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  1. Morning all I anticipate possible progress shortly. I am unable to provide exact details at present. All I can say is 'It's not over yet!' Best wishes to all Dougal
  2. Good morning Remember this - For an unsecured debt you will only ever be ordered by a County Court to repay what you can REASONABLY can afford IF you submit a Statement of income and expenditure to the Court BEFORE a hearing. Hope this helps - tell the muppets bothering you that you will ask for a Restraining Order if they do not follow the correct procedure! Best wishes Dougal
  3. Thanks Andy, They are such a despicable bunch....it is about time that they were properly dealt with!! (in my humble view). Very best wishes everyone (except Mac Hall) !! Regards Dougal
  4. Good Morning all I had trouble with Mac Hall in 2008 So.....I wrote a first letter to Mackenzie Hall, the text of which is set out below: Thomas Lloyd Mackenzie Hall 30 The Foregate Kilmarnock KA1 1JH 9th May 2008 First Class recorded delivery. Re: M 7XXXXXX I do not acknowledge any debt to your company or any other person. I have today received your unsigned letter dated 29/4/2008. I will not be making any payment to you. I will not be calling you. This is because I do not carry out any financial business on the telephone, all business
  5. Morning all Just to let you know that we are proceeding with the Application concerning this case, due to the 3 Serious Procedural Improprieties, which took place in July. This is not over and will not be so for some time - more in due course. Have to be cautious, I have no wish to alert 'the other side!(so to speak!) Best wishes all, Dougal
  6. Evening all Thanks Brigadier - but rest assured there will be no such exclusions, according to my Counsel, because this will be a Judgement which overturns the previous one when the OFT were at the Supreme Court. I am not able to provide any other details at present. Time will tell, best wishes to all Dougal
  7. Evening all I agree Brigadier, that is a possibility - BUT there will be a Judgement ( in the fullness of time). That Judgement may not be retrospective, but may apply to new claims. Best wishes Dougal
  8. Morning all, As I said the Brigadier is right with one minor difference, Litigation is already in progress, which (if successful), will change the position in relation to Bank Charges, in other words, it should (if successful) reverse the existing inability to reclaim those charges! But there are a few bridges to cross yet......... Best wishes to all, Dougal
  9. Morning all, Whilst BRIGADIER2JC is currently right in what he says, all I would like to say is 'It is not over until it is over.......!!..' A read of my posts under 'HDR - v - HSBC', might help........ Best wishes all, Dougal
  10. Morning all, Whilst BRIGADIER2JC is currently right, all I would like to say is 'It is not over until it is over.......!!..' A read of my posts under 'HDR - v - HSBC', might help........ Best wishes all, Dougal
  11. Morning all, As I mentioned an Application has now been made for a further Appeal due to Serious Procedural improprieties at the previous hearing.!!! More news as it happens, I hope! Best wishes all Dougal,
  12. Morning all, 'Volte Face' in progress....... I'll keep you posted! Best wishes everyone on CAG Dougal
  13. Moving on, as they say, There may be a fairly dramatic 'volte-face' shortly. It has been discovered that there were serious procedural errors at the last hearing. More shortly, investigation and Application in progress. Best wishes, and remember........It is not over until I say so! Best wishes Dougal
  14. A very good morning to all, Sadly, I am unable to report success at the COA. For technical reasons I am unable at this stage to explain the situation fully - but basically it may be the case that a formal complaint will be made to the Master of the Rolls. More in due course, BUT I can say this - IT IS DEFINITELY NOT OVER YET! WITH THE EXCEPTIONAL ASSISTANCE I HAVE RECEIVED FROM COUNSEL, CONSIDERATION IS NOW BEING GIVEN TO ALTERNATIVE ROUTE(S) TO PROGRESS THIS MATTER IN THE INTERESTS OF EVERYONE. As the next few weeks pass I should be able to set out the proposed action whi
  15. Morning all, Tomorrow is the big day.....so far... At Court of Appeal for a hearing to try and obtain permission to Appeal the Circuit Judges Decision.......... I'll be in touch! Dougal
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