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  1. Thankfully they've accepted my admission without an argument, and have sent me an offer for the edutainment course, which I need to complete within 4 months of the infraction. Given that's not much time and given your above answers contesting the imprecise location doesn't seem like an option, I will just sign up immediately without trying to contest this further. Also this time they addressed me normally To reply to the slightly patronizing comment above about "ppl nowadays not opening post", please note that unlike you I do not love post. It is unreliable and murder
  2. Unfortunately - or perhaps fortunately - the post I was quoting already got deleted
  3. Here's exactly how it was: I guess the (if a LTD Company) covers their back... Personally i just saw that and shrugged it off like I would have shrugged off a His Excellency The Pope (if a member of the Clergy) Mr XXX Kyosanto I guess they are using a template that "works" for both individual and companies. What an absolutely garbage idea, hope it doesn't end up costing me dearly...
  4. Hey I'm just the RK, it's not a company car. The "job title" was the reason I identified the mail as spam and put it to the side. Grovelling apology and posting the form sounds good for now. I'll come back if I get charged with something more serious.
  5. This is the only picture that has the street on it, the other pix are just closeups of the driver.
  6. Hello, I have received a speeding fine from Lincolnshire police for doing 35mph in a 30mph zone, back in late September. This is a place where police vans often stakeout drivers as it's located just on the outskirts of town where the speed limit changes abruptly from 60, to 40, then 30 within 100 yards. (absolute jerks...) Even knowing this didn't help me not get caught As soon as I opened the letter I went online to check the details, and they are indeed very blurry pictures of me. However the site details are unavailable. (Presumably as this was taken fr
  7. Sorry to hear about the traumatic experience. This may be of no help to you now, but shall something like this ever happen again make sure to record it on your mobile phone. I did not understand the last paragraph of your story. Were you previously expelled from the store for not wearing masks? Looks like in the immediate future you should avoid using that post office altogether and pass the word to family & friends.
  8. There's also the option to go for the full refund and have your 8 friends re-purchase a ticket from Glasgow. I know it feels bad to cave in, but this would save you the hassle of having to fight. How much would you be at a loss for if you did that?
  9. Your English is decent for a non-native A few suggested corrections below Formal complaint preceding letter of intent Dear Hermes delivery services, I am writing regarding my recent delivery ( tracking nr:9942981757259814). My tracking information was recently updated, and tells me that my item was destroyed in one of your sorting hubs. I do not accept your explanation without evidence, and I hereby demand photographic proof of the damage done to the item as it was destroyed without my consent. which I intend to obtain compensation for by all means necessar
  10. Budget what? I searched for the same ticket directly with the airline, I got quoted £6 cheaper for the very same random journey. This includes: Cheaper baggage fees (£46 extra instead of £67) Cheaper seat fees (£9 instead of £15) Flexible tickets which are actually flexible for no extra fee Sorry for polluting this thread with irrelevant stuff, I will stop here, but I hope this shows that even if you pay a little extra, it's often worth it to bypass the shady OTA and buy directly from the provider.
  11. Whilst we're public shaming this company. Here's a nice con that is run by all OTAs, including the most reputable ones, seat selection fees! Shall we select a nice middle seat for Mr. Richard Budget, who always wants the best seat in an aeroplane? It will only cost £15.40, so a nice little £61.60 for the whole journey! If you reserve your seat directly with Air France instead (which you can do even if you bought your ticket with budget air), you will pay £6 less for either of the seat options (including the extra leg room). OTAs will also charge you for seat select
  12. And on the next page, you get the warning as a footnote, that it's free* *but it's not free Charging that much "Per ticket" is absolutely outrageous. Whilst you technically have different ticket numbers, it's one reservation under one PNR, and the agency only has to change it all at once, not 4 times. It's also a mere formality that takes 10-15mn tops so charging 220 for this little work is absolutely out of order, and you would possibly have grounds for calling the charge abusive, but we're entering the legal domain here which I know nothing about. I'm al
  13. Also, wonder if you took any screen grabs or got that text black on white? What you pasted would sound misleading but if I go on budgetair now they have this (very sneaky and dishonest) phrasing which says "Without any fee from the airline". Definitely worth shaming on Social Media in the least!
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