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  1. Thanks Dx and all for info. I’m too long in the tooth to panic these days
  2. Thanks Bazza I will just see how it goes and if it comes to the worst, make a settlement offer. I should be able to do that if they come a calling. Also, I find when you dig your heels in, they tend to just fling it around like a used toy to other DCA's for whatever pence in the pound - so any offer to get it off their books should be welcomed - I would hope. Will need to look into this Tomlin......
  3. haha, yes I know, can't explain it myself. I think I had one account with £1.12 in it. The rest were frozen. They must not have offset it. British Gas had the cheek once to send me a cheque for 2p! Lol, that is a story and a half and two years of absolute hell. They sent an Engineer to disconnect my supply and I invited him in and explained to him the hassle I had with them. (My wife was seriously ill). He said, son, i'm on your side, i wish you all the best and walked out LOL! It;s all funny looking back, but at the time, was one bloody stressful time of my life.
  4. usual suspects - lowell/fredrickson, old hbos accounts and vodafone. Went into the HBos branch last year to close old accounts, the woman behind the desk said it was with debt team, but closed it out anyway and I walked out with my £1.12 in change
  5. Perfect answer - yes it would be aggressively defended. I have had all that nonsense thrown at me before in the past. Fear tactics, doesn't phase me. As long as they can't "legally" enforce it. I did call and settle a few at 50% of the value, but now, I just want to move on. Debts are 2x old mobile contracts from about 8/9 years ago, less than half the value left, banks loans and overdrafts and an old credit card, again all under 50% of original value. I think I've done my time All are with DCA's. Provident were crackers - kept registering late payments for 4 years when it should have been defaulted. Went through the whole process with them and they refused to mark as defaulted. FOS upheld my complaint, got them to remove it, write off the value and pay me compo haha!. Only time the FOS have found in my favour right enough. Another two went all the way up to a court date before the DCA's/Solicitors gave up. Its ridiculous the tactics they pull. Thanks for the info
  6. Hi All, After many years of stressful negotiations, hard work and lots of help from people on here - I have had a clean Credit File for the past two years. All of my old Debts are off and I have been able to move on with my life credit wise(ly). There are a couple of accounts still active on which I am just paying a token amount of £1 on. I wont go into the details, but basically I'm going to stop paying the token amount - my total Debts add up to about £7k over 5 or six accounts and the amounts vary from £200 to £2k. Basically, I'm just going to stop paying them. They have been getting paid for around 10 years and really, I want to put it all behind me for good and move on. My worry is, if I stop paying them - although they are off my Credit Account, can they reappear in the form of a CCJ etc if the DCA brings action against me? I'm not asking for a morally opinionated answer, but rather a can they come back to haunt me ? Thanks in advance!. Scotty
  7. Result! Account totally removed from credit file via complaint to FOS. 6months to clear credit file and counting
  8. Conniff, they CRAs in my opinion should "police" the information they receive. They are also a bloody joke. If Provvi want to play hard ball for 300 quid they can shove it where the sun dont shine. Why the bloody hell should I suffer when they have "offset" this "loss" against the tax payer already. It absolutely riles me the way the financial industry operates. They wont win, legislation is against them. They may not reaslise this yet, but they will when all of their dirty laundry is hauled out in front of them in my local court.
  9. Just an update. Provident have finally responded to my complaint and refused to pro-actively help in any way even after the offer of full settlement. - Shame on you Provvi if you read this as I am sure you do. this raises an interesting point on Credit Report referencing. As I have continued to make a token payment by being honest and not telling the Provvi to do one, I am now being punished. My Credit File would be in a better state if I had simply ignored paying them - as they would really have to default it. Therefore, by being the nice guy I am, Provii have taken me, bent over the sofa! Shame on you. I have contacted the CRA's to raise a dispute. I am also in the process of sending a final request and also a complaint to FoS. It is UNFAIR and UNACCEPTABLE to me that by making an offer of payment, I am in a worse state had I just simply ignored them. I am now going to be penalised for 11+ years on my Credit File. I am totally disgusted. Experian have confirmed that even if I settle the account, it will still stay there for 6 years. This to me is unthinkable. I am absolutely raging with Provident. The money is sitting in my account ready to settle, but I am refusing to be held to bloody ransom. I'm away before I rant even more!
  10. Will give the pleading letter a go first, then SAR, CCA. I'm pretty sure I may have already CCA'd them many moons ago, but will go down that route. As you can imagine, a sore blow after many a battle. Have a Merry Xmas everyone - will need to upload my debt journal one day - should make interesting reading. Past experience though dictates that making every effort to make a token payment can be detrimental. head, brick wall, repeat!
  11. No ppi unfortunately. Shame because out of paying on honest affordable amount, have literally disadvantaged myself.
  12. Just to add, on further analysis, the late payment markers have been reduced from 6 to 4. Apparently, if the late payments had reached 8, I would have been defaulted and this would also be getting removed in 2 years, but no, my willingness to try and pay even a token payment has been used as a weapon against me. Any advice that anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated. I have not contacted Provident yet, but that will be my next step. Ho hum!
  13. Trying to fight the demoralizing Credit Repair battle. I have been registered with Equifax for a good year or more as I think that Experia n is a complete rip-off at £14.99! Forget snail mail method as I'm trying to be pro-active here. problem is Equifax have never reported any issues with Provident - not even on my Credit File and was totally unaware that they registered with the CRA's for reasons I wont go into of how credit was handed out "back in the day". my wife told me about Noddle which use Call Credit and I therefore signed up to the utter disbelief that Provident have been registering Late Payment markers for the last 6+ bloody years. I have been a member of Experian way back in the past when it wasnt £14.99 p.m and Provident never appeared on my credit file way back in the day. Now having paid Experian and witnessed Providents Late Payment markers from way back - I have pretty much had the stuffing kicked out of me. My last adverse credit account is due to be removed in February 2017. Not too far away. Now I am faced with Provident ruining that by constantly recording late payments which will show on my credit file for another 6 years! Every other "decent" creditor has either defaulted me or closed and passed my account on, but not, these. Instead, they have crippled me for 12+years instead of the stat 6 for bad credit. Sorry for the long post, but imagine my disgust, anger, disbelief and futile efforts over the past god knows how many years to put my life back on track, when this sub-prime lot has ruined my hard work. Therefore, I ask, what do I do, settle the couple of hundred quid and wait another 6 years or is there any other course I can take to "repair" this? Thanks in advance, apologies for the semi-rant.
  14. Well, Engineer turned up, full diag, replaced faulty part, checked everything was working ok. Excellent job (not trying to tempt fate!). Have had past issues with British Gas, but credit where credit is due - very impressed with the service and the cost was indeed a fixed £99. Had to take the annual cover out though, but well worth it for peace of mind. Glad to post some positive news for once - many thanks folks for your responses!
  15. The cover looks as though it is for existing faults and "fixed" price. Will give a phone and let you know how i get on.
  16. Have the nightmare scenario of boiler playing up. Local engineer diagnosed two faults, fixed them bit looks like it needs a more thorough diagnosis from a product specialist. BG doing this offer here, has anyone used this or have any negative feedback. https://www.britishgas.co.uk/rc-app-slot-booking/ Its the £99 fixed price repair with HomeCare 200. Have read the t&c's but see no hidden fees - anyone recommend it?
  17. thanks folks. Have yet to find the full details, but i think it is a fly move by the original creditor to sell this debt for the full amount rather than the amount agreed through the court. sneaky!
  18. It's actually not a CCJ - it is noted as a joint minute that both parties agreed through the Court. I have spoken to the new DCA and their legal representation, but as with being the new year, the relevant documentation has not been passed across by the DCA to their Solicitors and I think they basically just have call handlers in today. I am a bit apprehensive about changing the payment account as this would effectively "break" my agreement and make me liable for payment of the whole amount - a technicality and any reasonable Judge/Sheriff would see through exactly what happened. I am waiting on further confirmation on the amount owed, but the new acting solicitor said they would query the balance and let me know the outcome. It is a bit of a case of the original DCA's being arses, as with only a few months to go, they are trying to irritate me lol! Either that, they must have just reached the end of their financial year and needed that tax relief. Debt, DCA's and their wicked ways - all a big elaborate [problem] I will keep you posted of developments, but my main worry is the payment not reaching the correct parties and the full rigmarole of having to get solicitors involved again! What should I see in the way of proof to change the payment account? In writing from the original creditors solicitors and DCA's solicitors?
  19. Was "sued" by a finance company for an outstanding debt. Counter "sued" them and came to a settlement that was agreed via litigation. Have now received a letter stating that the debt has been sold to a DCA. On the letter, the outstanding balance is somewhat larger than what was agreed via the court order. Payments are currently being made to the original creditors solicitors. I assume, that even though the outstanding balance quoted on the new correspondence is clearly not what was agreed through the court, that the DCA has to accept the original payments? I dont actually understand why, when a court writ is in place for the full payment and there is literally only months to go, that the original creditor would sell the debt. It is probably just an act to try and pi** me off. They are in for a shock once it is paid in full as their is a hefty PPI claim going in! Keep stirring that hornets nest!
  20. @Coughdrop, that is why I thoughy it best to ask. Repaying is now my best option. Anything adverse now would set me right back to square one! The most important thing for me is that I have no regrets whatsoever as to how I have handled it!
  21. Thanks for your replies. The reason I ask is that after paying and dealing with my debts for a number of years , I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. My credit file will be "clear" in 30 months! After which, there will be a couple of thousand left to pay. If I could have avoided paying it - I would, but based on the responses, you have helped to point me in the right direction. Will continue to pay and try and reach full and final for a reduced rate. All accounts I have/had, have been "written off", heavily discounted and all PPI and charges have been refunded, plus interest and compensation on some. Will keep plugging away, not long to go now Thanks folks.
  22. I have been paying the debts, therefore I don't believe that the Statute Barred counts as I have affectively "acknowledged them". The Debts are Loans, some under 5K and some, sub £500. Have made a serious dent in my debts the last few years, just sick of not being able to move on. Therefore, having been defaulted, to my knowledge the Debts will drop off my credit file in the next couple of years, therefore why should I continue to pay them, what possible benefit would I get other than satisfying my moral equilibrium, which, when Banks are involved, tends not to be a problem
  23. Therefore, as based in Scotland, there would be no further chasing that a Creditor could do towards the Debt passed the 5 year mark from the date of default?
  24. Is there a set time where a Creditor has to take action after registering a default on your account? The reason I ask, is that in a couple of years most of my defaults will be gone, therefore, if they are not on my credit file, then why should I continue to pay them? Leave the moral obligation to the side for a moment
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