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  1. I believe you have the right to change your mind within 14 days of a purchase but you needed to post this in the retail forum really as this has nothing to do with an airline or holiday company. Not sure if it applies to health and hygiene related products: Would you accept to swab your nose with a kit that's been in another person's home? I also leave here those scrumptious questions of a moralistic nature for you to consider: -You got the product you asked for as ordered. Should the business incur costs to retrieve it from you? -You have a working covid test. Shouldn't you be happy to use it to ensure you're fit to fly and don't risk your wellbeing as well as other passenger's in the process. Even if no longer required by law. Of course, none of this will be of any use at this point in time since your trip has now happened. Hope it was fun and safe. Do let us know what you did in the end.
  2. Appreciate that you are trying to help a friend going through what sounds like hell. You do have to keep a clear idea of what you can hope to achieve here. This forum is great for resources and there are many helpful folk who will point you towards solutions, but nobody is going to do the fighting for you, and fighting there will be a lot of. I do apologise for being blunt when I say your friend doesn't seem to be in right state to go through this. If he won't tell you, his friend, what insurance company he's been using, then the chance of him following any of the other advice/instructions given is quite frankly close to zero. How will he share correspondence, drafts of letters of claim etc? If he sold his phone to buy food, he's going to have a hard time record the call to his insurance. If his kid has to avoid him because they can't bear how he is headed for the bottom, then what he needs right now is most probably social and medical attention from professionals - rather than help with getting an impossible refund from Wizz air the shitty airline known for shitty customer service, or the equally bad nameless insurance company that refuses to pay up.
  3. I'd recommend he calls them back and records their refusal to refund 1st flight, then use it to claim against the insurer. End of the day the insurer is just trying to pass the buck and should be held to account. Make sure to name them please so we know who to not buy holiday insurance with.
  4. Has he got any of that in writing? A "they said" is unfortunately not going to be worth much. Weird that they would give the refund for the return flight, you sure it's not just taxes? (which they have to refund to be honest)
  5. Just because your insurer said the flight was cancelled does not make that true. It was in fact not cancelled and you can prove it. You should be able to get a statement in writing from Wizz that they won't refund you and that should be enough for your insurer to get the ball rolling with the refund. Please let us know what insurer this is so we can shame them and avoid them. You say the return flight was refunded in full? Was that also with Wizz air or was that with another airline?
  6. What a nightmare.... I just read up the thread again and I think here your friend's issue is with the travel insurance and not with Wizz. Wizz won't give you a penny because it's not denied boarding: And the flight was not cancelled. Your friend needs to accept that as a fact, go back to the travel insurer, and threaten them in various ways to try and get them to pay, imho.
  7. I see this thread has been dead for quite a bit but I agree with unclebulgaria here that you have zero chance for a refund. Your friend got bullied into cancelling his flight by himself - something that never goes well, as you are giving up your right to a refund. However this would have been worse anyway if he had gone to the airport. Because: That is incorrect. Wizzair IS responsible for ensuring their passengers have the requirement to enter the target country. If they carried you and you were denied entry, then they are responsible for taking the passenger back to the departure point at their expense. You can see why they will actively try and deny boarding in this case. They will then claim it's your fault because you were responsible to ensure you are eligible to travel, and you won't get your refund either, but you will also have wasted your time. This is going to come out as preachy but it may help other travellers: ALWAYS check cancellation policies and make sure you agree to the risks travelling "low cost". Most big airlines now offer covid related guarantees and free rebookings. If you willingly choose to travel with a low cost airline that does not offer those guarantees, you are basically gambling. If the tickets cost you £30 then why not! But buying peak holiday time "low cost" tickets for 100s of pounds is not something that you want to be doing.
  8. Thanks Manxman that's a good tip, and I hadn't thought about it at all to be honest. Had I decided to make a fuss I would make sure to tell them it's for my hobbies The same keyboard is twice the price on amazon so I'm going to take it on the chin and just use a cheap replacement until they can repair this one.
  9. Around £80. Really like it if not for this fault. Good shout about it not being worth the sweat. Think I can borrow a keyboard from work for the duration of the repair, just annoyed me a little that I missed the deadline by only a few days and that they wouldn't budge, as I have spent 1000s of pounds on equipment with them over the years.
  10. If you haven't yet received the goods you are entitled to cancel your order and get a full refund, regardless of anything else.
  11. Bought new mechanical keyboard as old one broke Noticed just after the 30 days that one of the keys on the numpad is faulty and won't register double presses. I work with code and numbers so this is big no-no, however the fault is localised enough that it took me this long to notice... I want to get a refund and a straight replacement so I can continue working Company (eBuyer - whom until now I have only had positive experiences with) doesn't want to send me a straight replacement but will attempt a repair that can take up to 28 days. Obviously I need a keyboard in the meantime so I am forced to buy one (somewhere else now!) So the problem I don't really want to buy 2 keyboards. I can use the old broken one for a couple of days at a stretch but not willing to do longer than that. I have found on Which (Sorry!) that apparently I can argue for a full refund if: a repair or replacement will cause you significant inconvenience ...which seems logical as I need it from work (working from home). But it's not very well defined and there's no legal text to back it up, so the question is: Is there anything I can tell eBuyer that will make them refund this keyboard so I can directly buy a replacement? I already tried asking nicely - it didn't work Thanks in advance!
  12. I'm fairly interested in the response because until now I had assumed that the 1 year limit would apply in case of cancellations, and I have unfortunately accepted refunds that I would prefer having kept the tickets for (mostly because they were extremely cheap!). That said since you have been offered a full refund it would be a lot more frictionless for you to accept it and buy a new set of tickets using another airline. Is there a particular reason you absolutely insist to be rerouted? (such as mine above!)
  13. It's okay I understood some of the replies Not using quote at all sounds better indeed. Like Slick says a bullet point summary would be good. I'm going to number some questions below so you can reply without using quotes. As much as it must be painful for you with all you've had to deal with in the pandemic - please leave all the emotional aspects at the door (eg your physical condition or driving your mother for 3 hours) and concentrate on the cold hard facts only. I understand that your return flight was cancelled, but that is irrelevant for us. If you were no-show on your outbound flight then the inbound is void. So we need to focus on what actually happened here with your outbound flight. You say you had a connecting flight. Please give us the exact details of your journey but for now let's assume your original flight was Aberdeen-Inverness-London-New York-Toronto. (hell of a journey). Q1 The first question we are going to try and determine is whether the full journey you had was on the same ticket, or if Budgetair sold you a bundle of tickets. You should have received a PNR (reservation number) for your journey from Budgetair. Please don't give us your PNR but check what Budgetair sent you. For a smooth claim, there should be only one PNR (for all passengers), if you have more than one, this will be more difficult. Q2 Which flights were cancelled or postponed. Please give us the segment of the journey (for example Aberdeen-Inverness), the flight numbers, original date/schedule and amended date/schedule. If none of the outbound flights were cancelled/rescheduled than let us know but this won't be good. Q3 Who notified you of the cancellation / rescheduling of your flights (airline? Budgetair?), how many days before your outbound/indbound flight was that, and what options were you offered in writing (Were you offered full refund, voucher, reroute, absolutely nothing?) Feel free to attach the emails you received (after redacting your personal info). Q4 Upon being notified of the cancellation/rescheduling. What option did you choose, and how did you try and communicate that to the company, and which company did you contact. (I do appreciate you were not able to reach budgetair, but did you save the emails you sent them?)
  14. Important to mention that Visa will reject your claim if you don't show that you tried to obtain a refund from the airline first. Also did you check with your insurer for the time limits for making a claim? because we're already 4 months after the facts here and that's getting quite late.
  15. Think we going around in circles a bit now. To summarize: No use claiming/quoting EC261. Not applicable to your case as Ryanair will be able to rightly invoke extraordinary circumstances. You need to ask for a refund (of the unflown segment only) from Ryanair first, then visa if unsuccesful/no reply, and then your insurer, in this order. The flight was cancelled so you are due one, period. Ryanair not arguing their way out of that. Do not use the voucher if you already received it, and make sure you say clearly that you refuse it. You can then claim your out of pocket expenses, from your insurer, assuming that they cover Covid related cancellations. You need to check their T&Cs from your policy for how much you can claim, the excess, whether taxis in the UK would be covered etc.. Let us know how you get on with these.
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