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  1. I would like to hear different opinions before I commence any action. Points are : There were no outstanding payments towards Enterprise. I was overcharged on more than 3 occasions. Car taken without notice or warnings, not a single phone call. No invoices issued since day one. Threats in more than 3 occasions that they will report the car as stolen (what for ), they forced me to renew contract every 28 days and make a new contract every time. Charges without permission for parking tickets that they never submitted to me (I am not aware of any parking tickets issued). Entered my private property without warning. Inside the car were my bag, personal belongings, money ,phone chargers etc , they didn’t even contact me to deliver these items back to us. I wonder, these are not enough for legal action ?
  2. This is my first post and I hope the last, so hello everybody! I have rented a car from them since end of August, 2 days ago they entered my house private drivaway and through the open gates (fully detached house with driveway for 12 cars and clearly visible cameras everywhere) and the took the car back, without any warning, any issues and NO outstanding debt ! Last conversation I had with them, was a day before the incident and I asked them to change my car with another one and also asked them to forward to me an invoice, as they never issue one and breakdown of charges. I send a letter to their head office, fca, bvrla , I enclose copy of the letter, do I need to report and involve the police as they entered my property ? What are my legal options against them please. Many thanks and forgive the length of the post. letter enclosed. Dear Sirs, My name is Xxxxxxxxxxx, I would like to complain about Enterprise Car Rental Company, especially the St. Johns Wood Branch in London. I had a horrific experience with this company, I am not a new customer to them, as I hire a car from this company since end of August 2018. During this period, I paid more than UK5500 to them for rental and service charges. as I hired a mid Executive car from them. Until October everything was nice and smoothly, since then they started to take unauthorised payments without my knowledge from my credit card for silly reasons (administrative charges without explanation, handling ticket charges and so on), I had to cancel my Amex credit card and replace it as I wasn’t confident leaving a card with a very high limit on their system, I gave them a debit card to use and when they need to take payments, I asked them to call me, issue an invoice to me and then charge the card after my authorisation. Since that day I was receiving threats and warnings on a daily basis, that they will report the car as stolen to the Police (many SMS messages for evidence) and to avoid this to happen, they asked me to prepay the rental period in advance (one month in advance), they also requested from me to pay higher monthly rental fare than the agreed amount, and a higher deposit. As I am using the car on a daily basis, in order to go to work and to pick up the kids from school, I paid them the money requested, however it didn’t end , they requested the car back in December stating that BMW recalled all cars for security checks (again they told me that if I will not comply they will report the car as stolen !) and they replaced the car with a much inferior Hyundai ! I accepted as I didn’t have other options. Until yesterday and after many messages they never replaced the car with the BMW that I had since September, instead and without ANY notice or warning they came to my house at 7.35 in the morning (with cameras evidence), took the car and left me WITHOUT a car, with an overcharged card and a set of Hyundai keys ! I would like to add that one day before I was reassured by the Branch Manager (with SMS text evidence) that the car will be replaced with the BMW and that there are no outstanding payments. Since day one, I NEVER received any invoice or account statement from them so I don’t know how much money they have taken in total and for what reason and rental period. They NEVER refunded any of the deposits back to my card and they always came with excuses that the accountant is sick, fired, etc I have contacted my bank and credit card providers and asked them to investigate the matter and if needed to dispute all payments until the issues are resolved. I also instructed my Solicitor to be in contact with the regulating body and their executive team and instructed him to go ahead with court proceedings and seek FULL compensation. If you need additional information please do not hesitate to contact me.
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