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  1. Apologies for the late reply. Have received a reply from parking eye. .. PE 31.14 reply.pdf
  2. Thanks sf and dx. Yes post 5 done and waiting for the reply. Will post pictures of the site later today. Have requested info from council re pp. still waiting. Thx again.
  3. Thanks rricsbrother but I wanted legal help and not a lecture on how my daughter or I should behave. If you can tell me if they have the right to do this or if it's all bs as usual I would be more than grateful. If dd is in the wrong then she will pay. Not me.
  4. The car park is used jointly for Starbucks, the petrol station shop which contains a subway and mac Donald's. Also there is a car wash on the site. The car was parked there at 4 pm in October. So still light. I'll get the pictures sorted later today and post up. The maximum stay is 2 hours apparently. The car was left there overnight. I know she is in the wrong here by the way but I just hate paying these leaches!! Thanks for all your help. You're awesome.
  5. DX. Good to see you again. As usual you're a star. Thank you. There is no address for the solicitor listed on the claim form. There is only a name for the "Claimants Legal Representative". The only addresses on there are for p e Should I send it to PE's address?
  6. Hi HB. Good to see you again too. Glad you're still fighting the good fight. Oddfellow, please excuse my sarcasm. I just can't help myself
  7. Hi all. I hope you can help. My daughter received a parking fine from these fine chaps at parking sly. details listed below as requested. Thanks in advance. Name of the Claimant ? PARKING EYE LTD Date of issue – 28/03/17 What is the claim for – 1.Claim for monies outstanding from the defendant, as registered keeper, in relation to a Parking Charge, Issued 28/10/16 for parking on private land in breach of the T+C's (the contract). 2.Parking Eyes ANPR system, Monitoring Euro Garages Deeside service Station,Parkway,Deeside industrial estate, Deeside, C
  8. Thanks for your reply Eric's brother. Of course you are right and I will start my own thread and provide all the details so no conclusions are assumed. I may be the unlucky one who is the subject of their only request for details from dvla in the last 3 years!! Knowing my luck that's probably the case!! It wasn't actually me but my daughter who got the ticket while visiting uni friends, but it may as we'll be me if paying out money is involved! Lol! Will stop the rant and go start my own thread now.
  9. You could always give it a try. Whats the worse that can happen?
  10. Any update on this? just had a ticket of these Muppets. The wording is different though as is says PARKING CHARGE NOTICE!! not PENALTY.
  11. As far as i Know they shouldn't touch your accounts under the new rules but it wouldn't harm to open another bank account elsewhere just to be on the safe side.
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