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  1. Guys, thanks for the comments...I eventually found an agreement online that does what I need it to do...hammer to crack a nut I suspect!
  2. Tolkny - yes, very much 1st world problems! Bankfodder - £2500 - 3 TV's, wired in surround sound system and speakers, cctv system
  3. I appreciate your rapid response, thank you. Yes, am happy with the goods and that they are in working order etc....I wondered if I needed to confirm in the Agreement, for example, that there is no lien on them (HP etc), that the seller is the legal owner etc etc Maybe I am just overthinking it!
  4. Well, all a bit of a damp squib in the end.....the SAR, and Barclays own investigation, confirmed there was PPI applied for 3 months at the start of the agreement and then I cancelled it. The amount was tiny, but it has been refunded. Still, better than nothing!
  5. Almost certainly posted this in the wrong place for which apologies! I am in the process of purchasing some electrical equipment by private sale (running side by side with buying a property from the same vendor). Can anybody point me in the direction of a simple template for a private sale/purchase agreement that is appropriate for use in England? I have found a few online through "legal" websites but they are either very American or require some sort of fee/subscription - my Solicitors will knock one up but also charge the earth! Thanks in advance if anybody can help.
  6. SAR sent this morning will update when I hear from them!
  7. Oh! Having said that it's only 4 years dead ... would it not evidence if had/had said yes/no to insurance?
  8. Blimey, it's been a while - hello lovely people! I'll save the recap of the last 8 years for another thread (all good though, largely thanks to CAG!) I was shredding old statements last weekend and noticed payments to Barclays Select (the revolving credit/loan facility they provided way back when) On the offchance I called Barclays PPI claim number and after a great deal of faffing around he managed to get a useable reference from the old statements (as the computer denied I ever hair a Select Loan!) After he admitted I did actually have a Select Loan he went through the mis-selling spiel and has submitted a my (potential) PPI claim online I have no idea if there was PPI on there or not, although on a few threads I see there was a box to be ticked if I did/did not require insurance - which I would not have ever ticked hence zero PPI claims for me! However it does seem some people had copies of CCA's with both unticked boxes and PPI was still applied. Anyway, will let you know what they say, and unless it's a "yes you have PPI" will SAR/CCA just to be sure - for now will sit on my hands and wait. Interested if anybody has any successful Barclays Select Loan PPI refunds? Cheers for now
  9. Went £1.94 overdrawn over New Year beause of timing due to Bank Holidays etc - got charged £28 for unauth O/d and £35 for paying a DD with insufficient funds - rang them, threatened to close th account and they refunded the 2 amounts instantly. Makes you wonder why they bother
  10. Anybody else looking to reclaim on a Barclays Premier Charge card? Just about to file my N1 any feel a tiny bit lonely, as this is not as straightforward as the others
  11. just subscribing as this is such a great thread! Congrats Reka - you have done an excellent job
  12. no, but there werent any on there that I couldnt work out - I think if you asked in a branch of Barclays they would be able to tell you
  13. Barclays sent me 1995 to 2001 after asking for them on teh ordinary customer services number. They appear to have data back to at least 1990, as I also requested a single statement a couple of months back to try and find something else out, and that was from January 1990 - they sent it within 3 days of my request.
  14. FYI called Barclays, asked for statements from 1995 to 2001, got them within about 3 weeks, no questions asked. Did not make SAR request, did not pay for them.
  15. Been a while so here is un update: MCOL filed Claim acknowledged Defence issued At same time as defence issued, Abbey offered 65% settlement as GOGW AQ waived - case passed to Wandsworth County Court Contacted Ashursts (although they have not been engaged on my case yet, couldnt reach Abbey on any numbers they provided) Told Ashursts would not accept 65% and would be requesting 14 day full disclosure (per new AQ strategy) Ashurst's said that Abbey wouldnt enter a bidding war, but would consider a counter offer Made a counter offer of 100%....... Will let you know what happens next
  16. IMHO I would go the tried and trusted route towards Court - the Ombudsman route is tortuously slow. Its true a handful of cases have failed because of poor homework and documentation by claimants, but thousands of cases have suceeded.... If you follow the step-by-step guides on here you won't go wrong If you have any questions post them here and somebody will help good luck!
  17. Corn, sweetie - what's happened to your thread?! You have squatters!
  18. makes me giggle - got a full set of statements from MBNA yesterday with a letter apologising for them being late!!
  19. Go Leafy! The age old mantra applies - read the FAQ's, follow the step-by step instructions, and shout when you need help!!! Good luck
  20. It was 65% of charges and MCOL costs - the interest was negligible (under a fiver) so I hadnt claimed for that, so am not sure how they would have calculated it if I had done.
  21. FWIW Spoke to Abbey yesterday having received standard defence with a covering letter offering 65% of my claim if I agree to settle "pre-AQ". Abbey lady said: This is now their standard letter - ALL claims reaching AQ stage will be made an automatic offer of 65% This is because "Abbey have listened to the concerns of their customers who feel the court process takes too long and want to settle sooner" and "after the AQ our solicitors will be involved confirming the authenticity of your charges and this is often a prolonged process" and "we want to limit further expense for both of us" I suggested if that was the case and Abbey really cared, why didnt they offer 65% at LBA stage and save everybody time and money, not least the courts - she refused to comment. I asked if they would accept a higher settlement "pre AQ" and she said no - I will however ask again when I get the defence from the Court rather than from them. Will let you know if they up the offer or if I have to cut down another tree for a wasted court bundle.
  22. One word of advice - a number of people had accounts closed after making second claims Not saying you will be among them, and you should get your money back as they have been dumb enough to charge you again despite having folded last time, but suggest you have a parachute account just in case they get shirty....
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