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  1. called FOS and was advised to call solicitors informing them that they advised me to accept the sum in principle as we already have an official written complaint about Santander under valuing when selling the property and SAR for all fees added. We were advised to strike through the conditions we did not agree to before signing and returning the form. Now its a waiting game while solicitor takes instructions from Santander
  2. Hi again, yes long story. The property had previously been let and as my husband and i had separated the plan was he was moving into it. It needed work and he was disappearing working on fitting new work tops decorating etc. This didn't happen. Hes a pathological gambler and i discovered bills mortgage etc were not paid. 2 years ago it went to court where a suspended repo order was granted. On the most part i made sure payments were made but already the sum quoted at the possession hearing the paperwork had loads of charges for letters etc. We agreed to pay the monthly installment and an amount off the arrears. Then i got poorly with CFS and didnt work for a couple of months and despite speaking to santander and paying as much as i could the solicitors took it straight back to court. The house was on the market and we asked for time to sell and 3 months was agreed. We thought we had it sold however they pulled out and santander enforced the order for possession. By then id had enough and knew there was enough equity to clear the mortgage and associated costs and their solicitor claimed because of my ill health and ex's gambling there was no way forward. It was sold by a local estate agent who reduced the market price from 49 950 to 30.000. I wrote an official complaint letter to santander head office About the undervalue and he replied stating they had 2 valuations. Ive got all the details of other houses in the immediate area which were on the market and selling costs. Ive got all statements and letters where costs were added and officially complained. Ive spoken to FOS who said i needed to complain directly to santander first. In the meantime 8 months after the sale this letter arrived despite my complaint.
  3. ]pThank you, ive searched the internet for Hours and can find nothing about any terms or conditions for releasing the surplus from the sale to us. The solicitor is quoting section 105 of the law and property act 1925
  4. Thank you Bank Fodder for your reply. Il certainly do that
  5. Hi everyone, i was wondering if anyone can advice me after our home was repossessed by Santander in Jan this year. I have a formal complaint with Santander as they marketed my house hugely undervalued and it sold after 9 days on the market. Ive asked for a breakdown of all £40 debited to my mortgage account even though i was in regular contact with them ive many charges including misc charges. Last week i received a letter from their solicitors stating there is a surplus from the sale of £2454.37 between myself and my ex husband. The conditions to accepting the surplus in full and final settlement includes that we must agree the amount and confirm that neither of us has no further claim against santander UK plc either Past, present or future or without us signing it will not be possible to conclude matters and no monies will be forthcoming. Is this something they can do ? Can we accept without prejudice considering the complaint already filed. Any reply would be greatly appteciated
  6. ****Update**** Halifax sent massive bundle of SAR documents.. .no PPI on mortgage. Called again and said I'd taken advice from the FSA and complained again. ..Low and behold they've suddenly found PPI from 1991. I have recollection of PPI at this time, mortgage was taken out 5 years previous. They said £12 monthly...??waiting for a letter
  7. Do you have any documents ??.. .I've just recently discovered an old Lloyds bank account number so SAR sent. Halifax say they have no record if any mortgage ppi however we are 100% certain we had something sold to us at the same time we signed for our mortgage. I'm hoping I find some evidence we had it.. .we did not have to wait 12 months to claim, I thought it might have been 3 months but I'm not certain. I remember we were really upset as it never paid out to us what we were told. We ended up with arrears which we should never have had..
  8. Lloyds SAR is my last option unfortunately. .thank you for your reply dx
  9. His long can you claim charges back please ? I think they spread from 94 until 2002
  10. Last week...I believe the policies were paid from my husbands Lloyds bank account so might have to SAR details of his account Totaled up over £1000 of charges letters etc for the mortgage
  11. Joint endowment mortgage from 1986 with ppi. We were unmarried when we bought our 1St property with some sort if ppi. My husband was made redundant in May 1991 and were paid until October of that year. He had to be out of work for 3 months before he could make a claim I believe he claimed for 2-3 months when he got temp work for a few months. At the time the policy only paid 50% of the sum we should have received as I was employed after my husbands temp work ended we were informed no further claims could be made for 12 months. We cancelled the insurance and ended up with mortgage arrears in the following few years. Its always been a bug bearer. After SAR Halifax we received our bundle last week. Halifax claim no PPI sold. The spread sheets don't include it however the Jan 1992 spread sheet states mpi but no details of payment or sums. We are 100% certain we paid £40 monthly for 5 years before we cancelled. Halifax have not included our signed mortgage agreement. I have found copies of building insurance, Provident mutual life insurance and endowment policy details. All must have been sold to us at the same time as our mortgage as the dates are all the same. I vaguely remember throwing the policy away a number of years ago
  12. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?52933-mortgage-redemption-penalties This is what happened when i redeemed early
  13. Unfortunately I redeemed in 2003 but maybe it's still worth a chance...I'll follow your story and wish you luck
  14. Yes I understand that. This is just another way this company make you part with your hard earned money and they have many more. I was stung big time with early redemption charges. ....The Co have been fined I might have another try to recover what they should not have charged me to release me from their clutches
  15. Cant wait for the Lancashire mortgage corporation to be handed out millions in fines they completely had me over with early redemption charges.....ive still got all my paperwork ready when it happens
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