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Kensington ERC charge & Penalty charges, any sucessful claims yet?

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Not been on here for a few months, just had a read but not sure if im upto speed with things, have their been any succesful claims yet against kensington mortages either for the ERC charge or the penalty charges for the running of the account etc.



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Hi mark-uk


None at all yet, but we still have them in our sites and they aren't off the hook yet!





Settled in FULL on 8/8/06 - £3619.53



Settled in Full on 6/9/06 - £84.76



Settled In Full on 2/3/07 - £307.13



*Court Case Withdrawn - family illness*


*Court Case Withdrawn - family illness*

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- to penalty charges,


Kensington have agreed to refund my £50 a month admin fee and court costs (Total £565 ). It was a long hard battle but I ve finally recieved a consent form.


They added £1757 to my mortgage balance stating it was 'Agents Costs' it was in fact their legal bill for defending a claim of £450 - this too they are refunding plus interest. They tried to have the case struck out, they were late with their court bundle and made an application to delay sending their witness statement.


It could just be that my claim was for a relatively small amount so they gave up - after spending nearly £2000 defending it.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.’ Edmund Burke


Total unlawfully taken £3247 (NatWest)

Data Protection Act Sent 05/05/06

Full Response Received 15/06/06

Prelim. Sent 16/06/06

LBA Sent 30/06/06

MOL claim Started 26/07/06

Defence and CPR18 received 26/08/06

AQ Sent 15/09/06

Cobbets Offer Half 18/09/06

Offer Rejected 19/09/06

Court orders Stay 26/09/06

objection sent 29/09/06

Mission Accomplished 9/10/06 :-D


Total unlawfully taken £650 (Kensington)

MOL claim Started 26/07/06

Offer received 17/08/06 rejected.

Defence received 26/08/06

Court orders Stay 18/09/06

Objection Sent 23/09/06

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I have been watching this congratulations!! I too had a mortgage with them which I got out of last year after 4 long years as I am now away from them I am considering giving this a go but there seems to be so much confusion whether to or not , I did not pay an ERC as I waiting till my three year tie in was finished but the £50 arrears fee was debited to my balance each month for 2 years depsite me paying my full monthly payment and £100 towards my arrears each month, so I estimate my claim would be for £1200.00 , Louisk could I ask are you still with Kensington , do you think this make a difference?

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