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Found 12 results

  1. The sky is starting to cave in for HFO. I have a feeling chicanery is afoot. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?334112-Changes-at-HFO-Turnbull-Rutherford-%96-Quarterdeck-Law-Ltd&p=3719901#post3719901
  2. Hi, I have recently been contacted by HFO Services regarding a debt they claim is owed by me. I have some doubt that the debt is mine, but it may possibly be. They have informed me that I last made a payment in April 2004, so I sent them a letter explaining it is stautute barred and asking them to not continue asking me for money. They replied to me that it isn't statute barred as although there had been no contact for 7.5 years a default notice was issued in 2006. (This has never shown on my experian credit report). I checked the literature from the OFT (and other sou
  3. Be interested to hear of any HFO cases that have been dealt with in this court.
  4. I checked my credit report today and was suprised to see a default account on there! When I saw the name HFO Services and the amount in question I knew straight away that it was for my BarclayCard in my student days. I did a little research and found out HFO were a vile debt collection agency and that I was not on my own. I also remember receiving a letter from First Logistics several years ago, googling them and discovering that they are a shower of, well not very nice things, and ignoring them. Furthering my research I discovered the best option was to start a thread and seek help
  5. Hi everyone, Im new here but have been following the HFO threads since I got my first letter from them about a month ago. To put you in the picture I had a Barclaycard debt of about £800-900. HFO are asking for in excess of £2k. The debt itself is well over 6 years old, in fact it is no longer on my credit file as 6 years have passed. No payments made in over 6 years so its definately statute barred. The letter I got today from HFO is the "schedule of litigation" one. To date, I have had no communication with HFO. I have sent no letters and they do not have my number so have n
  6. Hi all, I'm new to the forum and no expert by any means on computers but I've read similar stories to my own on here. A couple of weeks ago I received a REMINDER NOTICE OF ASSIGNMENT from HFO Services for an old Barclaycard debt sold to HFO Capital Ltd, stating I owed just under £5000. The number stated by them as the original account number on their letter was incorrect. I therefore wrote to them, recorded delivery, stating I had not received a Notice of Assignment and had no record of the account number stated. I have since received a second letter saying they have attempted to contact me
  7. Well finally have got court papers off HFO services, and do not know what to do now.. Do I acknowledge some of the debt or defend myself.? Quick background... In 1999 I took on a loan with Capital bank, which when divorce reared up I could no longer pay, as my life and head went into a downward spiral. I really cannot remember much, but eventually the debt was past on to 'Intrum Justitia' and from 2005 I paid monthley payments, never mised one as I started to get myself together. This went on to the 22/1/2008 when I received a letter from said company ( I still have it) to state that
  8. HI EVERYONE I AM NEW TO THIS SITE, I am emailing you has i have received a letter yestaday from Hfo debt collection there are located in surrey,There sent me a letter reguarding an old debt from over 7 years ago which was from originally Barclaycard and there sent me a photograph of my street where i live and a copy of my credit file.This is the 1st letter i received reguarding this debt in years. Before realising how old the debt was i offered them a monthly payment and there refused the payment i offered them.And said there are going to take futher legal action against me and ther
  9. Hi guys, There are a lot of threads on this site already dedicated to Roxburghe (RB) / HFO Services (HFOS) and Hutchinson 3G (H3G) but I would like to bring to attention my own case as I have a few issues that I hope to seek advice for (... and apologies if you guys are bored to your back teeth with more of the same recurring themes ). My experience with HFOS and RB has been distressing and upsetting. They appear to use deceitful and dishonest tactics to bully their victims into submission and I am determined not to let them win. I have no knowledge of the alleged "debt" for which t
  10. My elderly parents (90) kept being harrased by HFO as I lived with them for a short time, I now live in America. I finally got hold of a letter they sent my Father and sent them the prove it template, and told them the debt was over 6 years old. I have been emailing them. Today I got an email saying that indeed the debt is over 6 years old, but they still want my current address to send me stuff, what should I do? If they have admitted its over 6 years old isnt it now SB? can I just tell them to go away now? this is a copy of what they sent me. Having obtained the relevant information, I ca
  11. Like me, Have you been HFO-vered ?? Ive had dealings with this mob for over 4 years now on and off. It wasn't until recently when they started using other tactics. that they have really antagonised me big time. Ive had some dealings with DCA's in my time, but nothing along the lines and extremes as to what this lot will stoop to. Having researched them in considerable depth, I now have my own ideas why they operate as they do and the possible constraints placed upon thier workforce to produce results. These views are unfortunately too sensitive to state here. As is evident from
  12. I am writing this on behalf of my father and would appreciate any feedback and answers to my queries. Here is a detailed history of the correspondance, please bear with me: He recieved a letter in Oct 2008 from Turnbull Rutherford Solicitors claiming to be acting on behalf of HFO Services (I have since found out these companies are linked) with an outstanding account of over £1,000. He ignored this letter having never had a debt with HFO. HFO contacted him by phone and told him they were collecting on behalf of Monument for a credit card he had. At no point has either Monument
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