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  1. Even if you missed the signs, you should have seen the street lighting indicating a 30mph limit until informed otherwise. And no need to assume it is a dual carriageway, it clearly is, but again the street lights indicate a 30 limit.
  2. uk11. I've had a look at the google streetview, but the images are only from 2015 so I don't know what the state of the signage is. Would you be able to post up some pictures? With regard to the double yellow question, as others have pointed out, DYLs cover the area from the centre of the carraigeway to the rear of the road (highway, since we're in England) boundary. So they cover any footways and verges in that space.
  3. uk11, yes, it is now lawful to have only signs or only markings, provided the extent of the restricted area is obvious. Do you have a streetview link to the location? And there is no requirement to make mention of the TRO on the signs themselves.
  4. ICBW but you're not allowed to have the double arrow like that on restriction signs, there shouldn't be any arrows on that sign if it's in the middle of a bay. The permitted variants in the regs says that "An arrow may be added pointing to the left or to the right." So if the sign is as shown, then it may be non-prescribed.
  5. jayu619. Could it be that the reference is made to the 2002 regs as these were in force when whatever it is you're appealing was installed/constructed etc? There aren't many changes to the visible layout (to the road user) of signs in the 2016 TSRGD, just how they are assembled form a design point and a pulling together of all the regulations into one document. And no, the highway code is not law, but does give guidance on how to obey the law.
  6. The TSRGD 2016 came into force on the 22nd April 2016 and the 2002 TSRGD (as well as other regulations and general directions, that are now included in the TSGRD) were revoked on that date.
  7. It depends where you are, my local authority has a standard set of guidelines for parking aisle width and bay dimensions etc. e.g. for 2.5m x 5m parking bays, the aisle width would generally be 6m. Perhaps ask your local roads (or highways in England) department for a copy of their standards?
  8. Interesting development over the weekend. Have now received a letter from Debt Recovery Plus Ltd to tell me the charge is now £160 and that if they're not paid, "our client will take court action against you". there are then two paragraphs about how a 'test case' has proved these tickets to be enforceable and the woman in Dundee who got stung for £24,500. I guess I keep ignoring? Thanks.
  9. Thanks ericsbrother. Is there a template letter for the DVLA complaint?
  10. Letter attached Scanned from a Xerox Multifunct.pdf
  11. @ericsbrother, I'll post the letter up over the weekend.
  12. So I've had UKPC's second demand for money telling me that I was the driver I'll continue to ignore and see what other nonsense arrives.
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