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  1. First Default on my file had note that it was registered by SW in 2012, the one that appeared now it's says registered by SW in August 2013. Between mid 2017 and now I had no default on my account and my score was Good now is Poor.
  2. Hi, Just an update to my dealings with Southern Water. They just registered SECOND DEFAULT on my credit file for the same debt, with later date and lower amount but still for the same money.I First one has been removed before six years time lapsed, but would be removed by now anyway as it was registered with date 04.2012. Can they do this?
  3. About a week ago the TP drove into the back of my car as I was slowing down before the roundabout. The driver was very aggressive and tired to blame me for "testing brakes". Basic details exchanged name, phone, reg, and insurance company name. However the TP gave me not his insurance company name but financial company name who pays for his insurance, so I didn't know his insurers name. 2 days ago I received the call from Vehicle Replacement Group who says is acting on behalf on Zenith who is TP insurer. They take full liability for the accident and offer to repair my car and to pass my details to TP insurer to get injury compensation. I asked for time to consider, took their contact details and reference and they will ask TP insurance company to contact me. Today I had the phone call from Markerstudy who said they are TP insurer they've been informed by VR Group that I wish to get injury compensation sorted directly with them. So they offer to assist. They asked if I have already appointed solicitors when I have confirmed, they said in this case they not allowed to deal with me directly and they will need confirmation that I have cancelled my instructions to solicitors. Now my question is, if its all legitimate? Its all sounds too easy to me. Should I take their offer or go through solicitor? Can I just get two estimates from car repairs and asked them to pay on this basis? Fixing the car right now is not my best option as I will be driving to continent in few days and the damage is not big, car is still drivable. I don't want to be left with a replacement car that I can't take abroad. Any advise, experience, please share it with me.
  4. Account notes SW.pdfGood evening, I have just been able to open the USB stick with data requested. There is not much info added to what I already have, all blls, recording of one phone call from March 2019, emails between UKSearch and SW, Remainder and automated letters and account notes. The account notes do mention taking my details from Landlor in 2012, phone call in 2014 but only as advise to set up payment scheme and phone call in 2015 with more details regarding the fact that I was not living there since 2008 and was working away. Nothing helpful. They keep the notes to minimum and only what they want to put in there. I will upload PDF of the notes if anyone is interested and just as a warning to make your own recordings and notes.
  5. PDF copy of the letter from SW attached. If somebody can delete the pictures above as it is not PDF , please do it. SAR_request_reply_SW(1).pdf
  6. There is a little progress with the regards to SAR. Today I've received the letter explaining that "we cannot answer an enquiry that asks to see all information we hold about you. This request is too general or us to be able to make a reasonable search. However, I am pleased to provide the specified information you have requested." Then further explains that they send me encrypted USB stick with the required data. The phone calls recordings are apparently kept for 13 months only. The USB stick arrived in second envelope by "Sign for" service. The problem I have now that I can't unlock the USB stick with the password provided by SW. Its Corsair Padlock 3 and following instruction in the letter did not unlock it. I've watched, videos on YouTube and went on Corsair website for detailed info and still not luck. I gonna give it 12 hours rest as it maybe antihack locked after many unsuccessful attempts to unlock it.
  7. It's been a while since I have send a SAR to Southern Water. Should I chase it, check with SW if it was correct or wait? SAR sent out on 09/02/19 i just have received statement of the account dated 26/02/19 I did requested this previously from DCA but they failed to provided it, so SW done it.
  8. They seems to think otherwise. They don't take my word for it and all official records shows that I was registered there. How could I prove I wasn't living there. Ideally I would like to sort it out of court. What you think would work for me in the court?
  9. After over an hour conversation over the phone today with a lady who at least try to be helpful I did get some result but not expected one. It appears that SW have reduced the bill for the SB amount, but UK search did not pass the information over to me, they just send same bills as previously. The discussion in regards to my responsibility for the bill ended nowhere as I have no proof that I was living somewhere else not at the address in question. It was same argument as in 2015 when they eventually took my notification. There is nothing on screen notes from 2014 that I've informed them that I am not living there. It was noted that I called them to ask for help in paying the bill. I wish I have come across this website at the time. I would have proper proof of what have been said. It end up in advise to speak to UK Search, I know it's hopeless, and get the advise possibly from CAB. at the moment bill is for 950 ish.
  10. No, it was by default on change over tariff, and from the bills looks like it was better this way as the metered bill was always higher. I believe it was for 2 years since they put meter, one third of the new bill and two thirds of the old one for the first year and other way round for second year.
  11. Change over tariff in regards to the later bill. I don't have it with me right now, so I can't tell which year was it, however it says in correspondence box your bill is 210 ish pound if you were on full tariff it would be 277, but then at front of the bill they used higher figure not the changeover one. Please note the amounts are just to illustrate, not the right amounts as I don't have the bill in front of me.
  12. Thank you for your help. I do read the threads. It is uplifting that some people are successful in dealings with bullies, but as you noted they were lucky and get someone helpful on the other side. I am rather to be prepared for unhelpful once, so this is why I am asking possibly silly questions. I'm just in process of getting the recording software for the phone conversation and go through the bills again and probably write down what I want to get from the conversation as they know how to distract you and make you accept what they want. Thx again. I will come back with the result or for more advice / encouragement.
  13. When they included 2012 bill in 2013 bill did they reset the clock. Can they refuse to deduct SB part on this ground? Is the print out from the computer system valid bill, should be in the official customer form?
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