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  1. I admitted guilt so I know I was in the wrong and my mistake 100%, but i think the road should be signposted more, and since it is the highest earning camera maybe the council need to re-evaluate just WHY so many people are making the mistake... i dont have all the answers but clearly there is a fundamental issue with the roads signposting
  2. A lot of people have indicated the street light thing for when you miss a sign, fair enough its common sense, but surely common sense cannot be relied upon in court? I dont recall anything during learning to drive, theory tests, or highway code that says if theres lights on the road it is a 30mph zone I think one sign one a dual carriageway which can be easily missed in the dark is not sufficient... i have already pleaded guilty, but i think its unfair and maybe thats the reason its the regions highest earning camera... js
  3. so you think just plead guilty and hope they honor the fine reduction? is it better to plead guilty and attend court or plead guilty and not attend court? is it worth mentioning i missed the road signs and the fact i just assumed it was a dual carriageway?
  4. close up of first shot.pdf first shot, unreadable reg and vague road marking legibility.pdf second shot, distant and unreadable road markings.pdf the road as seen in daylight on streetview, with the camera 300yds down the road.pdf
  5. I cant upload photos as I dont have the permissions (Yes, im trying PDF) and to answer the questions: First things first, did they send you (or the registered keeper) a S172 notice to identify the driver, and have you been nominated as the driver?. Yes, i sent that back admitting I was driving Do you have any reason to believe you weren't doing in excess of 30mph? I do think I was only doing mid 50's but im not sure, it was 5 months ago now and I just barely remember it Do you have any reason to believe you weren't doing 63 mph? As above... im unsure Do you have any points currently? What are you aiming for as a realistic outcome?. No, I have a clean license for the 5 year ive drove Did you receive either: a) a summons or b) a Notice Of Intended Prosecution, and within what timeframe of being nominated as the driver?. Was the possibility of a charge of careless driving raised?. I have recieved a notice asking if i want to plead guilty/not guilty after about 3-4 months of admitting i was the driver And yes that is the site, with the one sign saying 30mph and a speed camera symbol, but it was pitch black when i was caught, and i honestly thought the road was atleast 50 (admittedly i was a bit distracted by my female friend and not 100% focused so i missed the signs)
  6. It was Ryhope Road, Sunderland
  7. It was a gatso, rear facing so they got me traveling away from the camera
  8. Hi, I recently got a letter from the magistrates asking to plead guilty/not-guilty to a speeding fine where I was doing 63 in a 30 (allegedly). I asked for evidence and calibration certificates, which they sent (cant attach???) Anyways, they are really poor quality and you cant see the road markings etc however the camera clocked me at 63, could i plead innocent and say the camera was faulty and since they cant prove the speed by way of road markings my punishment should be lenient or dismissed?
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