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  1. Need help regards to STA international!!

  2. not even sure what this relates to but they have been trying for ages and not even sure if this belongs to me.....do I need to worry about it? edfenrgy_Redacted.pdf
  3. Hi there I was parked just next to the two biffa bins, sorry not sure what road is adjoins to, I will have a look now
  4. Hi it is a Penalty Charge Notice from Brighton Council I was parked on the double yellow line, but as seen in the photo there is signage saying "private" Regards BB
  5. Contravention code 01 Parking in a restricted street during prescribed hours Russell place Brighton £35 Can I challenge this....11:20pm is a bit late to be lurking for parking enforcers. Regards BB
  6. had a letter from Debt recovery agents....attached. Regards BB Scanned Image_Redacted.pdf
  7. fully redacted version attached brighton nd hove city councily_fully Redacted.pdf
  8. Hi Dragonfly, thankyou very kindly for your input. How about if GXS sent correspondence sooner that I have yet to see, I doubt it as this is the only bit of correspondence I seem to have. Should I write back to them and state their error or simply file away/ bin and ignore? fully redacted attachment now attached! Kind Regards Billy gxs_fully Redacted.pdf I see what you mean by POFA, 8. A notice to keeper must be served not ealier than 28 days after, and not more than 56 days after, the service of that notice to driver. It has taken them 66 days to write me, so.....
  9. Hi there, any advice very much appreciated as I am slightly worried, I have now received a charge certificate and do not know what to do as I have missed the deadline for payment 17/07/2018. Kind Regards Billy brighton nd hove city councily.pdf
  10. I received a parking charge dated 21 April 2018, I am just wondering do I really have to pay this and is there anything I can write back to refuted their claim, it seems like a bit of a joke as their is a sign on a gate which has been blocked up by a 2 tonne concrete boulder saying no parking as access is required at all times, or something along those lines... should I take this seriously? Scan attached. Best Wishes Billy
  11. We will now miss the last train back as do not arrive until 3am. Therefore will have to take a taxi. Will this be claimable expense also?
  12. Due to fog in London. What are my rights and am I entitled to claim compensation?
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