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  1. Could be some good news around corner about these http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-29816823 They may be forced to put disclaimers such as "We sell your application details on the best terms for us, rather than you." So here's hopping that will happen.
  2. It has been over 20 days since they sent that so i suppose that would be long enough to show they have no intention. With regards to previous adress thing i only have one other adress that i lived at for a few months with a friend but im back at the same adress i lived at before then and have been here for over 6 years. With regards to a complaint to OFT do i simply need to forward the e-mail them?
  3. well i will give them till the end off the month to make good on this threat then a nice complaint to the OFT is in order.
  4. Just had this from MMF with the same subject as the title of this thread. Mr Goatan,your file has been approved for legal proceedings at your last known address. MMF rely on this SMS re legal costs. 01138876876 Ref: blah blah Fully intend to ignore but i though others should be aware also this game to my e-mail adress not sms and was placed imediatly into the junk folder. BTW would this count as threataning legal action if they never follow through?
  5. A while ago i defaulted on an MBNA credit card. Later on noticed that all pof the debit woudl have been due to PPI which i successfully claimed back. However the default is on my credit file is still on my credit files and the Credit agencies wont remove it without MBNA say so. I believe i need to simply contact the department responsible for ICO compliance but i don't know which department that is.
  6. I have had similer problem with JBW and massivley overinflated fees and charging two different fees on one day. Seems to be a thing for them. They also made it very difficult to find who the actual bailiff was as letters where unisnged or a barely legible squiggle. They also clamped a car that didn't belong to me, JBW seem to be makeing a habit of this. Do you by any chance live along the m4 corridor. I ask as im just wondering if it is the same bailiff that dealt wiht me as its the same MO and i have been considering putting a form 4 complaint about them.
  7. Thanks for the advice TT. I do not belive this man is actually a bailiff also there is no form 7 i wont be able to contact TEC until Tomorrow afternoon anoyingly. If you could point me to a guide about how to fill in an N244 I can get that done also how do i seek a review or is the N244 the process of seeking a review..
  8. After having a run in with JBW a while back and i submitted an out of time application I thought all was fine until now someone for JBW has just put a clamp on the car I use, but don't own JBW have been told that I don't own this car so it is quite clear that they are doing this to harass. Aparently my appeal was turned down but this is the first i have heard of it. Were do we go from here as the car cant be towed as it is not mine. This has been done by a Mr steptow/e who is not a registered Bailiff at least not for JBW.
  9. I couldn't find my old thread so have started a new one but to be honest there wasn't much on it. Just received a lovely letter from MBNA denying everything that I have put into my letter (no surprise there) but they have upheld my complaint and are sending me a cheque. A quick blow by blow account I did the normal thing and sent a sar then i made a claim based on that SAR based on the fact i had been mis-sold due to being unemployed. They sent a letter back denying that i had been mis-sold due to it being an unadvised sale and that they given me all the required
  10. many moons ago I had a problem with NatWest and a payday loan they had paid despite me cancelling the debit card. after an initial complaint they reversed the payment but a few weeks later they re did the payment or should I say payments as they were taken in 7 chunks of £100. Anyway I went through their complaints procedure with no joy then the FOS who just rubber stamped their decision and thought that was that as i could not pay anything back at the time the account had massive charges and went into default. Just a few days ago i saw this BBC article http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-1959
  11. I have just had a response from MBNA regarding my PPI unsupriingly they rejected as this seems a standard response from them. They claim first that i ticked the the box for PPI where as im sure it was already ticked secondly they claim there was information on a second screen which i have a problem with. I have drafted a response to them, at the moment it is very rough and needs some grammer correcting etc. but i thought i would put it up for comment as it would be relevant for most people rejected by MBNA as the information provided on a seperate screen seems a common
  12. hallowitch that is pretty much what i thought the "breakdown" is an attempt to justify there disproportinate charges and hope i will go away, big mistake this has got me more angry than ever.
  13. The debt was for a congestion charge. I looking to complain to OFT trading standards as well as a formal complaint to tfl as the "bailiff" they used is uncertified and no actual attempt was made to levy (witnessed by my family and a neighbour over the road.).
  14. Im currently in the porcess of writting up a copmlaint about JBW but i didn't want to send it off until i recived a breakdown of fees. they have now sent it anjd i have attached it. I was hopping for some advice as the breakdown looks highly suspiciou such as charging for a letter that was never sent and for attendance to levy when no attempt to levy was made and an attendance to levy and remvoe on the same day when they clearley had no intention of removing the vehicle they clamped as they had not tow vehicle. Please let me know what you think about it so i can invlude it in my complaint.
  15. The "bailiff" removed the clamp this morning so that's OK. I think the two things that has really annoyed me is the "bailiff" is not certificated and the obviously inflated fees. I'm wondering what would be the best way to complain about these especially the fact he isn't a real bailiff.
  16. Lama and brassed that is pretty much what i thought but i only spoek to a script reader so thats probably a standard fob off.
  17. I just spoke to tfl and and the adress is correct also the person i spoke to said that once its clamped it cant be removed without payment to the bailiff regardless of the out of time decleration. Me and my dad took a look at how the clamp was secured it woudl take less than 15 minutes to remove the clamp without damaging it. Im wondering what the implications would be for this and could we charge storage if they don't collect it. Also thank you tomtubby you have been and absolute star.
  18. The car is still clamped the out of time witness statment was sent by e-mail to the TEC and confirmed as recived by them yesterday at 14:15. I will try and get hold of tfl as well to confirm the adress they sent there letters to.
  19. these are the letters they sent i have edited out all identifiying info.
  20. Im the only one who drives the car i live about 40 miles away. Im well aware of the potential for mistakes that tfl can make with congestion charging as one of my dads customers got a letter from them with someone else car on it. the car is owned my by mum, i wrote my last car off and she brought it as a runner i could us whilst the insurance was sorted im currently using it to save up more money for something better when im done with it later this year she will give it to my dad as a run around for his business.
  21. on Monday this week I received hand delivered letter from JBW relating to a tfl congestion charge. There was no tfl reference on the letter. I contacted tfl as i had not had a congestion charge and they told me it was in February which is odd as i haven't been into London by car this year. anyway i went to do a PE2 and PE3 from the TEC as the bailiff had come late on Monday i would not be able to get to the County Court for a witness signature until Wednesday. On Wednesday morning they clamped the car that was supposedly involved. I am the registered keeper of this vehicle but not its owner. I
  22. Well its good news. My sister acted very quickley (actually whilst i was typing the original start of the thread she was getting this issue resolved.) and bank have returned the money as they feel very clearley it was fraud and the account was one that needed two signatuers to withdraw funds from it.
  23. I’m not sure if this is an appropriate place to ask but I know cagers are often very knowledgeable about consumer law etc and may be able to help. Anyway my sister very recently split up with her husband who was drunk and verbally abusive. Just yesterday he forged her signature and withdrew all the money from their joint account. Talking with some friends at work (conveniently a bank) they seem to think that the bank was negligent and therefore should refund the money and chase him for what he took. I’m not convinced of this and it’s not exactly my friends’ area of responsibility at work.
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