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  1. Hi All, I completed an allocation questionaire and along with the court bundle handed that in to the County court yesterday in a claim against Barclays Bank. I also sent a copy of this to Barclays litigation team. Question: Where do I post to a moderator that I have commenced litigation? Can anyone send me the attached thread and also what information the site needs etc.. Beacon
  2. Hi all, I sent my letter before action on the 18th March 2007 and included another copy of the schedule of Charges without the 8% interest charge but with the comment that we required repayment in full and that if Barclays did not fully comply then we would begin a claim for the full amount PLUS INTEREST plus costs without further notice.Did I get that wrong? I have read a thread by Jonni2bad which says STOP if you have not sent a full schedule of charges and overdraft interest.Is that the same? Does that mean I have to now send Barclays a Schedule of Charges plus 8% interest applied o
  3. Thanks to ADVOC8. I will do that. Beacon
  4. HI Advoc8, No I didnt send another letter and by then Barclays had sent me there offer of £690. i.e. letter from them dated 9th March as 'goodwill gesture' in full and final settlement. In view of this in my rejection should i give them 14 days to reflect and advise that after that i will accept as partial payment and will revise claim accordingly notifyiing them that after this period that legal action will be halted until such time as I receive full and unconditional settlement? Beacon
  5. Hi all, Can anyone tell me what the next step is . I have reviewed the templates but am unclear on what I should say in the next letter . This is the story so far. 16th Jan 2007 - requested statements letter 23rd. Jan 2007 - letter from barclays confirming they are sending them. 7th Feb 2007 - Letter and copy of statements received 22nd Feb 2007 Letter sent with schedule of charges asking for money back and indicating that if they do not respond ordo not respond positively we shall send a letter before action giving a further 14 days to reflect after which no further communic
  6. DearChorlton1, Thanks for the advice . I will do that. Can you tell me when you put in your request to the bank for the bank charges to be repaid , did you add the 8% interest on from the outset as per the england basic excel sheet or did you delete that part of it and only add in when submitting a legal claim. I have seen some letters requesting this from the outset and others advising not to when making an initial request for the return of monies. Beacon
  7. Dear All. I have received my statements for the last 6 years and would like to ask do I claim for the 6 years from the start of my original letter of request? Oh! the double trouble in the title refers to the fact Barclays not content to send me my statements for the last 6 years have also sent me some other businesses statements of accounts in an envelope addressed to me. Whilst they make interesting reading ,noting they have more in their account than I ever had in mine I, would imagine this would be embarrasing for Barclays Bank .Should I just post them back?
  8. Dear ALL, Letter I received from Barclays customer relations on the 23rd January 2007 stated that I would receive statements within 10 working days. I am not suggesting that those in the banking industry can't count but at todays date I think that makes it, unluckily 13 days and still no sign of statements.Hmnn!! postal service? Do you think they ( Barclays) are busy? Should I ring or send off a letter that signals they haven't met there own deadline for replying. My original letter was dated the 16th Jan. with a reply required within 40 days.
  9. Hi ALL, Received a letter from Barclay dated 23rd Jan today from retail banking customer relations dept. (complaints) at Leicester, outlining terms and conditions of account and explaining Ombudsman procedure. Also stating that they are arranging copy statements to be sent within next 10 days covering last 6 years. Awaiting!! Beacon
  10. Hi, Thanks stu 7698. Picked up address from a reply. regards, Beacon
  11. Hi , The bank employee will have by now fax forwarded on the 1st. letter to Complaints dept. and this letter was signed by both the missus and myself as it is a joint acount. Presumably they will now forward on to registered address etc. and then forward on to me the statements or charges we have requested over the last 6 years so as to further our claim. What do you think? So as not to confuse issues should I now await the outcome or resend to registered address with £10 cheque?
  12. Hi, Cheque was made payable to Barclays Bank. Assumption my downfall, thought a bank might just have an account!! Beacon
  13. Hi dar3n, and thanks for the reply. On checking, I did include a contact tel.no. on first letter to request statements. The bank employee said she would forward my letter onto complaints dept. to deal with. and asked me whether I wanted the £10 cheque accompanying the letter returned to me or destroyed, as in her words" Barclays do not have an account to deposit such cheques into." I agreed to let her tear it up.Hope this was o.k. Beacon Has anyone else experienced this?
  14. Hi, I take heart from the success stories I have read and sent off 1st letter to Barclays local branch on the 16th Jan 2007. They responded by telephone speaking to my wife on the 18th Jan2007 .asking why I had sent a cheque for £10 as they didnt have an account and asking for me to ring them. I do not intend to do that and will just keep it to written responses and timescales .Do you agree?
  15. Hi, I have been building up the courage to proceed against Barclays and take heart from your success. I sent off the first letter on the 16th Jan 2007 and my wife received a telephone call from them on the 18th asking why I had sent a cheque for £10 because Barclays did not have an account to pay it into and would I contact the lady in question by phone. Its not my intention to do this , but just keep to timescales and writtten responses only. Do you agree? Beacon
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