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  1. Hello, I've had two very bad experiences with LastMinute.com (in 2018 and 2020) after requiring customer support to make amendments/cancellations. Both issues boil down to the same problem: * Customer Support does not reply to any emails whatsoever (not after a month, not after 2 years), you might as well send them to a black hole. * Every time I call customer support, they either have no record of the previous calls so I have to start from scratch, or they tell me "sure sure we'll get back to you in 72 hours we promise", and then they do not call back. (7 calls in 2018 - 4 calls in 2020). * Impossible to get written confirmations of anything. The agents say they can't send emails (which has lead me to start recording the calls). * Both times I have had to deal with the airline directly myself (which is their job not mine - I had to ask the airlines to make exceptions for me as normally they would only deal with the OTA). * To add insult to injury their CS number is a premium number (however thankfully I used saynoto0870 to get their local number, so at least I did not get fleeced, but it's outrageous nevertheless). I happen to have a phone recording of a customer support agent getting angry at me (asking to please send a confirmation email), raising their voice, and saying "it's not my job", twice! Then babbling about how they work from home so I shouldn't ask these things of them. Unbelievable level of unprofessional. Is that okay to upload the recording to youtube to expose how this company deals with its customers, or would that be breaching their privacy? I do believe the agents should be already aware that the calls are being recorded? Regarding the flights themselves. I have been trying to rebook since 6 weeks ago, impossible to achieve. I have since then changed my mind after calling the airline and I need to go through LM to get my full refund. LM are again promising me everything will be sorted out, I "just have to wait" and no they can't send me any written evidence whatsoever that I have requested a refund. So I filed a paypal dispute and lo and behold, at least now I have a written confirmation that I requested a refund.
  2. They can try, but the law is on your side, so they won't. Sleep easy please!
  3. Aha, this starts making slightly more sense, as on Delta S and V are both used for discount economy class. I don't believe that Delta being your marketing carrier (issued your ticket) would be involved here as the liability is with your operating carrier. However this gives you the convenient option to call Delta and look up the booking class details for you. Delta should be a lot quicker to pick up the phone and should be able to confirm whether indeed you were booked in V class. If that's true than it's 100% on Opodo to compensate you. It doesn't matter if Opodo told the airline "we told the airline to book you in premium economy". Only the fare class matters, and if that's V it's not a premium economy product.
  4. 1. What was the travel class on your Opodo booking? It should be indicated on your confirmation email you received from Opodo, see arrow below: 2. What was your booking class (1 letter code). Unfortunately this one is a lot harder to find with Opodo, as they never make this information available to you in their confirmation docs. If you have saved your boarding pass the booking class may be written on it. Otherwise you will have to ask Opodo for your booking class. You mentioned Economy delight so I have assumed that you flew with Virgin Atlantic. For Virgin the codes are: Premium Economy: W, H, S, K, P Economy: Y, B, R, L, U, M, E, Q, X, V, N, O I suggest you use the Opodo online chat or a phone call to find out what class you were actually booked in. Forget emails, they always take ages to respond in normal times and with corona they are overwhelmed. Once you find this out: If you were sold Premium Economy tickets (in P for example), and Virgin put you in economy, you are entitled to 75% of the ticket price as compensation for involuntary downgrade under EU261, directly from the airline. If however, you were sold these tickets as "premium economy" in your confirmation email, but your booking code was in Y, Opodo are the ones who mislead you. Others in this forum will have more insight on to how to properly claim from them. 75% of the ticket price would seem like a fair compensation to me. If your confirmation email states "Economy Delight" then you probably have no chance. It's unfortunately rather common for misleading results/mixed cabins to appear in search results. I do hope you enjoyed the trip to NY nevertheless! The price of flights is trivial once you see how much you have to pay for hotels over there Good luck!!
  5. I'm going to mention it again. Booking.com does allow for cancellations due to coronavirus, even if non refundable, providing you made the booking before the 6th of April. The wording is a bit vague, but according to them you will get cancellation options if you log into your account (which is what happened to me). Full deets here: https://www.booking.com/covid-19.en-gb.html You may be able to cancel due to the circumstances related to Coronavirus. However this is dependent on several factors, including your destination, the date you made your booking, your departure date, your arrival date, your country of origin, and your reason for travelling. If your cancellation falls under this category the property is obliged to provide a refund or offer a free date change or a credit for future stay. Please sign in and select the relevant booking to see your options.
  6. I've heard horror stories before of Ryanair not paying up and forcing customers to travel to Ireland to go to court, so good luck with that. I get that you showed up at the airport on time for your flight, waited for 3 hours, then got rebooked on a flight 12 hrs later from a different airport. But I don't really understand what happened with the bus. Did they organise a coach which you ended up missing, or did they expect you to take public transport. Was that ever explained to you clearly? How did they tell you about the new flight/new airport? And with enough advance? I'm sorry this is going to sound very harsh: in the case you knew about your flight 9 hours in advance, from an airport that's 1 hour away, how come you were not there in time? All I know is that airlines are contracted to take you from A to B. If you had taken the flight from the other airport you would have been entitled to claim back for transportation (assuming Ryanair didn't provide it), reasonable food and drink expense, and hotel stay (within certain spend limits). You would probably have had to sue Ryanair for that. But since you didn't take the flight I have no idea what you are actually entitled to claim. If you have the confidence and the evidence that you're in the right, please go for it and make them pay for their arrogance, and best of luck! (P.S: and this is why I travel with legacy airlines when I can)
  7. I cancelled a non refundable booking in April with booking.com. It wasn't a problem and the app even invited me to do so. They are actually being flexible, so puzzled as to why the OP can't get a refund. You should be able to log in your account and just cancel. I hadn't paid, mind, but it was definitely non ref. Had you paid yours already?
  8. Alright thanks so anything above £100 is not a chargeback. Going back to the OP's problem, and given as it's very easy to prove that the service was not provided (since flights were cancelled), cancelling the charge should be possible by contacting the Credit Card issuer? And Expedia is still in business so no problem on that end either?
  9. Sorry I'm not familiar with this section 75 lingo. I do believe that charge backs are credit cards and not debit cards. My CC provider is very good at issuing chargebacks, and I've used them succesfully before to cancel an automated subscription payment that I didn't want. If you bought something with a debit card it's a lot more problematic.
  10. Have already paid everything up front sadly. Rent was being paid 3 months at the time by DD, in advance (they did give up on the final installment for 20th May-June-July). Going to houseshare next year so won't be paying the university anymore. Tuition fee was paid by semester in advance on my CC, so I could in theory try a charge-back, but I won't as the last thing I want is to get my kid in trouble. It just baffles me that I'm the only parent/student who sees anything wrong with not getting classes for 4 months and still being charged for it?!?
  11. Hi, i am the parent of a student in year 1 at Sheffield Hallam Uni. I pay for their rent and tuition fees. Tuition fee: all classes were cancelled as of March (so about 6 weeks in the 2nd semester), and all students have been automatically passed. Therefore students are not getting any tuition at all apart from powerpoints/self-help. I already paid £9250 for the whole year. Rent: My kid was in a student run accomodation; most students moved out in March (for those who could), yet I am still being made to pay the rent until May 19th. The university "graciously" cancelled the last 8 weeks of rent. But this still doesn't feel right. Before I go and talk to the unions and try and find out what my rights are I am wondering if there are other students / parents who feel the same. I'm aware that the pandemic is putting a strain on everyone and everything and I'm not trying to squeeze the uni for every penny they have, but taking our child back home whilst still paying full rent is putting a strain on us as well, not to mention that the tuition fees don't seem to be justified as students are not getting any support. Surely there's something more for us that they can do that merely 2 months of rent (considering we lost 5).
  12. Thanks a lot for the fast and encouraging reply! The place is 1life gym North Kesteven [Edit: can't post a link as I don't have enough posts] The debt collector is ARC Europe limited. Received their letter today, dated 30th Dec. Previous letters were from the gym itself. I did already email them to let them know why I refuse to pay, hopefully they'll get the message, but I'll follow your advice and ignore further threats. Will update this thread if there are any news. Thanks again!
  13. Hello, TLDR version: I refuse to pay my month notice of gym membership because I couldn't reach anyone there for 6 weeks. Impossible to explain this to the gym as they won't reply to me, only get automated replies. Full version: I should have read this subforum before cancelling my membership, for the good advice of sending a recorded mail. But I havn't so I'd appreciate if you could give me advice. Here are the basic facts: -2013. I stopped going to the gym -Sept 2016. I finally decided to cancel my membership, yes I know I'm an idiot. -I called them every week, left messages with my membership number, etc... no call back, nothing. (i have evidence (phone records)) -I visited the gym, got told the membership guy is on holiday, also get told he doesn't always respond to messages, also got told he doesn't deal with cancelations. unfortunately I got told that in person so no record. -Called my bank to cancel the DD as this was the only option. -Finally, got contacted by the main company, 1life, as - surprise! - they couldn't collect my payment. Unfortunately these were threatening letters, text messages, and recorded messages. -I e-mailed them and left them a telephone number. They never called the number I asked them to (keep calling my mobile instead which I can't access in office hours), and left more threatening messages. -I finally got a reply to my email around the 20th October, they said they accepted my cancellation request as of my email to them, but I'd have to pay the last month of membership. -I replied that I don't accept that and I asked that my cancellation date was entered as September which is when I tried to contact them initially. -The didn't reply but they passed my "debt" to a collection agency instead and added 20£ to it. All in all, they sent me just 1 e-mail, over the last 5 months. Rubbish customer service, unable to even process simple information and reply to messages. Do I have to pay? I'm not concerned about the money and I can afford it, but it makes me rage inside to be treated like dirt by a company I've already paid much more than was due to them. I'm kind prepared to go to court just to prove my point. I'm happy to produce all the emails to them as well as records of the calls I made and proof that they just never called back the number I gave them. Is it worth it though? What do you think please? Should I just shut up and pay up ?? Is there any other way out? Is this going to screw up my credit rating for something so stupid ( I don't have any debt ) Are they entitled to my money when they can't even provide basic service? First world problems, I know... but thank you in advance for your advice.
  14. Hello, in January I got an apology from la Redoute as well as a 15£ voucher and they dropped their silly harrasment. Just a word to resume everything that happened. -I bought various items for about a 100£ on La Redoute in July, which were received correctly. -Although during payment I did opt to have the money directly debited from my debit card, because of a computer mistake (as La Redoute subsequently admitted in writing) a credit account was created without my knowledge or approval, and the money was not withdrawn from my bank account, but instead charged to my unwanted Redoute account. -Between August and November I did not receive any statements or requests to pay in writing, only obscure e-mails asking me to sign the contract for the credit agreement and return it (I never received or signed a contract). I only paid attention to these e-mails after November, as any promotional La Redoute mail usually goes straight to my bin. -In november I began receiving threats from Redcats, and request to pay arrears, which triggered the initial post above. -After several long and painful phone calls, La Redoute admitted a computer mistake resulting in accidentally creating a credit account, and apologized, dropping all arrears charges. -However they didn't respond to my request to call back/write back precising what the money was used for, and if I owed them any money. Therefore I did not pay them anything -In December and January I begun receiving legal threats again for not paying the July item order, and asked to pay for arrears again. -After several more phone calls with senior custumer support personel. They were finally able to indicate me where the invoices for the July order were (they were only accessible online with a user name and password, and there was no trace via e-mail). Recognizing that I had indeed received those items, i checked my bank account and confirmed that the items weren't paid for. Therefore I accepted to pay for the order in full. -The customer support person wanted me to pay the arrears in full even after the explanation. I said that I refused to pay any arrears but would pay the order in full. I also demanded that my "credit account" was immediately cancelled after the payment. The manager eventually approved and I paid for my order. -After that I received another apology in writing along with a 15£ voucher, which I am thankful for, although to be honest it is peanuts given the amount of annoying phone calls I made and harassment letters I have received. -My account was never cancelled and still exists apparently. However I cannot be bothered to have anything to do with La Redoute and I know well enough not to ever use this parody of an account.
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