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  1. Mobil version is needed, takes an age to load. not all of us have andriod or ios, I use a windows phone. The page jumps around to load adverts in. I dont need to try another browser, I've tried E. Firefox and chrome which are all installed on my phone. Same outcome. the colours are awful and clash.
  2. completely confusing. where is mobile version? latest posts? latest posts I've replied in? colours merge and mingle and are not attractive to the eye menu options are confusing the type bar keeps jumping to put bloody advertising in. that's all I've found in the 1st min
  3. Then use it. Holiday pay is part of her pay and she is entitled to it, either in time off or money. If she earnt £15/hour and the employer said I'm taking £1.00/hour back you'd hit the roof.
  4. When was your MS90 Failure to give information as to identity of driver. This carries 6points and stays on your licence for 4 years from date of conviction. Penalties for uninsured drivers: The police could give you a fixed penalty of £300 and 6 penalty points if you’re caught driving a vehicle you’re not insured to drive. If the case goes to court you could get: •an unlimited fine •disqualified from driving The police also have the power to seize, and in some cases, destroy the vehicle that’s being driven uninsured.
  5. Id double check your legal cover on household insurance. Its not for you issuing proceedings against someone. Its used when someone issues proceedings against you. If it was the first way you wouldn't have no win no fee solicitors as we would all be going thru our household insurance.
  6. Well that would mean that 99% of extensions/builds/permitted builds without planning permission would need a party wall agreement.... And they don't. I put an extension up around 5 years ago, I needed PP but no party wall agreements with either side. Their will be someone that will be able to explain why, in legislation, I didn't. I went on the advice of the surveyor, architect and local council planning dept. Like I said , if you think your right, hire a solicitor and a surveyor and take legal action. Ps if you look on the .gov website it says below foundation levels or near the party wall. I did enquire on the definition of "near" as I was 750mm on my side to party wall. PP dept said you dont need one
  7. Then go hire a solicitor if you think your right. A junior solicitor will cost around £100/hour. A more senior one around £200/hour. From what you have said and from.me reading the rules on .gov website on party walls I cant see why you need a party wall agreement, unless your leaving bits of info out.
  8. Who advised you. You can view plans to see foundation depth. If your property has "no" foundations then the other party cannot dig below them. They prob took advice too and found that the extension does not require a party wall agreement. Solution... Make sure your bank account has tens of thousands in it as arguments of this nature will cost you lots in solicitors fees. Not so much for the defendant if they have legal cover on household insurance.
  9. Just because the invoice says zero charge does not mean the item has zero value. You have had previously dealings with the company so they are classed as goods sent in error, not unsolicited goods It may be a replacement for someone else and by human error sent to.you. Send it back, at their expense. Stop looking for a freebie.
  10. Why do you believe that they are going to dig deeper than your foundations? You can view the plans. Also they are 90cm on there property and not building ON the party line. You must tell your neighbour if you want to: •build on or at the boundary of your 2 properties •work on an existing party wall or party structure •dig below and near to the foundation level of their property
  11. No the other residents wont be chased, the OP stated in 1st post that they knew that their name was on the water bill
  12. Dx the more important issue are the possibly unlawful fixed sum penalty charges, which are in most cases unlawful.. This is actually in the hire contract that the OP signed. Any charges can be charged to the credit card and an admin fee ontop. So its a bit more in depth than a speculative invoice for private parking. I'm surprised they allows you to leave a debit card number and not credit card... As seen as you stated (OP) that you have instructed a solicitor to take the case in not going to comment any further to why they come to get the car.. I would of done the same.
  13. I did find this on a google search tho. If you have already paid the beneficiaries their entitlements from the estate and you receive a letter from the DWP about a potential claim you should contact the beneficiaries to explain that there could be money due to the DWP which will need to be repaid. You should ask the beneficiaries to return the money they have received to you to hold pending the outcome of the DWP’s enquiries. You must ensure that you act quickly. As executor you could ultimately be personally liable for the sum due. If you are in any doubt you should seek specialist legal advice.
  14. A sar wouldn't reveal much HB, the DWP are asking for 10 years of bank statements to decide.. They have nothing, zip nada zilch so they are asking for statements. My response to that would be apply to the courts for a court order. Again where that lies in law I'm not sure but they seem to be fishing for evidence
  15. Well I would write back saying that unfortunately you [DWP] had ample opportunity to present yourselves as a creditor when you were informed of the death. You have not done so in a timely manner and the estate has already been distributed by probate. Where this lies within The law, well I'm not sure but it seems to me that they have had ample time but failed to act.
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