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Boiler not working - what are my rights as pvt tenant?

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The boiler stopped working this morning.

Reported immediately to lettings agency and they sent me a set of instructions to trouble shoot.

I replied that this is being my scope and requires an engineer.

They have replied just now (end of the day) that they have handed job over to plumber/engineer but no guarantee regd 24 hours resolution.

As usual, the lettings agency are showing no interest in resolving this asap; bet they would want it repaired ASAP if it were their house!

The house is freezing cold. 

I'm going to have to purchase a heater to keep warm tonight.

What are my rights in this situation, please? 

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Chances are your boiler needs being re-ignited or re-pressured, which is something any person can learn to do by watching a short video on youtube. It's a lot easier than operating a computer or mobile phone, which everyone here can do.

Appreciate it's scary if you never touched a boiler before, but they are skills you are better off learning at some point, whether you are renting or owning.

Plumbers are difficult to get in an emergency. If it was their home, they would also struggle to get someone there fast.

Legally they have to fix it within 24 hours, but before you pick this hill to die on, you risk nothing by trying the troubleshooting (or ask a friend to help).

Oh I see it's been 4 days now, so hopefully your issue's been fixed by now 🥶

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This is just anecdotical but my old boiler needed to be re-ignited all the time. On the other hand it lasted over 20 years with that as the only hitch.

In my new place the boiler is 12 years old and it's already dying, with constant pressure faults. I'm scrambling to get it replaced as it needs tweaking every odd day...

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HB, the boiler lost pressure and stopped igniting. Lettings agency sent me instructions on how to re-pressurise, if that's the correct term. Since then, I've had to do it at least once a week. 

K, thank you but I'm not looking forward to re-pressurising the boiler and bleeding the radiators every week. :((

I'm emailing them this week with a list of works that need doing (which they have been shifting back to me for the last 3 months with similar "instructions and advice" on how to resolve).

Rant: This particular agency consists of a grand total of 2 people who undoubtedly were hired as decoration for the office rather than any competence. I wish I worked in an unregulated industry like real estate! 🙄

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