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    • Use the cerdit for a goodybag, put off moving for a month ... think of it as getting a month's worth out of giffgaff that you otherwise wouldn't have?
    • I'm definitely looking for monthly only. Giffgaff has been great, but recently a mast was broken in my area and they spent over two weeks telling me there was nothing wrong and eventually agreed that there was. Although mast seems now to have been repaired, I wasn't happy about the way they dealt with it. That doesn't mean that other companies aren't exactly the same but I checked and Lebara has got just as good coverage in my area also has 5G whereas the O2 5G coverage is very poor. Also free international calls is pretty attractive but I have to say that I do feel a bit concerned about making the jump. Also I've got about 13 quid locked up in credit which apparently they simply keep if you leave them and I can't see any way to transfer to some other account
    • I haven't, (moved giffgaff to Lebara)  but can offer some points to consider (and that those who have moved can comment on .....)   Firstly, does O2 (Giffgaff) cover where you need your phone most? Does Vodafone (Lebara)?. No network will cover everywhere you MIGHT need to use it, but you can check for where you know you'll use it most : No point in having a magnificent and cheaper inclusive package if it doesn't work where you need it most ......   Secondly,. how good is Lebara's customer service?. Much of giffgaff's CS is provided by giffgaff's users, but is does lead to a good knowledge base, and giffgaff has an excellent reputation for customer service (I know you already know to keep e-mail trails and recording of calls, but it is way better to not have to get into that level of discussion if they'll instead sort any issues ab initio).   Thirdly, are you looking for a 30-day rolling contract or a longer SIM-only deal? you'll likely get better value with a SIM-only, but are 'locked in' to a minimum term. (is where you'll need it most likely to change within the minimum term? if so, 30-day rolling may be a better option than a 12-month or longer SIM-only).   Are any network features a) essential? b) desirable. I'm thinking  of features such as call diversion, 3-way calling, and wi-fi calling...... (not that these may be available on either of giffgaff or lebara - I'd have to check) For example .... Voxi doesn't do call diversion, and many of the features are available on the host network but not the MNVO's, but knowing what features are essential and if any are desirable might be the deciding factor all else being equal.   Then (and probably only then): what sort of package are you looking for? Calls? texts? data?? International calling? (to international? from abroad??). Video streaming? Music streaming?? Cost is a major factor, but a cheaper deal that doesn't meet your needs re: coverage, features and customer service can turn out to be false economy. If you do masses of streaming, then Voxi (also on Voda's network) might be a good option over Lebara if it is Voda's network that is your prime motivation for moving.
    • Hi @lookinforinfo thank you for your response.   I have searched around for the possible reason the NTK is not compliant but could not come up with anything beyond that indicated above by FTMDave which is the NTK fails to specifiy a period of parking and merely states a time that the vehicle was allegedly present at the location stipulated. Perhaps you could kindly give me a clue if there is another reason.
    • Thanks FTMDave for making things easier to taking next step . So for now i have to submit WS PS. i already Emailed my preferred contact number to the Court.   Also when you say emailing fleecers do you mean Gladstone solicitor? or the company HX parking ltd? What shall i write to them would thaf be like a covering letter or like a draft order? I remember when i submitted N244 the court said they will send the copy to fleecers also, so my understanding is that fleecers got the N244 already?  Thanks
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Santander repossession

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Hi everyone,

i was wondering if anyone can advice me after our home was repossessed by Santander in Jan this year.


I have a formal complaint with Santander as they marketed my house hugely undervalued and it sold after 9 days on the market.

Ive asked for a breakdown of all £40 debited to my mortgage account even though i was in regular contact with them ive many charges including misc charges.


Last week i received a letter from their solicitors stating there is a surplus from the sale of £2454.37 between myself and my ex husband.

The conditions to accepting the surplus in full and final settlement includes that we must agree the amount and confirm that neither of us has no further claim against santander UK plc either Past, present or future or without us signing it will not be possible to conclude matters and no monies will be forthcoming.


Is this something they can do ?


Can we accept without prejudice considering the complaint already filed.

Any reply would be greatly appteciated

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For the sake of transparency I would point out that I don't have any experience of this – however,
I'm amazed that if there is a surplus, that they are entitled at all to hang onto it. I would have thought that a surplus would belong to you automatically and they would have no right to negotiate it.

I would suggest that you write to them immediately and asked them on what basis they consider that the surplus belongs to them and they can therefore negotiate it back to you. I would make this part of a formal complaint and tell them that if they don't give you a proper reply very quickly then you will take this to the ombudsman.

If it turns out to be correct that the money is yours in any event, then I would take it to the ombudsman anyway.

Hopefully somebody more experienced in this area will come along and either confirm what I suggest or else give the correct answer

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Don't think they have any right to any surplus, or attach conditions to its payment to yourselves.  Are all the fees and charges they added wholly Kosher? They might be woried that the Complaint has legs and are trying to head you off at the pass so to speak. Others with more precise knowledge should be along soon.  I would do as BankFodder suggests as a start, and don't be hasty to sign any Confidentiality Agreement just yet.

We could do with some help from you.



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The bailiff: A 12th Century solution re-branded as Enforcement Agents for the 21st Century to seize and sell debtors goods as before Oh so Dickensian!

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they're hiding something


are you saying, that over the time of issues with them whereby you couldn't pay the monthly sum they added regular arrears fees

letter fees phone call fees ...i'e any fixed sum fess on a regular basis and you've a claim about these ongoing?


have you sent them an sar?


pers I think you need to expand on the whole story of how you fell into the repo situation and why, you haven't come to CAG before that happened to get help and guidance as I bet we could of avoided the repo.


you've been here since 2006, why did you not ask for help?





please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..

DCA's view debtors as suckers, marks and mugs

NO DCA has ANY legal powers whatsoever on ANY debt no matter what it's Type

and they

are NOT and can NEVER  be BAILIFFS. even if a debt has been to court..

If everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's Tomorrow, their industry would collapse overnight... 

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Hi again, yes long story.


The property had previously been let and as my husband and i had separated the plan was he was moving into it.

It needed work and he was disappearing working on fitting new work tops decorating etc.

This didn't happen. Hes a pathological gambler and i discovered bills mortgage etc were not paid.


2 years ago it went to court where a suspended repo order was granted.

On the most part i made sure  payments were made but already the sum quoted at the possession hearing the paperwork had loads of charges for letters etc.


We agreed to pay the monthly installment and an amount off the arrears.

Then i got poorly with CFS and didnt work for a couple of months and despite speaking to santander and paying as much as i could the solicitors took it straight back to court.


The house was on the market and we asked for time to sell and 3 months was agreed.

We thought we had it sold however they pulled out and santander enforced the order for possession.


By then id had enough and knew there was enough equity to clear the mortgage and associated costs and their solicitor claimed because of my ill health and ex's gambling there was no way forward. 


It was sold by a local estate agent who reduced the market price from 49 950 to 30.000.

I wrote an official complaint letter to santander head office About the undervalue and he replied stating they had 2 valuations.


Ive got all the details of other houses in the immediate area which were on the market and selling costs.


Ive got all statements and letters where costs were added and officially complained.


Ive spoken to FOS who said i needed to complain directly to santander first.

In the meantime 8 months after the sale this letter arrived despite my complaint.



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called FOS and was advised to call solicitors informing them that they advised me to accept the sum in principle as we already have an official written complaint about Santander under valuing when selling the property and SAR for all fees added.


We were advised to strike through the conditions we did not agree to before signing and returning the form.


Now its a waiting game while solicitor takes instructions from Santander

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