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  1. Hey there, as the plane went tech you are entitled to the £520 x2 compensation under EC261. This is a clear cut case. Just claim straight with Virgin. However you are not entitled to a full refund, since you were eventually flown to the final destination; of course that second flight should have been totally free of charge; if not you must bill Virgin for it. Your mum+sis are also entitled to full reimbursment of taxis to and from the hotel, as well as meals+refreshments that they had for the entire duration of the unexpected stop, including both at the hotel and airport. (Just stay reasonable: no claiming for 49 pina coladas at the beach bar) Was their luggage returned to them during the unexpected stop? If not they may also claim for any toiletries and clothing that they had to purchase during the night stop. I understand the hotel has already been paid for, just don't forget the rest. Hopefully they have kept the receipts. Otherwise bank statements should do the trick. You need to claim for this in addition of the £1040 Other than the above there is no statutory compensation due for missing out on 1.5days of holiday. You could however talk to someone at customer service and make a polite request to extend your stay by another couple days and see if they will do it for you free of charge (providing they have space). Or if not, you could possibly get some token gesture of money back or voucher off your next holiday. It's worth trying. That you paid £700 for a name change is unfortunate but it's completely unrelated to the situation at hand. Above all I hope they don't worry too much about this mishap, and make the most of their holiday. Compensation is practically guaranteedwhen they are back. Just tell them to save all receipts they have and don't worry about the rest until they're back!
  2. For my bank chargeback is up to 12 months after purchase. For Paypal it's just 6 months. That's why I prefer the credit card. I don't try and scam shop keepers though... sorry about what happened to you
  3. Same company that tried to get us to pay 6 months worth of Utility bills after we had already moved out of that home. Turns out they just searched the phone book for the name of the previous tenant (us) and decided to threaten us, because why not! British gas were useless and it took a S.A.R and 4 separate live chats to get them to stop the threats. I advise you do not deal with BWI at all and completely ignore them (unless they send a letter of claim, which they won't). NEVER call them, the number is premium. Go via british gas only. Get them to confirm in writing that you do not not owe them anything, and get them to stop BWI letters. It will probably take multiple attempts. Finally stop worrying here and now. You paid your bills, this debt is not yours, and there is no entity in this world who can make you pay what you do not owe. This is nothing but a mistake by incompetent and greedy BG and their idiotic DCA.
  4. There's a thread somewhere about someone sending the baillifs against Wizzair that is quite hilarious. I would love to see someone do the same to Ryanair. Question is, should you be the one to take that role. You are entitled to the £220, if your flight was from the UK. If it was TO the UK I suppose it is more of a grey area... though the airlines I know have been using £220 as standard. Not that surprising for Ryanair, the worst cheapskates in the universe, to go for the lower amount, and if you forward this to the CEO he will probably have a jolly good laugh and give his accountants a verbal bonus. After all he's the one who said and I paraphrase "F*** our customers, they'll fly with us again anyway". While we would all love to see Ryanair get wooped in court again, I have to join my fellow posters in thinking it's not worth the hassle for (hypothetically) £7 and not sure it will expedite the payment either. It's already an achievement that you got them to accept to pay.
  5. #2cents I now realise the stupidity of my youthful ignorance. Suggesting to change to I now realise how stupid it was. Don't think any person who is actually young and ignorant would ever use the words "my youthful ignorance"
  6. That's an awful lot of money, so you must have paid for the premium cover? Do their T&Cs state anything about the time frame that they have to respond to calls that you can use to your advantage? Did you ever have to use their services before now? Like the car health check, or other breakdowns? If you never made use of your membership, and considering they were totally useless when you tried, hopefully you can get the contract terminated and all the fees refunded, which will fully cover your claim, but someone knowledgeable will be able to advise. I'm deeply sorry about your medical condition, but it is irrelevant to the matter, RAC don't have your medical record, and it wouldn't change a thing since they should treat all customers correctly regardless. Also, no use to you now, but don't refuse a refund offer: you are free to accept the £9 for the Uber without considering it final settlement.
  7. not a legal opinion, but there are a couple of bits that sound overly verbose, making your letter come accross as contrived. Sounds more like someone trying very hard to use complicated words, rather than the real you. Am I wrong? Apologizing deeply and repeatedly is fine (and I'm sure some ppl working at TFL get a kick from it), but I think it can be done in simpler words to come across as more genuine. 2 examples: A pespective on what?!? On the use of Oyster cards? Does this need to be viewed via "more or less ethical" lens? Best to delete bit in red entirely. Bringing love into the tribunal may sound a bit cringy. How about something like this? "My intentions were to shield her from further financial worries, but I have now come to realize how wrong that was"
  8. I liked your email disputing the CCTV evidence, but I guess just like with most companies they don't even read emails. How did you pay? Hopefully by credit card and you can S75 the missing items worth of money back. Then let them worry about taking you to court, rather than the opposite. Good luck!
  9. I can recommend TorFX for transfering funds from abroad to UK accounts. Very good rates, and it's a legit business so no added risk of going through someone dodgy you met with a student currency exchange club. Student currency exchange clubs are still a great thing. Enables direct trade between folks and skip the middleman's greedy fees. Just stick to exchanging cash.
  10. I was told I needed to show where the money came from when paying something just above 1k into my re-mortgage. I guess it's money laundering prevention something something? A payslip or a bank statement should suffice. Of course they don't want you to pay it off since they lose money on interest, but hey, tough for them.
  11. Hi there, have you taken this further in the meantime? Sorry I notice I never replied to your last post, but there was nothing to add really. BA have given you their "word" and to be honest I trust that the story about the damage and inspection is true. Again it will be up to you to challenge the logistics aspect with the ADR / SCC. It's very common for airlines to refuse to consider logstics because why admit claims when you can deny them, right? If you have evidence of you pointing it out and them blanking your questions, it will look better on you I'm sure. You still need to answer whether they paid for your transportation costs, because if they didn't, then you really will win your case, for sure, and need not worry about the ADR fee. I would also contact the ADR body in writing and ask them to clarify whether you'd have to pay if you lose, or if it's only for complaints that were made in bad faith.
  12. @jenexx Only advice would be to NOT write anything else to TFL. What you have written up to now was not good and could have made things worse for you. Just don't repeat the same mistake. Stop writing. You have accepted the offense already, no going back. You provided a clue in writing that you might have been doing this for longer than one offense, which TfL did not know at the time. No going back. You were asked to provide exceptional circumstances, and you did not do that. You actually do not have an exceptional circumstance, from what you have told us (which is very little). Wait to see what TfL propose you, a fine, a prosecution etc... Hope for the best. Come back here either when you get further news, or when you are ready to give more information.
  13. AI will do a better job at ruling the country than any PM in recent years, so personally I welcome skynet too. ...and when some British-born citizens get deported to Uganda, an extra digit gets added to mortgage rates, Britain leaves UNESCO, or an old folks home gets exposed to Covid-59, it will be because of an accidental bug, not because of deliberate neglect, incompetence, greed and/or pandering to xenophobia.
  14. Kyosanto

    Fake Iphone 15

    ... but yes, it would also be nice if folks could come back and update their threads once resolved so that we are not left hanging...
  15. Ahaha, I already have problems explaining to my friends that a speculative invoice is not a fine, I'm not about to try explaining that to a customer service rep who is probably already dead inside from the daily abuse they get from their customers and boss in equal measure. Your advice is good advice, but I'm lazy and for this one, am happy to take the email at face value. Will update if I get into further trouble.
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