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  1. Hi all, I can't remember who I had credit/finance with, how can I check? I've done a credit report and it only shows who I can remember but Im sure I had a few more agreements finance wise with some companies from years ago, before 6 years, It's for PPi claims. My question is that is there anyway to find out who I've had any finance or credit with someway thanks?
  2. Hi guys, I wondered if anyone on here has experienced something similar to the following situation. My mum and her fiance are the stewerd and stewardess of a local golf club. They have been there 9 years and in that time have worked like slaves, only being allowed holidays in January/February and working long, hard and unsociable hours to keep the club and members happy, often missing family events etc as they can't get time off. My mum is on a contract of a rolling 12 months with the club and her fiance is the cook and is self employed. He makes his income from the food sales and th
  3. They have told me that nobody has won yet in late payment fees and charges and have not paid any at all.
  4. Thanks folks, so have all claims for charges for late payments etc been successful.
  5. Excellent thanks, does anyone have the contact info of the people at Kensington who deal with this, might give them a call instead first to see if they will settle.
  6. I know Kensington arent paying up for ERC's but what about late fee's and letter charges, I have 1k with them for these charges, is it worth attacking them for it.
  7. Not been on here for a few months, just had a read but not sure if im upto speed with things, have their been any succesful claims yet against kensington mortages either for the ERC charge or the penalty charges for the running of the account etc.
  8. That number always goes to voicemail, anyone got any different please.
  9. Hi folks, does anyone have that the telephone number to call to discuss an offer being made to myself thanks. The one where you get to speak to someone direct. Thanks:)
  10. Followed all the excellent advice o here and steps, 2 days before their 28 days to file a defence were up I received a letter saying I won and they are sending cheque for full amount. thanks guys, will donate when cheques cleared.
  11. Barclays entered a defence to my claim this week, today Ive received a massive questionaire that looks really complicated, is it, please help!! Thanks Mark
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