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  1. I went through mediation and offered to pay some of the money, 550ish plus cost 150. I am paying this off now I feel a little bit robbed, but relief at the same time that it's all over. However Morcroft are still chasing me for don't know what. They haven't been informed by SW that it's finished. Looks like one department of SW doesn't know what the other does. Littigation make agreements but Customer service/ Morcroft still chase the money even if it's not in their hands any more.
  2. Thank you for you prompt reply. What cost can be added then if it goes to the Court hearing?
  3. Today I have received a letter from Moorcroft debt rcovery with demands for the sum that is subject to court action they add £45 as per instruction. As I wait for court mediation confirmation, is this legal that SW keep adding money to it knowing that the matter is in hands of court. They also warn me that they will apply for default, when in fact one was already spent. Is this normal and legal to have kind of, two tracks for same money?
  4. I've sent DQ back by post to SW and the court. Court already received it today, however MCOL does not show it yet. Is there possibility to send copies by email to court or should I call them to let them know, so I don't miss the deadline?
  5. Ok, just phoned the court. The claim was stayed, but it was court mistake. SW sent them a proof that they submitted the intention to proceed the claim at 19/07/2019. Somehow court missed it and now they lifted the stay with no charge to claimant.
  6. No, nothing at all. Between 15/07/2019 and 25/10/2019 I have only received the letter from SW saying they can't accept the defence and later bills for the amount they claimed and present one, one day later with notice that there is still time to pay. Nothing from court regarding lift of the stay or hearing.
  7. And MCOL says it was send out to me, so whoever physically send it out, it is still approved by court...
  8. It has Court stamp on the N180, sort of... it's a copy of the stamp. N149A form says I have to serve copies to the all other parties. I have just presumed SW has to do the same, and they send copies to me.l
  9. Yes, all of it. Blank one, advice sheet and copy of the one filled out by SW.
  10. From MCOL portal: Defence submitted 12/07/2019 Defence received 15/07/2019 DQ sent to you 25/10/2019 On envelop which DQ has came in, stamp is 29/10/2019. It has came from Southern Water, not the Court.
  11. Can anyone shine the light why DQ came so late and if the claim is stayed or not. Was the court so slow in processing the claimant response ?
  12. ...and I've just received the "Final Notice" letter from SW for the debt which they claim in court. They scare me with Default on my credit file and DC and legal action and £45 fee. [problematic]...
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