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  1. Hi, I am looking for some advice. I moved last week (decided to do it myself) which in hindsight wasn’t the best idea. on the day of the move, I was awaiting the completion call (which I didn’t get until 3pm). We were loading, the movers for my buyer turned up at about 11am and were sat outside the house. We left with a load and decided to go to the house I had purchased. Whilst there I received the call that I could collect my keys. When we got back to my old house at 4pm, my buyers movers had gone. Apparently they only work until half four. we carried on moving, as still had a fair bit to move. The buyer had moved next door to her son so I handed her a spare key and we carried on. The buyers movers returned the following morning to deliver her things. The buyer stated I was in breach of contract etc as wasn’t out of the house on time and would receive a fine. I said there was no need to involve the solicitors and I would just cover the extra cost for the movers to return the following morning. She has now sent me a bill for over £1000 and this looks to be the whole of her transport cost. I feel this is really excessive and would like some advice on how to go forward with this. I was going to call the company on Monday and ask exactly what the additional cost was, not sure they will tell me though. Any help would be much appreciated here...
  2. Thank you both... I have also downloaded the attaching neighbours documents and it mentions a covenant from the same sort of time and says - NOTE: Original filed. It doesn’t show me any further documents but would I be right to assume from this that theirs is available?!?
  3. I downloaded the title register and got the following:- 2 A Transfer of the land in this title dated 3 September 1965 made between (1) ***** Construction Company Limited and (2) ****** ******* and ******** ******* contains restrictive covenants. NOTE: No Copy of the Transfer referred to is held by HM Land Registry. End of register
  4. Yeah this is what I’ve done as shown in the picture and these are the available documents showing. I have the actual house deeds, it just this covenant from 1965 which is missing.
  5. Which one did you order please? Don’t understand why the covenant deed wasn’t with the original deeds I was sent.
  6. Ah I see, I thought you may have not seen that part. How long does it take roughly? Thanks for your help.
  7. I purchased my semi detached property about 12 years ago. I was given the deeds by the Solicitor around this time. When I have come to sell my property, I have sent the deeds to my solicitor, I had this email today:- The title to the property refers to rights and covenants contained within a Transfer dated 3rdSeptember 1965. Unfortunately the Land Registry do not have a copy of this document and the buyers solicitors have therefore requested an indemnity policy to cover the contents of the missing Deed. I wonder whether you happen to have a copy of this document in your paperwork as this may have been provided when you purchased the property. If not then an indemnity policy will be required for the buyers solicitors. I have obtained a quotation and can confirm the cost of the policy as £208. Can you please confirm if you are happy to cover the cost of this on completion if you are unable to locate the copy of the document? I don’t appear to have been given the 1965 document and they state land registry don’t have this. Yet I got a mortgage on the place originally so don’t understand why this wasn’t raised as an issue back then. Don’t really want to have to fork out a further £200 if there is any way around this? One thing I did consider was if the said covenant would also have applied to the other property attached to me? The person buying my house is actually related to my neighbours. Can anyone help with some advice please? Thanks in advance!
  8. My partner stopped in a Pizza Hut car park & was waiting for a friend to join, his friend got held up so he waited there. I then had to go to hospital as went into labour so he left the car park having never physically got out of the car. Today rcvd UKPC fine. Is there scope to dispute this. He said he didn’t see the signs, this is one of those where you are meant to enter your car reg when you enter Pizza Hut. Just wondering really if I should dispute it, what’s the consensus please? Many thanks in advance.
  9. I will post a copy of the letter up. I feel that the SAR element was quite clear with the way that I set out the letter. The original deposit was £200. Money was invariably lost due to the lack of ability to work whilst cars were taken into the garage and no replacement was provided. However I have not worked out all the days that the car was off the road but then they could state that this was clearly an issue due to the fact that the car was hired from another office which made offering a replacement difficult for them. They are in Bristol centre and we are in Bristol also. Check out their reviews on google and you will see that this is a regular stunt for them to pull. Cabmate T/A Claremont Executive.
  10. Ok, I posted the letter recorded delivery on 25 May. I basically outlined the reasons why they should not be withholding the deposit. I gave them the option to refund, if not reverted to the SAR. The letter was sent to the local office that we dealt with and also a copy to the head office. No response from either... So they are already in breach. What is the best way forward now please? Thanks
  11. Ok thanks, should I not mention the return of the deposit in the letter? Just raise the SAR with them? I am not overly concerned with recovering other costs, just really want the deposit back. However maybe the threat of something larger may just make them cough it up....
  12. I will try and be as brief as possible with this. My partner hired a taxi from a local cab hire firm back in July 2017. He paid a deposit on taking the car. The original car had a lot of problems and kept getting taken into the garage for repairs. As it was licensed to another county, they could not provide another vehicle when repairs were being made and therefore could not work. Another time with this particular car, was told it was repaired, filled the tank £50 and then it broke down again (no recovery or breakdown service offered either, despite paying £200 per week!). They said they would get a replacement car, told it would be an Octavia - then given a Dacia Logan (may be fine for nipping around town) totally not cut out for taxi work! Still paying the same rent. As he got licenced locally, he asked for a locally licensed car (to avoid past issues). They dragged their heels with this and finally got given another Dacia in Jan 18 despite saying he didn't want another Dacia as it is majorly uncomfortable to work in. Finally managed to get our own car plated so returned the car to taxi hire firm. I emailed and checked account balance was zero and have email to confirm it was. Contract states a period of 6 weeks for return of initial deposit. Waited the six weeks, didn't get it, I called and was told no it was 8 weeks and would be paid on a certain date. Waited another two weeks, still nothing. Called again and told the woman who deals with it is on holiday. Chased again the following week to then get an email stating that as he did not keep the last car for 6 weeks that he would not be getting back his original deposit and also that he owed them about £150. This figure is not correct and is due to their errors when car was taken in for repair etc half way through the week when rent was paid in advance. I called CAB and they have told me to write letter to them with the argument that it was a continuation of the original contract as he had a car from them permanently from July 17 to Feb 18. I just wondered if anyone can help me out with some wording for the letter to them. I have heard that many other people have had trouble getting deposits back. The company are highly unprofessional imo. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  13. I’m still confused though because if his car was there after 4:30pm on a weekday in the position of the car at the end of the bay, is it not the bottom sign that applies and therefore what’s the offence? Sorry if i’m sounding a bit stupid here!
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