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  1. I did call SW in 2014 after I discovered default on my file, but they asked for new address which I couldn't provide, as I wasn't really living anywhere else. So they ignored it and sent me financial support pack, which I did not requested. On their notes from the phonecall is no mention about me telling them that I do not live there. And recording is only kept for 6 months. As a tramping track driver you spend most of a time in the track, and you don't need permanent place to stay. So it was a little bit with my GF, motorhome and sister in all that time. So I had to have some fixed address for corespondance, banking and other things. And I still had tenancy agreement there, as LL was happy to keep it this way, but it wasn't official that someone else living there, in the agreement respect. Other people been on Voters register there, banking and all the rest.
  2. It was nothing official, it was bunch of friends s to start with. I was a main tenant.
  3. I think I should just accept my responsibility for it and just removed what is possible to remove.
  4. And my name was on the tenancy, I have no prove to show that I was living somewhere else.
  5. The house wasn't empty there were tenants living there, but I've kept it as my address on all my official dealings like bank, car etc.
  6. Thank you to all of you. Question to point 2 of Andyorch response above. If I put there that I resided there till 2009, which is is the truth, coz that is the time when I moved out from there, would this unnecessary complicate my response? Should I actually state the date 07.2015 as end date, as I was still keeping it as my correspondence address till then and for SW its make me responsible for water charges?
  7. I did not get bills from sols yet and my calculation are based on previously received corespondance with SW. Even Customer service could not explain how it was calculated. From previous bills I know they included one more year in it which they not mention in Particulars and this to my knowledge would be now SB as the bill is from 01.04.2013. I guess this is my defence, but how to word it for court, I have no idea.
  8. How to carefully word my defence? How at all word my defence? Help very much appreciated. ...and if someone can explain to me what is the risk in defending my case, or any other case like this, please.
  9. G17 what was the outcome then? Have you avoid CCJ?
  10. The question is, was she right about the charges 01.04.2013-01.04.2014 ? If yes, should I just pay it.
  11. You are right, I've spent 2 hours for nothing, they not getting 01.04.2013-01.04.2014 off because of the end date, which is not SB by them. They won't take interest off. The only thing they offered was to deduct £45 charge, which take me to the conclusion, the litigation team and UK search is same thing.I Women seems to have no idea what I was talking about apart from the money claim. She said that they are entitled to the interest charges and that I've just admitted that I kept address for correspondence purposes and I have no defence. All this is already noted on Cust Service screen from my previous conversation with SW Cust Service. She had no knowledge about it. Her attitude was : you gonna pay as everything coz you f.... up big time.
  12. I just on the phone to SW, and they are useless they keep sending me to UKSearch. They even gave me they phone number to call saying its Southern Water Litigation not UKSL. Now I'm on the phone second time and this women says it has to go to the court if SB charges needs to be removed. Hopeless...
  13. I'm not going to speak to UkS, that's why I'm gonna call SW again tomorrow. Would it be still time to fill in my defence on Friday if I was unsuccessful tomorrow. Is there anything SW is obligated to do in terms of helping me to pay it off, or is all voluntary for them on this stage?
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