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I am a new poster but am trying to help a friend who is away. We have emailed Bank Fodder and will be doing a fuller email to Bank Fodder later on today.


Has anyone heard anything from Cash Genie recently?


Just to make everyone aware I have established they are trading with 2 Consumer Credit LIcenses.


There is one for In-Time Finance, Cash Genie and Hamilton McCarthy (the DCA)


Plus a new license has been granted for Cash Genie and Everyday is Payday.


The more intersting one is the first license as its registered at another Company's address and the one of people named on the LIcense is employed by the other Company. So the employee of the other Company is responsible ffor Hamilton McCarthy. The other Company has confirmed in email correspondence that they work for them.


This person at the other Company has stayed on the Consumer Credit License after as being responsible after she ceased to be Company Secretary for Cash Genie. She is still responsible today according to the Consumer Credit License for Hamilton McCarthy.


I am not naming the other Company as they threaten libel! Additionally Cash Genie have been previously being sending emails from this other companies email servers. I have proof of this. Plus this other Company has admitted that thre Employee is on the Consumer Credit License.


What is very worrying is the other Company even sent me a copy of their Email Log (given this Company business this is highly worrying) with details of their Clients and Employees. This is a blantant breach of the DPA.


I cross referenced this Companies staff with Cash Genie staff and yes they all know one another socially on Facebook. One of Peter Tuvey's relatives same surname and they common relatives on Facebook works for this other Company. Its not an isolated incidence lots of people from both Cash Genie and this other company know when another. I tumbled to it, when the other Company sent out their Email log with Peter Tuvey's relative name on it.


In the past couple of days I have a total of 61 emails regarding this issue from this other Company. So clearly they are very worried.


This other Company is trying to argue they are 2 separte entities yet they this other Companies Employee is responsible on the Consumer Credit License for Hamilton McCarthy, Cash Genie has sent mail from the other Companies email servers and all the staff from Cash Genie and this other Company know one another. They also until recently shared a Director too. Who was a Director at both Companies and is still a major shareholder at this other Company.


I have not has time to read the whole thread but the friend I am helping said at one stage 43man? a moderator had stated that Hamilton MNcCarthy did not have the correct Consumer Credit License to trade as a DCA.This would imply that the member of staff responsible for the LIcense at the other Company is trading unlawfully?


Also as other people have posted on this thread Hamilton McCarthy have been potentially acting unlawfully contacting Employers, neighbours etc and sending out false court documents.


This other Company has admitted that this is correct in Email Correspondence to me, in the 61 rmails!


IMPORTANT EDIT: Just checked Categories under the Consumer Credit License. Hamilton McCarthy should have a Category E to trade as DCA see here: Consumer Credit Licensing


Checking the Consumer Credit Register for Hamilton McCarthy reveals they do not have a Category E Public Register The relevant License number is 6463798


It would seem even more likely that the peron from the other Company who is on the Consumer Credit License as being responsible for Hamilton McCarthy was acting ?unlawfully by contacting Employers, neigbours, sending false Court documents to Employers etc.


If anyone would find this information helpful please PM me and I will happily help.


A further point they are doing nothing to amincably settle this situation, just threatening to sue for liable and make professional complaints which hardly responsible given the nature of this other Companies business.


Edit: Bank Fodder has been emailed

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Thanks for this. Its actually not me with the issue with them but a friend. I thought I would write few emails/letters on their behalf but somhow have got sucked into this. Its quite unbelievable. If anyone needs anything please PM me my friend is happy that information that she/i have obtained can be shared.


I have not named the other Comapny as they threaten liable!


EDIT: Note to Moderators I am in the process of sending everything to Alan. Alan and Bank Fodder are fully aware of the current situation. I know my friend said she would do this time ago but family circumstances prevented this. Any Mods with any queries please PM or email me.

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Is this any use to anyone effected by Hamilton McCarthy aka Cash Genie's other trading nam? As they where/are operating as debt collectors (DCA) without the Categorical E License see Licencse number 6364798 on the Consumer Credit Registar plus they have on License the other member staff from the other Company. Added to which they contacted Employers, neighbours, used false court documents etc.


The link is here it a specialist team in the OFT for dealing with how they term it on their web site "loan sharks". People operating with out the correct Consumer Credit License.


Hamilton McCarthy would appear to be a good case to report according to this web site.


Common myths about loan sharks : Stop Loan Sharks : Directgov

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Just wadding through my friends correspondence they are nighmare. See their twitter page they claim to offer a guaranteed credit card lol. They do not exist as far as I am aware?


Cash Genie (Cash_Genie) on Twitter


Yet they are not registred with the FSA so I fail to see how they can offer any credit card guarnateed or not.


I have no doubt this will vanish from the web. As soon they get wind of something its removed from internet. I have saved it as a pdf document incase anyone neeeds it or wants to look at it.

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Yes I am aware of this. They only just registered this Company at the London address. So to further confuse the issue they now have two Consumer Credit Licenses. The more pertinent License is the Ipswich License which shows Hamilton McCarthy does not a license for Debt Collection. They seem to try to want to distance themsolves from Ipswich?


Re the Cash Genie Twitter page a Moderator has just emailed me to confirm that if they are saying they are offering a credit card they need a License for that too which again they do not have. So if they giving credit cards its without a Consumer Credit License.


No doubt the Cash Genie twitter page will be amended but I have a pdf copy if anyone needs it. Cash Genie are masters at removing stuff from the web.

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Yes I am too am with Sillygirl and Robjam. Noone is saying people should not pay their debts. However given that this Company appear to have acted outside the law for eg the DCA Hamilton McCarthy does not have the correct OFT license to act as a debt collector, they have contacted employers, neighbours, sent out false Courts. All of theses issues may be a criminal offence. Cash Genie and its Directors do not answer queries. I know I emailed the Director responsible for the time my friend took out the loan no response. The other Company involved their staff are on Intime Finance Consumer Credit License blatantly lie in emails.


The false court documents do not match the actual on line Court Summons Cash Genie sumbitted nor to either of thesee documents reflect the actual Consumer Cred:idea:it Agreement.


If Cash Genie does not abide by the Consumer Credit Act then a County Court will reject their claim. The defendent is entitled to counter claim for their time, harassment, distress etc.


It seems the poster Norman is saying this Companies should be allowed to operate outside the law and the Courts will back them?


If these Companies acted responsibly, within the law then noone would have any isssue with them.

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It's amazing how many new posters are turning up here with views that support this most inappropriate practice, isn't it?


Call me cynical, but can we seriously consider that those views are purely impartial?


Give them credance they deserve, I say.



Always happy to help where I can!


Beware of legal advice given on a private forum - do you REALLY know who is posting? Are they REALLY accountable for their posts? What if you follow their advice and get something wrong?

It was Winston Churchill who said; "Democracy is the worst way to run a country except for all the others"


Advice and comments posted by car2403 are offered purely without prejudice. They reflect only my personal opinion and do not represent the opinion of this forum or it's management. You should always seek legal advice from a qualified legal advisor. As a member of the site team, I disable reputation - reputation points mean nothing, please check my posting credentials yourself and make an informed decision. You shouldn't PM me and await a reply - I may be too late with a response. No replies will be given in Private Messages - just as with getting advice from the forum, getting advice via Private Messages is dangerous. CAG is about sharing successes so others can follow your example, this is primarily why I'm here, so please don't be offended if I don't offer replies in PM that doesn't comply with this. Help CAG to help others by keeping your thread up to date.



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The fact is people have done something proactive and never get a response from this Company. I know I queried something for my friend, with their consent. NO response. An attempt at reaching an amicable solution was also put forward, again no response. So I have tested this myself. If they are operating outside the law the Court, OFT etc need to know about it.


This Comapny is threatening Court action and has issued Court Summons. This Court Summons amount claimed by this Company do not even tally with the Consumer Credit Agreement nor does it tally with false Court documents they sent to Employers.


If the Company is not operating with the Consumer Credit Act then they have no claim, the County Court will throw it out. Yes people can counterclaim, especailly given the huge amount of potential unlawully harassment this people have suffered for months.Never mind the time spent dealing withis Company to which you receive no response or any attempt on their part to reach a solution.


I am afraid there are some very serious and potentially highly unlawful issues with this Company. So yes I agree with Sillygirl and Robjam for these people affected by this Company its absolutely vital they protect their interests and challenge this Company.



Edit: Alan and Bank Fodder/Site Team will shortly send you more documents, just started working on this again. Sorry for the delay but you are aware of the background and I am busy wading through the pile my friend gave me! I have already some documents through to Alan.

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When I said do something proactive I meant with regard to those avenues of consumer protection. It's clear from all the numerous reports of the company failing to communicate or allow contact that any approach to them would be a dead end (except documented offers of repayment which are solid gold when arguing in court).


Have you obtained company details from companies house with the directors' home addresses? I would suggest that if you started writing letters to them or trying to call them at home you would soon get a very speedy response.


If you are so sure of the illegality of their contracts/claims/actions etc then go to court and argue your case. It's only when tangible action is taken and officialdom get curious that something will happen and if their local county court start to see a pattern developing then I'm sure something will be done. If in the meantime you prove to the court their contracts are unenforceable and they are acting outside the remit of their consumer credit license then your next call should be to the OFT and TSO and you're on a winner. One big short cut would of course be to a solicitor but I appreciate this is a costly first step.

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1.Unfortunately peoples circumstances can change dramatically very quickly. Plus this Company never responds to queries or makes any attempt to amicably resolve this.


2. As this Companies clients will be all over the Country I very much doubt its something the Courts would pick up. I also do not think the Companies big enough to be noticed either by the Courts.


3. Yes the Directors are fully aware of the situation. Once again no response.

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Norman....a quick look at the OFT website reveals that often they do take action even when no court action has been taken.

PLEASE NOTE - I am not a legal expert, what is stated is my own opinion and from what I have learnt from this forum and my own experiences.


DEBT COLLECTION LETTER/SAR/AGREEMENT TEMPLATES ARE HERE - http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/content.php?65-legislation






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Forum rules - http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/forum-rules-please-read/9-forum-rules-please-read.html

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Quite, thanks 42Siteman plus there is the specialists Loan Shark Teams from the OFT the link I posted yesterday for people operating without a License as Hamilton McCarthy are. Hamilton McCarthy are in fact Cash Genie acting as a DCA. Its Hamilton McCarthy who are acting without a license, contacting Employers, neighbours, sending out false court documents

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