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  1. So I found the guidelines and they categorize based on culpability and damage caused. Based on high culpability and no damage plus other alleviating or aggravating factors I should be looking at 200-300% of my weekly wage. Thing is, I am finding this hard to believe as that would not be very much. In fact it would amount to a similar amount, slightly greater amount to the standard FPN (i.e. £300). Does this seem reasonanle? Also am I likely to get a driving ban?
  2. Hi all I'm wondering if anyone can help regarding a Single Justice Procedure Notice regarding driving without insurance. I was stopped by the police for having no insurance which they had checked on their database. I have not had insurance for a while as I cannot afford it. I have done my best to drive my car very sparingly, infact have only driven a couple of times. To summarise, my vehicle was impounded and has been scrapped. I received the SJN and have plead guilty within the deadline of 21 days. I did not write anything in terms of mitigation as I feared it might be used against me. I filed my statement of means, which are very small as I work only part time (I am a student). I have a previous MS90 which I got by accident as I never received the SPN for very mild speeding but this charge is now spent. Will this affect the outcome? I am wondering what the likely size of the fine will be? And wether there will be any other consequences such as a driving ban? Thank you in advance for your help.
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