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  1. Oh my days... I just noticed the rap that poor Hermès (The luxury brand) is getting through none of their fault Hermès International (French luxury manufacturer) is rated "Bad" with 1.3 / 5 on Trustpilot UK.TRUSTPILOT.COM Do you agree with Hermès International (French luxury manufacturer)'s TrustScore? Voice your opinion today and hear what 1,454 customers have already said.
  2. When a similar thing happened to me recently I talked to the pub manager and they were able to nuke the Parkingeye procedure on my behalf. Easiest way to solve the issue.
  3. Yeah, that would be normal procedure to have everyone join the same line. For your complaint don't mention who's fault it is or that the ground service was slow or yadda yadda. The only fact that matters is the time that you got into the line, and the time you ended up at the actual checkin desk. Also mention who you spoke to at the airport (not sure about twitter) and at what times. Your complaint should go to IB and not to BA as they were the operating carrier. For the future I would recommend that once you have reached 1hr before the flight you just take a leap of faith and walk yourself in front of the line. Or walk yourself into the business line and demand you be checked in. A brash act that most British folks are reluctant to do, and will no doubt get you nasty looks, but it's more important to make your airplane on time.
  4. Hi Zara Goza, as you arrived in time for check-in (2 hours is plenty of time enough) you should be entitled to claim for EC261 compensation. Your actual flight (the BA flight) needs to have landed 2 hours later or more than the Iberia flight you missed. Is that the case? It would be good for you if you started gathering evidence to prove you were indeed 2 hours early. Note that it is not relevant whether you had train or coach tickets etc.. or the time you arrived at your final coach destinations (UNLESS those were part of the same reservation as your plane ticket, but I get the feeling that's not the case). For those you will need to fill in a claim with your travel insurance. You need to leave that story outside your EC261 claim The money that you will be owed is a fixed amount.
  5. I'm not really an expert in taking businesses to courts sorry. But my guess is no. If you pay them to take you somewhere, and that's what they do, then there is reasonable grounds to assume they have fulfilled their contract. They are not obliged to rebook you free of charge due to government changes. But they are obliged to refund you if you ask them to, due to them not allowing you to board your initial flight. Like I said if you are unhappy with paying the extra fee (And I can understand why you would be... it sucks), your only valid plan B is to cancel the whole ticket for a full refund, and buy a ticket with someone else. Did they give you a final no then? Can't hurt to insist. DO go on twitter and make this public, it will put extra pressure. Something like "@Company Tag On this link you say rebooking fees are waived. BUT you still ask me to pay £240 pounds for a change that you are forcing me to make. It's outrageous, please explain." Usually best way to get things moving :
  6. The storm may have damaged your conservatory. You should call your insurance and see if they can assess the damage. I don't suppose it's linked to your case in any way, so treat them as 2 separate incidents (until the assessor tells you: Oh my god, it seems that whoever did the paint job must have intentionally sabotaged your ceiling - you can cross that bridge when you get there, no need to overcomplicate things until then)
  7. No, don't worry, they can't just cancel your ticket like that, unless you ask for that to happen. The worries though is that just take you for a runaround and don't get back to you. I hope you have recorded the call or some written evidence that they will get back to you in a week's time?
  8. Ok, so you have just 6 weeks. You should act soon as flights are only going to get more expensive from now. Did you try to do what I suggested?
  9. Hi @BankFodder Sorry to bother know you're busy. I have the S.A.R ready to send would be good to get confirmation whether it's okay to send it in both my name and my wife's (signed by both) or if I need to do 2 separate ones. A quick google didn't help much.
  10. Thank you. I will get the SAR underway. May I submit a SAR in the name of both my wife and myself? Or does it need to be 2 separate requests? A couple of details of note as regards to the overlapping policy. - On the phone (i have it recorded). BUPA have stated that it is not unusual for clients to deliberately have 2 overlapping policies "just in case something goes wrong with one of them". II find that highly questionable to say it politely. -BUPA are also very adamant that their corporate and private departments are two completely separate things, but I suppose the SAR should cover everything as it's the same parent company.
  11. TLDR: My wife and child were on a private BUPA policy and I “transfered” them to my corporate policy to save money. This went wrong and as a result they had 2 overlapping policies for months which I both paid without noticing. I don't think BUPA were clear with us. Can I claim? I. Summary of facts Prior to May 2021 I was on the corporate account on my sole name, while my wife and child were on a private policy with BUPA which I paid for In May 2021, I asked for my 2 dependants on the private policy to be transferred to the corporate policy so that I would pay (a lot) less each month The company organized the transfer and added my dependants to the corporate account, and notified me that I would get a call from BUPA regarding closing the private account It is currently unclear whether the call with BUPA ever took place as there is conflicting information from 3 different sources (see below) In June 2021, I received confirmation in writing that my dependants had been added to the corporate policy In September 2021, the dependants were removed from the corporate policy via an administrative/computer error which is unrelated to the main issue at hand In February 2022 I noticed that payment for the private policy had kept going out of my account despite our belief that the private policy had ceased to exist HR attempted to intercede in my favour to have the corporate policy reinstated as of October (they can do this) and BUPA refund the private policy. BUPA firmly refused on the grounds it is my wife's fault for not cancelling the private policy My wife then formally cancelled the private policy and was reinstated on the corporate policy on Feb 16th 2022 As a combined result of the events above: Between June 2021 and September 2021, my dependants were covered on two insurance policies, instead of the intended one policy (corporate) Between September 2021 and the 15th of Feb 2022, the dependants were only covered on the private policy, instead of the intended corporate policy From the 16th Feb 2022, everything was settled to work as intended. (As it had been intended from the start) The private policy cost roughly £380 per month whilst the corporate policy costs roughly £50 for a similar level of cover II. Points of contention Regarding the call that was allegedly supposed to happen to allow the private policy to be cancelled, there are 3 conflicting sources of information. 1) My company's HR department were told by BUPA that my wife was called, but that there were language barrier issues (she is not a fluent English speaker) and the call resulted in hanging up. This is firmly disputed by my wife. HR do not want to get involved further with my dispute with BUPA and will not provide evidence of this. 2) I called BUPA to ask them for recordings of that call, but they insisted that in fact they never spoke to my wife on the phone so there was no phone call. I have recorded this call. 3) My wife and I remember speaking to BUPA about the policy and her giving vocal consent to agreeing to something. BUPA suggested that we may have spoken to our corporate dept instead of the private dept. that these 2 are separate and that we needed to call both. This was not made clear to us by BUPA at the time. [TODO] I will need to go through all my telephone records to see if we can find evidence of a call to BUPA around that point in time to see if we can confirm whether a call did indeed take place or not. I would like to note that at no point in time neither my wife nor myself ever received a confirmation in writing that the private policy had not been cancelled as we intended. Although we did received some missed calls and an email to ask us to speak to them about our account, no details were ever provided and no follow-up was ever performed from BUPA. III. Establishing responsibility I admit that there was a longer than reasonable delay for me to notice that the intended actions had not been performed correctly, that I should have double checked earlier, and that I should have noticed earlier that funds were still going out of my bank. I also would like to point out the following mitigating factors: At the time we believed that this would be a transfer of an account from a policy to another. I did not understand that it would be cancelling one policy and starting a new one. I had especially arranged with HR that my wife's existing conditions would continue to be covered, which was confirmed, leading us to further believe that it was a transfer, not a new policy. In June we received a refund of £300 from BUPA. We assumed that it was a refund from the private policy being cancelled. Unfortunately this was a one time insurance rebate that was completely unrelated. At the same time we also received papers by post confirming that my wife and child were now under my corporate policy. However we never received information pertaining that she was still under the private policy (policy renews in Spring, so no renewal docs). All of the above led us to believe that everything went as intended so that we can drop it and focus on our main concern at the time which is: In June we were in the middle of a failed house deal and dispute with seller which took up all our time and energy. The deal fell through and between June and December we had been in a frantic search for a new house, with lots of money going in and out of the accounts for contractors/solicitors etc... so that I didn't pay attention to the regular bills until early this year when I finally noticed the mistake... In the interest of not deteriorating the relationship with my employer. I'd like to avoid involving HR if possible, and also to be frank I don't suppose they did anything wrong here aside from the clerical error which was not related to the case, (but may impact my final compensation). I do appreciate that they have tried to help. I do believe that it is fundamentally wrong from BUPA's part to Allow a customer to be covered by overlapping policies without any written notification or warning, and without a customer's consent. Rely on telephone calls only when they have functional email and postal addresses for us. My wife is not a native English speaker and I am generally very busy during the day, making it difficult for us to pick up calls. Give conflicting information as to whether a call happened or not. Imply that a language barrier would cause them to give up on one hand (which is not acceptable in any way) whilst claiming on the other hand that no call every happened. IV. What I would like to achieve, with your help Best outcome: a full refund of the private policy fees between June and February 2022. Alternative outcome A: a full refund of the private policy fees between June and September, at the time my dependants were double covered. Alternative outcome B: a partial refund based on my admission to have failed to notice the mistake for an unnecessary long amount of time. Consolation outcome: a full refund of the corporate policy and associated taxes between June and September – if I cannot get compensation for the private policy. Worst outcome: give up entirely and move on. Note that the private policy cost an extortionate amount of approx £380 per month, so around £3000 for the full duration. V. What I would appreciate to know Am I right to believe that this is not solely my wife and my responsibility here, but that BUPA has a lot of bad practices to answer for? If yes, do you recommend I start the normal route? So complaint, then letter of claims, then SCC? What's the best outcome that I can expect? Any threads you can point me to for me to do some reading? I beg you, please no pieces of advice about going through your statements each month and triple checking everything. I am already fully aware of this and angry enough with myself so as to not need extra chastising. Thank you so much for your time. K
  12. Hi there, Before you read the long reply below, couple of questions When is your flight? How much are they asking you for the fare difference? Is it a lot? If your flight is very soon, then you will want to either a) suck it up and pay or b) get a full refund and buy another ticket - that way you don't find yourself out of options. If you have the time read on: So regarding "fare difference" Ok the bulletin does just mentions "booking charges", and doesn't mention fare difference, but this still reads very wrong to me because of this bit I highlighted in bold below: Cabin class is what you paid for (for example Economy Class) but Booking Class indicates the fare code, for example Y is economy flex, and something like X would be economy hard discount. If you have to pay a fare difference (esp. a substantial one) it is because you will usually be changing from one booking class into another. So it doesn't make sense that they would say you can rebook any fare (as long as it's still economy), with charges waived, but then still charge you for booking you into another fare. It's like saying "hey we ran out of big mac, so you can have any other meal with no charge" and then say "sorry the chicken selects cost 50p more so you have to pay the difference". I think that the agent you spoke to is wrong and the bulletin says you shouldn't pay the fare difference. If the bulletin implies you should pay the fare difference than it is misleading and poorly phrased. You should try and speak to a senior member of staff. If you get the same response again and again I would suggest you go on twitter and ask them to clarify their bulletin, and ask them why they say you can rebook into any booking class if they're going to make you pay for it, contrary as what the writing suggests. Important to do this publicly. Let us know how you get on. Edit: When you speak to the agent ask them for your original booking class (assuming you don't know it) and the available booking classes on your new flight. You could also try to ask if to search for other flights which have the same booking class you originally had, and to book you on those flights which should avoid the reprice.
  13. (Just to explain, it's not unusual at all that airline agents don't know their own companies rules and regulations, since there are so many bulletins to follow, esp with covid. The helpful ones will research carefully and help you out - some will just fob you off with the default change fees because they can't be arsed, so it pays off to do the research for them - if you can't get someone helpful ask to talk to their manager, or even hang up and call again until you hit someone sensible. and of course record your calls)
  14. Hi Mountaneer, It is correct that the airline cannot be held responsible for government regulations changing. However I did a quick google and I see that Air India have declared that change fees will be WAIVED for passengers like you: https://www.airindia.in/images/pdf/Waiver-1stDecember-21.pdf This looks like it applies to you. You should call the airline again and point them to this internal document. I don't see it being a problem then to get your change issued for free. Ask to speak to a supervisor and give them the link to their own website. Good luck and please report back.
  15. It starts when you escalate the complaint. Paypal dispute has 2 stages: Dispute raised: -There paypal is just a communications tool and your messages are sent directly through vendor. If you have already attempted to communicate with ryanair don't put too many details on this part, just a brief summary as well as what you have already attempted to do. Dispute escalated to Paypal: -That's when you deal directly with Paypal and no longer communicate with the vendor. This is when the timer starts so do it asap. At the 2nd stage make sure you fill the form very thoroughly with details of exactly what happened, how many times you got in touch and how many times they ignored you etc... If Ryanair respond to your dispute Paypal will need to make a decision whose arguments were most compelling. If they don't respond you auto win.
  16. Sorry to contradict Bankfodder: from my personal experience PayPal have been really good at refunding covid travel expenses. This is because most travel companies do not bother replying to the dispute within the timer (think it was either 30 or 45 days) and it will settle in your favour then. If you have evidence that you contacted ryanair and they have ignored you, that should be good enough to immediately escalate the dispute so you start the 45 day timer. I wouldn't put it past them to have a full team of staff dedicated to defending paypal disputes, in contrast to not having anyone reply to customers, but you can find out for us and let us know soon
  17. This one? Aspire 7 A715-75G WWW.ACER.COM The understated design of this laptop hides a powerful processor and graphics which will help users get the most of the 15.6” screen with large screen-to-body ratio. As you’d expect from a laptop of this caliber it also... What is the one they are offering you in exchange? Even if it's cheaper it might actually be better.
  18. Tumbleweed Highway GIF - Tumbleweed Highway Blue Sky - Discover & Share GIFs TENOR.COM Click to view the GIF
  19. I realise the picture wasn't very readable so pasted it in text form. In the end she got her way with the smilies so a small victory for her on that front.
  20. I have had a look at your voucher and it seems like the original booking was made on a 'saver' basis. We are unable to offer a cash refund for 'saver' bookings. However, you can use this voucher to re-book but please be aware that this voucher can only be used on specific products. The products you can use your voucher on are: Car parks 2, 3 and 4.When you get to payment stage, enter your email address you booked with initially and your card details. This will allow your voucher to link and appear for use on the same page. Ensure you select your voucher and then proceed with payment. Your voucher is for £36.00 and is valid up until 31/03/2022. Is there anything else I can help you with today? that's not helpful at all I need to book a car park + hotel for my next trip I can provide you a link to book that but you wont be able to use our voucher as your original booking was made on a 'saver' basis which means the voucher that was issued to you can only be used for specific products only. A specific product that I don't need I understand but we are unable to amend the voucher in any type of way. The voucher you hold expires 31/03/2022 so there is still plenty of time to use it Please no smilies, that's passive aggressive Please tell me what is this parking that I can use the voucher on I just did a search for airport parking for [Dates] at BHX airport and I only see Airparks, no such thing as parking 2 3 and 4 Your voucher can only be used for the same products you originally booked with: Car parks 2, 3 and 4 at Humberside Airport. I'm not using humberside airport any longer The pandemic changed a number of things I understand and do apologise but we cannot adapt the voucher you gold as the original booking you made was on a 'saver' basis, you can book airport parking and hotel but you wont be able to use your voucher at this moment in time unless it is for the same product you originally booked with i'm afraid Kyosanto. Right I am going to make a request to you. I would like you to listen carefully as I will expose my position clearly and leave you with a choice at the end. I purchased an aiport parking with you to fly from Humberside airrport in April 2020. As you know very well, a pandemic occured which meant all travel was barred by government back then. As you know this nullifies the contract made between me and you, and I am owed a full refund for the occasion. Now I appreciate that times are difficult for holiday bussinesses so as a gesture of goodwill from me to you I fully accepted to be paid in a voucher to be used in a future time. The future time has now come but due to circumstances I am no longer using the Humberside airport for my travels. Now the choice I leave with you is very simple and is as follows I will purchase airport parking hotels which will cost me close to £200 and you will let me redeem the measly £36 voucher That option 1) Option 2) Is I will chargeback the original transaction from American Express and get my £36 back, on the grounds of breach of contract. I will then go on to purchae my hotel and parking somewhere else You will be very welcome to sue me in small claims court for the £36 - where you will lose I think I have made myself quite clear, please give me your answer, feel free to escalate to your supervisor if you need it Thank you for listening One moment please I've put that refund through for you. This will take 7-10 days to reach your account. The refund is for £36.00 You may receive 2 emails, one confirming the voucher has been created, then a 2nd confirming the refund. You can ignore the voucher created email. Is there anything else I can help you with today? Well that was easy! Thank you for listening
  21. So the pandemic is "over" - or more like, it's here to stay, and life resumes - and for the first time in close to 2 years I am getting ready to travel again. Which means dealing with a number of airlines and companies I have had "vouchers" with for an eternity. One of them was for airport parking from Holiday Extras. They tried to shove me a voucher that I can only use at a specific airport that I don't need to travel from, and that expires soon. It was hilarious how easily they melted down after I gave them an idea of where I would stuff their voucher. I enclose here the conversation because 1) I think it's pretty funny and 2) it might help some of you in the same situation.
  22. Any business which in the year 2021 makes light of mental illnesses and call their customers "bipola" need to close shop and return to the middle ages whence they came from.
  23. Hello. Excellent news! On Tuesday I received an email from the pub deputy manager telling me they'd cancelled the penalty, and I'd get confirmation from PE. And yesterday, lo and behold, I receive an envelope with the charming DO NOT IGNORE THIS IS NOT A CIRCULAR signature catchphrase, with a written confirmation that the charge has been cancelled. Have asked the mods to edit topic name. Thanks to everyone for your help. Stay safe, don't have more than a couple of drinks if you are driving, and leave your reg at the bar
  24. (still waiting back to hear but in the meantime) Google street has a good view of the park and the signage (I drove past today and it's still same as google street) https://www.google.com/maps/@53.2306165,-0.547747,3a,75y,120.38h,90.25t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sB6w_voDuxaOu3BBL4G4UQg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 I'm making the following observations: The main sign is on passenger side not driver side. The only legible bit is "Patrons Only" the rest is small print. (and the only thing it says is to refer to T&Cs) All the signs with the T&Cs are located behind parking spots. It doesn't seem that the signs would be very visible/accessible with a full park, like it is on Sundays. There are no T&S signs by the actual pub entrance Am I right to conclude these almost incite the customers to fail? Surely there should be a legible REGISTRATION REQUIRED somewhere in big letters, preferably by the pub entrance or at gate? I would have easily left my reg if I had caught on...
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