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Hermes “”lost”” 17 parcels

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Who can I claim with because hermes have “”lost”” 17 of my customers parcels valued at nearly £4,000 all together. Leaving me out of pocket. Which hermes have only paid out £20 per parcel even though most parcels were insured? And attaching proof on claim form to hermes!! 

Best company to use to slam them?! 

The driver who collected on this day apparently “doesn’t work for them anymore” 
Police have done a full investigation of where I dropped all parcels off to make sure nobody from the garage stole them. Police told hermes 100% the driver collected them all after viewing cctv. Nothing has been done to investigate the driver either and police are unable to investigate as they were loaded on to the hermes van!! Police tried dealing with my case to be told they can’t disclose any information to him! How they can lose 17 parcels all of different sizes in parcel bags/large boxes is beyond me!

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Please will you start reading the Hermes stories on this subforum.


It's important that you understand all the various arguments and the principles involved.


Then please monitor this thread for a full reply this evening or tomorrow

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You come to this forum because you want to get your money back from Hermes – and we will help you.

However it's not a question of finding the best company to "slam them". This is something that you will do yourself with our close help and support. If you read around the Hermes stories on the sub- forum then you will understand how it all works.
You will have to put in a fair bit of reading in order to understand the principles, the steps, the arguments which Hermes will make in order to try and defeat you.

I understand that Hermes has lost quite a lot of your parcels.

It will be very helpful if you could list them out.

I think maybe if you could copy a spreadsheet into a post with three columns – date sent, contents of parcel, value of parcel – and in fact a fourth column confirming that the value and also the contents were correctly declared.

Read up also the steps involved taking a small claim in the County Court.

I'd like to see the list that you have but I don't think we will go ahead and sue for all of them. I think we will cherry pick and maybe sue for a couple of them – especially if they were sent on the same date and then when it comes to the mediation – as it surely will, you will explain to the mediator that you're giving Hermes an opportunity to settle the rest of them in order to avoid further legal action which they can be absolutely sure will definitely follow.

You will find subsequent legal actions much easier because you will of gone through it once or twice already. If you are happy to go this route then you will find that you will acquire some very useful transferable skills which will make you confident about suing anybody else who gets in your way in the future.

There's nothing here not to like.

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