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beacon double trouble request

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Dear All.


I have received my statements for the last 6 years and would like to ask do I claim for the 6 years from the start of my original letter of request?


Oh! the double trouble in the title refers to the fact Barclays not content to send me my statements for the last 6 years have also sent me some other businesses statements of accounts in an envelope addressed to me. Whilst they make interesting reading ,noting they have more in their account than I ever had in mine I, would imagine this would be embarrasing for Barclays Bank .Should I just post them back?



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Re. the 6 years - yes, it can be from the date of the first letter (if you have charges going back that far) or 6 years from the date you file your claim (if that pulls in more charges).


about getting somebody elses SAR, this is a scarily common occurrence - I had statements belonging to thers from Capital 1 and Barclaycard, and I know that there are numerous posts here from people with similar experiences.


Firstly, whilst it may be interesting reading, curiosity killed the cat and I would suggest you seal them up in an envelope before you do anything. Imagine if you were reading somebody elses thread and they were talking about your data that they were reading.......


You should report to the bank that you are horrified that they treat other peoles data with wanton disregard their privacy. You should also ask if you received somebody else's data, where is yours........?


You should ask them if they wish you to destroy the data, send it back to them (you MUST send it recorded delivery or registered post), or send it to the information commissioner so they can ask him for it back (I asked them that and spoke to the IC but he said whilst he was as horrified as I was there was not much he could do other than slap them on the wrist....).

Demand that they confirm your data has not been sent to any third party without your consent, and ask them to immediately send you your statements.

add the cost of the recorded delivery postage and envelope to your schedule of charges

at the very least its embarassing for them and will speed up your SAR request - it also very quickly resolved my claim against Barclaycard - they paid up in full within 10 days of sending me the wrong guys data.


I did see on another thread that somebody who had received another persons data PM'd a mod with the name and the mod searched for that person to see if they were a CAG member.

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Amex * 2 *** WON *** Settled

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Capital 1 ***WON*** In full settlement

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Abbey ***WON*** In full settlement

Abbey (Mrs Chorlton) ***WON*** In full settlement

Abbey (Mr and Mrs C) - MCOL submitted 16/5/07

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Thanks for the advice . I will do that.


Can you tell me when you put in your request to the bank for the bank charges to be repaid , did you add the 8% interest on from the outset as per the england basic excel sheet or did you delete that part of it and only add in when submitting a legal claim. I have seen some letters requesting this from the outset and others advising not to when making an initial request for the return of monies.



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did you delete that part of it and only add in when submitting a legal claim.


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