are currently in the proccess of reviewing your account and preparing an in depth information dossier on your current financial situation. if you fail to get in touch, this dossier shall be forwarded to our solicitors with the instructions to sue in oreder the recover the debt. once the solicitors are involved i will no longer be in a position to help you. you have made payments in the past and it is unlikely that you will be able to raise a credible defence to legal action. a county court judgement will affect you credit rating and make it more difficult for you to borrow mooney in the future. once we obtain judgement, we will seek to enforce judegment by applying to the court for a warrant of execution. county court baillifs will visit ------------------ street and sieze your assets which will then be sold at auction to pay the judgement debt. alaternatively HFO may also instruct its solicitors to apply for an order and obtain the information against you which means that the court shall ask you to produce a records for your financial activity for the last 3 years, and to make a full declaration on oath of your declared oir undeclared incomeand assetts, if it is found that your financial situation is better than what you represented, the court might consider taking stern action against you. then they have attached a picture of my home clearly taking from google maps when the previous occupant lived here. i have read posts on HFO on this forum and will be posting the prove it letter tomorrow, should i be worried?????? please help
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