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  1. Hello everyone Hope you can help! I split with my partner in Oct 08. I took mobile phones out in my name for the both of us and my partners still has until June 09 to run on contract. Because of the split, I want the phone or at least the contract terminated, but not sure if there is a loophole I can use to sort this out? O2 will not transfer the contract into my partners name, i've asked twice, so i'm stuck really as to what to do as I don't want to pay more for a phone i'm not using but I also don't want to be liable for my partners charges were they to run up a big bill! Does
  2. Thanks barracad - I thought they would have a different address for the dept but the HQ address will do nicely!
  3. Hello, Can anyone help with an address for the Carphone Warehouse (O2) Complaints Department? I'm having a right job from their website which is about as much help as a chocolate fireguard! Thanks!
  4. I have to reply to this thread, because I have found the point has cascaded into one big slanging match between 2/3 people, which does no good at all. Bookworm has a point and at the risk of sounding like a schoolteacher, a few people need to grow up and stop flinging mud pies at each other and look at the facts. *Any penalty charge has to be a genuine pre-estimate of VM's loss - £10 isn't for late payment and the DD charge plainly isn't either. Perhaps the reason why some people fail in their arguments, is because they are tactless in their approach when replying OR they broach
  5. Hi bookworm, After all my mortgage dilemnas (lol!) I know a bit about estoppel, but didn't know about applying it like this - thanks
  6. Just to forewarn you.... I checked through my bill this month and found the following errors: *Non Direct Debit Charge (2 x £5.00) *Payment Handling Charge (2 x £5.00) - black is the new grey apparently, this is Virgin Media's new name for the Non Direct Debit Handling Charge! Their computer system charged everyone twice! *Call Barring (£1.75) that I never requested. In addition to this, there was also a problem with the V+ items being billed twice and when I asked why VM were becoming so poor at Billing correctly, I was told by someone in Manchester Customer Services tha
  7. Mine was charges only - it's got to be your call...I really couldn't say, although the ERC situ isn't a good one right now x
  8. Virgin Media is a sad old case, because it carries all the negatives about NTL with it. Here's a few examples of their crap service... *Billing ring me on several occasions telling me that it's no good me paying through my bank direct to their account, as their Accounts can't trace it for days and I may get cut off. I told them I wouldn't be changing my method of payment and they had better modernise! *Their wonderful new box of tricks that supposedly records all your programmes, wiped all mine over last Christmas and I had some silly arse in their Faults section in India telling me
  9. Cheers everyone! The cheque arrived today so just in time before the March 7th hearing deadline lol! :D
  10. Giz, I think at this stage it was the right thing to withdraw. You're in my thoughts.... x
  11. Sorry to hear your case Charbydis - we all nearly got there, but were felled at the final hurdle. We've not lost though - re-group and keep fighting, is what I say. I'll be happy to send some money towards your costs - will sort it this weekend.
  12. Hi mark-uk None at all yet, but we still have them in our sites and they aren't off the hook yet!
  13. Dolly, Massive hugs from up North - i'm with you in spirit and know what you are going through. :-|
  14. martin2006, Good Luck - I hope you kick their arse, like I wanted to do!
  15. Hi Paul, Like all of us who spent DAYS not hours working on these cases, we've not lost anything - this is just the beginning of the road to change. Thank you for your help previously - by sticking together, we'll make the Mortgage companies sit up and listen over time.
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